Author: Alastair O’Dell
Senior Editor
Leading futurist sets out vision for the transition
19 April 2021
Transition Economist talks to Bank of America’s Haim Israel about how the world can achieve net zero by 2050—and how the associated ‘megatrends’ will shape society and the global economy
Cop26 head calls for ‘immediate action’ on international collaboration
31 March 2021
Alok Sharma says not enough is being done and world is on track to 3°C ‘apocalyptic future’
Transition pioneer leads by example
18 March 2021
Baker Hughes was one of the first companies with substantial exposure to oil and gas to get serious about tackling its carbon footprint. Allyson Anderson Book speaks to Transition Economist about the progress made so far and the challenges that lie in its future
UK splits £171mn across nine CCS and hydrogen projects
17 March 2021
UKRI competition is latest stage of mission to create first net-zero industrial cluster by 2040
WEC calls to ‘humanise’ global energy system
17 March 2021
World Energy Council report finds that energy leaders’ perceptions of risk and strategic priorities have changed
Rebrand accelerates Channoil Energy into net-zero era
11 March 2021
New name reflects a sharpened commitment to the energy transition—and the simultaneous launch of net-zero division takes things a step further. Net-Zero-Solution lead Vincent Couffon talks to Transition Economist as the consultancy embarks on its new strategy
Blockchain holds the answer to transition challenges
9 March 2021
Shell’s blockchain lead Sabine Brink speaks to Transition Economist about how distributed ledger technologies can facilitate the energy transition
Climeworks and Northern Lights explore direct air capture project
9 March 2021
Companies have agreed to investigate building full-chain CO2 removal and storage in Norway
Engie biogas breakthrough set for commercialisation
8 March 2021
Solid recovered fuel, which would otherwise end up in landfill, will be converted into biogas and industrial heat from 2026
Design of carbon markets is critical to success—CeraWeek
5 March 2021
While a global carbon price would be ideal, political reality means a regional and sectoral approach will be needed to make short- to medium-term progress
Multiple business models key to CCS by 2030–CeraWeek
2 March 2021
The emergence of diverse sequestration technologies, supported by incentives such as the US 45Q tax credits, will be essential to widespread adoption
UK updates delayed ETS plan, while utilities rely on EU
12 February 2021
UK carbon market delays mean domestic utilities are calling on the EU ETS to fulfil their requirements
Outlook Live: Governments key to unleashing O&G transition effort
10 February 2021
Regulators must provide a stable framework for oil and gas companies to invest, if their expertise is to be fully utilised
PE Live: US transition may cost ‘challenging but feasible’ net $1tn
3 February 2021
The long-term cost savings from the shift to renewables, after accounting for avoided fossil fuel costs, will offset much of the short-term capex and maintenance costs
ExxonMobil launches Low Carbon Solutions business
2 February 2021
Major aims to commercialise emission-reduction technology, with an initial focus on extending its involvement in CCS
ExxonMobil launches Low Carbon Solutions business
2 February 2021
Major aims to commercialise emission-reduction technology, with an initial focus on extending its involvement in CCS
PE Live: Energy transition is fuelling ‘economic paradigm shift’
2 February 2021
A virtuous cycle of falling renewable energy costs means we are progressing into an era of increasing abundance
Blockchains could take a key role in clean energy trading—Davos
20 January 2021
Distributed ledgers can bring many benefits to energy markets and solve some of the most difficult problems associated with the transition
Aker Horizons takes majority stake in Mainstream
19 January 2021
Mainstream Renewable Power pushes ahead with global construction programme and planned IPO
LNG’s future depends on value chain decarbonisation
14 January 2021
Coal-replacement has made a huge contribution to CO2 mitigation, but LNG’s social licence will increasingly depend on reducing its carbon profile
The revolution will not be capitalised
4 December 2020
The UK’s laudable aim of becoming a world leader in ten climate-related areas looks set to be undermined by the shaky state of its post-Covid and post-Brexit national finances
PE Live: Development goals impacting Asia-Pac transitions
1 December 2020
The need to build power capacity fast enough to support rapid economic growth while ensuring security of supply means that decarbonisation cannot be the primary objective
PE Live: Asia Pac experts ‘bullish’ on LNG prospects
26 November 2020
Low prices for LNG cargos and favourable emissions are boosting the construction of downstream facilities
PE Live: European majors pin hopes on Cop26
25 November 2020
Global leaders must come together and agree to a carbon price, transparent reporting and other measures if the Paris targets are to be met
PE Live: Societal attitudes key to energy transition
23 November 2020
Energy companies are increasingly engaged in decarbonisation—but this must be underpinned by behavioural change and action by elected representatives
PE Live: International rivalry a major threat to climate fight
22 November 2020
A scenario where countries jockey for economic advantage would undermine the ability of the world to tackle global warming
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