FT Live: Energy Transition Summit 2022

Accelerating the Delivery of Secure, Affordable & Clean Energy

Climate change remains one of the most pressing existential challenges the world faces. The latest IPCC report stated that global greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2025. Historically a major source of GHG emissions and environmental damage, the energy sector now has to become the leading force in the race to net-zero.

It is clear the level of engagement of the energy sector’s capital, scientific innovation knowledge and global reach is critical to make the energy transition a success and in turn keep the target of 1.5C of global warming alive. However, recent geopolitical events have suggested that energy security may be a priority over the environmental impact of energy sources.

With the energy sector now facing the dual challenge of maintaining energy security while also accelerating the shift to renewables, the FT’s Energy Transition Summit 2022 will bring together industry leaders, governments and investors to share actionable advice and debate how the industry can rise to the challenge and deliver secure, affordable and clean energy. For its ninth edition the event will feature a half day of digital content, followed by two days of in-person discussions, networking and exclusive roundtables, from 17 - 19 October.

Key Debates: 

  • Is it realistic to expect a swift phase out of fossil fuels?
  • How are investors balancing ESG and energy security in their decision making?
  • Are anxieties about energy security helping or hindering the shift away from coal?
  • What role should nuclear play in the future energy mix?
  • How do you plan and navigate uncertainty and unpredictable disruption?
  • How can we rapidly scale up European LNG facilities and infrastructure?
  • What is best practice for effective methane management?
  • Is CCUS a long-term solution or a way for traditional O&G to remain relevant during the transition?
  • Is hydrogen the key to unlocking a speedier transition?


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