US LNG Strategy

The role of US LNG in the global market has been transformed due to risks of reduced Russian supply. Getting the gas from the ground, through pipelines and out to sea to meet the differing demand challenges of Asia and Europe amid concerns over intermittent shortages in the next few years is a huge opportunity.

It also means joining the dots in critical energy infrastructure expansions as the US takes a leading role. This inaugural event welcomes senior decision makers, producers, operators and suppliers to come together to explore the way forward in these exciting and uncertain times.


Key focus areas

  • US LNG growth potential
    • Is this level of growth sustainable
    • Where next for US exports?
  • US and Europe's special gas relationship
    • Will it last beyond winter 2023-24?
    • What happens next?
  • LNG pricing/contracts
    • US LNG flexibility as long-term deal maker
    • The US cost advantage


Who should attend?

  • Energy companies
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Traders
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance & investment
  • And more...
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