Author: Peter Ramsay
European power trading innovation: Old dogs learn new tricks
7 May 2021
The founders of Energy Quantified by Montel have built analysis models before. But this time they have torn up the rulebook
European power trading innovation: The rise of PPAs
5 May 2021
The end of guaranteed prices for renewables generation is sparking a revolution in risk management
European power trading innovation: Retaining the special sauce
4 May 2021
Complex intra-day power markets increasingly require AI support. But it is important market actors have their own proprietary solutions
Heavy oil joins the UKCS M&A party
30 April 2021
Even carbon-intensive production is being swept up in the rush of North Sea deals
European power trading innovation: The rush to intra-day
29 April 2021
The profits to be made from optimising a portfolio on a close-to-real-time basis have driven a significant shift in the market
European power trading innovation: Taking the short term to the long
27 April 2021
The rise of renewables has revolutionised short-term trading. But that will have a feedback loop to the longer-term market
European power trading innovation: The imperfection of data
26 April 2021
While transparency and data provision have made huge strides, there are still information gaps and quality problems, warns the founder of UK power analysis firm Catalyst Commodities
US Department of the Interior language bodes ill for lease sales
22 April 2021
Any hope the Biden administration might seek a compromise on federal land drilling ban looks increasingly forlorn
European power trading innovation: Data begets more data
20 April 2021
Historic and real-time fundamentals are not the only information show in town, says software provider Kyos
York completes sub-terminal switch
20 April 2021
The North Sea field extends its lifespan through a flip to alternative processing facilities believed to be a UK industry first
Serica remains circumspect on UKCS M&A
15 April 2021
The North Sea independent is still determined not to overpay for assets
Ithaca sanctions Captain EOR 2 development
10 April 2021
The UK independent presses go on its largest portfolio project after issuing M&A price warning
Ancala sees Northern North Sea positives
8 April 2021
The private equity-backed midstream specialist is bullish about the prospects in its Sage pipeline system catchment area
Harbour Energy looks further afield
1 April 2021
The Chrysaor-Premier combination starts trading in London. But it is keen to expand its horizons
UKCS licensing set to continue
24 March 2021
The country’s North Sea Transition Deal will apply new conditions to future drilling permits but allow oil and gas activity to proceed
UK GBA ticks Lundin boxes
23 March 2021
The Swedish-headquartered producer says it is comfortable sticking with Norway. But could JOG’s farm-out process attract it over the median line?
Mol’s upstream positions for the long term
18 March 2021
The oil and gas division wants a role beyond just providing cash for the group to pivot to lower-carbon alternatives
Delek boosts Israeli gas exports
18 March 2021
Leviathan startup, combined with flows to Egypt and Jordan, shows a material bottom-line impact
Neptune targets four projects under Norway’s enhanced tax regime
11 March 2021
The London-headquartered producer hopes to fast-track FIDs to hit the 2022 deadline for relief
Dated Brent goes Cif —ten key questions
9 March 2021
Petroleum Economist asks Adi Imsirovic, former head of crude trading at Gazprom Marketing & Trading, about the major issues thrown up by Platts’ proposed change
UK North Sea consolidation gathers pace
9 March 2021
Two more deals see focused new entrants gain size as sellers exit
Neptune sees Dutch North Sea potential
4 March 2021
The province may be mature, but still has elements to attract investment and shake off PR problems
Increased efficiency keeps Wintershall Dea in the black
2 March 2021
The German producer is focused on high-graded production, including from its Dutch assets
European refiner hopes for a driving season
26 February 2021
Varo sees the potential for a desire to holiday but a reluctance to fly recreating the US phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic
Dated Brent—all change but business as usual
24 February 2021
The sheer scale of financial infrastructure around the crude market’s most important global benchmark means the wider trading market will largely shrug off any physical implications from a Fob-to-Cif switch
Total's strategy diverges from peers
18 February 2021
Much of what the three European majors plan to do is remarkably similar. But Total’s dialogue is subtly different
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