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As the economy becomes increasingly decarbonised, hydrogen has emerged as a promising carrier of energy.  Baker Botts is applying its strengths in energy and technology to this emerging energy sector.  The firm has a long and successful history representing the energy and technology industries.  This background and experience is well suited to this evolving sector of the energy market.  Our cross-discipline team of professionals can assist clients with the evolving hydrogen industry, from the development of new processes to produce green hydrogen, the funding and formation of a company or joint venture, the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements for the offtake of hydrogen and related products, through to the sequestration of produced carbon.

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23 December 2021
Hydrogen can play a key role in many of the pledges made by participants at the talks
25 November 2021
The plans aim to accelerate decarbonisation in a number of different areas with a mix of investment and policy
29 October 2021
Observers are concerned further action is needed to clarify and enhance regulations for transporting hydrogen
23 September 2021
Publication of the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy is a welcome step forward, but the sector is still nascent and more detail is required
27 August 2021
Bill supports development and expansion of the hydrogen industry in the US through a mix of regulatory initiatives, federal grants and other incentives
26 July 2021
Developers will need to adapt strategies to location and policy environment
28 June 2021
Verification can decouple the blue or green attribute from the physical flow of hydrogen
1 June 2021
As interest and investment in the hydrogen market grows, companies will look to protect their investments
28 May 2021
Drivers include tax incentives, opportunities for generating LCFS credits and federal policy support
26 April 2021
Lobbying season is underway for on Joe Biden's $2tn jobs plan, with a number of potential tax incentives for hydrogen on the table
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