20 April 2021
Sonangol exits Trafigura’s Puma
The NOC will sell its stake in Puma Energy in return for the firm’s Angolan assets
20 April 2021
European power trading innovation: Data begets more data
Historic and real-time fundamentals are not the only information show in town, says software provider Kyos
20 April 2021
Gabon’s E&P sector stays active
The west African nation continues to attract upstream investment despite the global contraction in activity
20 April 2021
York completes sub-terminal switch
The North Sea field extends its lifespan through a flip to alternative processing facilities believed to be a UK industry first
20 April 2021
Latin America pivots to digital
The pandemic has showcased the importance of reaching digital maturity, and state oil companies are taking notice
20 April 2021
Generating value through digital transformation
Oil and gas firms must consider several factors when addressing digital maturity
19 April 2021
Gulf of Mexico set to gather momentum
Buoyed by stronger oil prices and demand recovery, the region has plenty of projects on the roster
19 April 2021
Namibia's upstream defies downturn
Large-scale, deepwater prospects continue to draw deep-pocketed investors
19 April 2021
Iraq’s upstream shows signs of life
Baghdad is once again looking towards much higher long-term capacity goals
19 April 2021
Further delays likely for Mozambique LNG
A fresh assault on Palma will at the very least slow planned liquefaction developments
15 April 2021
Serica remains circumspect on UKCS M&A
The North Sea independent is still determined not to overpay for assets
15 April 2021
Offloading assets drives US deal-making
An accelerating vaccine rollout and robust oil prices encourage consolidation across marginal plays
15 April 2021
Carnarvon gears up for Buffalo drilling
Firm will drill first well offshore Timor-Leste in the second half of this year
15 April 2021
Ecuador’s oil sector buoyed by new president
Former businessman has ambitious plans for domestic crude production but faces significant financial, political and ESG constraints
13 April 2021
Lake Albert oil project and pipeline get go-ahead
The development will see Ugandan crude exported from the Tanzanian port of Tanga
13 April 2021
Russian reforms drive refining change
Tax changes to incentivise refinery upgraders are bearing fruit
13 April 2021
Kuwait aims for investment reset
NOC reflates its spending and projects grind forward. But no-one should expect miracles
13 April 2021
Petrobras refinery sale in limbo
Downstream divestment programme at risk as federal office scrutinises auction
12 April 2021
Timor-Leste looks to LNG imports
The Southeast Asian nation plans to convert three power plants to run on gas
11 April 2021
Egypt LNG restart optimism no substitute for gas strategy
The high-profile restart of the Damietta facility has ramped up rhetoric and expectations. But it may not be as simple as that
10 April 2021
Ithaca sanctions Captain EOR 2 development
The UK independent presses go on its largest portfolio project after issuing M&A price warning
9 April 2021
Poland pivots towards more non-Russian crude
As in gas, the former Communist country is wary of dependence on its heavyweight eastern neighbour
8 April 2021
Winter LNG transit highlights Arctic’s growing role
Russia is leading the charge to normalise Arctic shipping as the region warms
8 April 2021
Ancala sees Northern North Sea positives
The private equity-backed midstream specialist is bullish about the prospects in its Sage pipeline system catchment area
8 April 2021
New LNG markets prove tough nuts to crack
Floating storage and regasification has reduced entry barriers for aspiring LNG importers. But opening up a new market remains a tricky business
6 April 2021
Letter from the US: offshore gets that sinking feeling
Low-carbon ambitions could jeopardise national energy security if drilling moratorium proves permanent
3 April 2021
Suez crisis highlights bottlenecks
The blockage of the Suez Canal by a single vessel highlights how important navigational chokepoints are for the shipping sector and commodities markets
3 April 2021
LNG steps out of Qatar’s shadows
Investment in LNG liquefaction capacity got off to a flying start in 2021 with the North Field East expansion project. How much more can we expect?
1 April 2021
Opec+ confounds market with three-month cuts easing
The group had been widely anticipated to keep the prior agreement in place, but a rapidly agreed deal will see cuts relaxed through the summer
1 April 2021
Harbour Energy looks further afield
The Chrysaor-Premier combination starts trading in London. But it is keen to expand its horizons
31 March 2021
Etinde hinges on government talks
The future of the Cameroonian gas project depends on the outcome of commercial and contractual negotiations
31 March 2021
Decarbonising LNG: the heat is on
When the largest buyer in the largest consuming country commits to net-zero emissions by 2050, suppliers must start to respond. And they are
31 March 2021
LNG trade trends defy assumed truths
The inexorable rise of spot trading may be losing momentum as the market finds new ways to balance
30 March 2021
Friendship deal buoys fresh Caspian hopes
Having settled a 30-year field demarcation dispute with Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan is cheerleading for a second phase of the Southern Gas Corridor
30 March 2021
Basrah Medium gets off to a promising start
Iraq’s new crude grade has had a relatively successful first few months. But Basrah Light issuers remain unresolved
30 March 2021
Shipping faces tough decarbonisation choices
Supply chains will be critical as the maritime sector looks for alternative fuels
30 March 2021
Letter from the Middle East: UAE unveils Murban benchmark
Pivot towards Asia paves the way for a new crude futures contract, offering an attractive alternative to long-established grades
29 March 2021
LNG’s buoyant brave new world
The industry’s big players remain optimistic despite the headwinds of the last two years
29 March 2021
Australia aims to slash decommissioning bill
A government-funded company has launched an initiative intended to save more than $14bn in decommissioning costs over the next few decades
28 March 2021
Letter from China: Five-Year Plan puts energy over decarbonisation
China’s reluctance to ease back on fossil fuels highlights the contrasting narratives of energy security and decarbonisation
27 March 2021
Deals still to be done in US shale patch
Operators including majors have snapped up nearby acreage to leverage synergies at lower cost. But with oil prices higher and discounts potentially fading, will prolific spending slacken?
25 March 2021
Nigeria promises state-owned refinery progress
The country has set out an ambitious timeline to refurbish its long-neglected Port Harcourt refineries
25 March 2021
IEA cries wolf again
The agency may be overestimating demand and lowballing Opec supply to foresee a tighter market than will materialise
25 March 2021
Cnooc looks to South China Sea
The NOC’s delisting from the NYSE may only serve to embolden its South China Sea drilling despite lingering controversy surrounding projects in the region
24 March 2021
UKCS licensing set to continue
The country’s North Sea Transition Deal will apply new conditions to future drilling permits but allow oil and gas activity to proceed
23 March 2021
UK GBA ticks Lundin boxes
The Swedish-headquartered producer says it is comfortable sticking with Norway. But could JOG’s farm-out process attract it over the median line?
23 March 2021
Philippine LNG sector picks up speed
As much as 10.5mn t/yr of regasification capacity could be coming online in 2022
23 March 2021
Aramco rolls with the Covid punches
The Saudi heavyweight posts an eye-watering drop in profits but pays its dividends and remains in the black
23 March 2021
Permian leads the shale charge
Output is creeping up in the US but still faces a tough task in rebounding to pre-Covid levels
22 March 2021
Opportunity knocks for collaboration increase
Oil and gas can improve its economics and decarbonise its value chain—and achieve those wins quickly—through changing its working practices
22 March 2021
China’s NOCs look to the future
The three state-controlled heavyweights are gearing up to announce 2020 earnings, with attention focused on addressing near-term challenges and opportunities
22 March 2021
IPO highlights investors’ US shale hesitancy
Vine Energy’s financing efforts reveal lingering public market doubts despite healthy prospects for gas
22 March 2021
India’s import opportunity trumps its upstream
International firms still see targeting India’s downstream demand as significantly more attractive than investing in its production, despite recent government reforms and efforts at promotion.
18 March 2021
Mol’s upstream positions for the long term
The oil and gas division wants a role beyond just providing cash for the group to pivot to lower-carbon alternatives
18 March 2021
Tullow back to square one in Suriname
Latin American exploration campaign stutters as producer continues search for major offshore oil find
18 March 2021
Delek boosts Israeli gas exports
Leviathan startup, combined with flows to Egypt and Jordan, shows a material bottom-line impact
18 March 2021
Australia extends Beetaloo exploration grant period
The government will provide the cash to explorers for a further six months
16 March 2021
Lula return casts a cloud for Petrobras
Court case vindication could open the door to next year’s election, with implications for the NOC and wider energy reforms
16 March 2021
Pakistan energy demand attracts suitors
Significant forecast growth in energy requirements means international firms are interested in the country’s downstream sector, but its upstream is struggling
16 March 2021
Chevron puts Permian at heart of its net-zero strategy
Robust FCF and driving down emissions in the shale patch are central planks in the US major’s journey towards low-carbon energy
15 March 2021
Pandemic casts shadow on US midstream
Lack of demand and permitting uncertainty paints gloomy picture for pipeline firms
15 March 2021
Japanese firms back carbon-neutral LNG
The buyers' group will promote use of the fuel to meet Japan’s decarbonisation goals
15 March 2021
Europe’s refiners set for more pain
While the end of lockdowns may offer some respite, further consolidation looks inevitable
12 March 2021
Canadian oil sands in shackles
Producers tighten their belts even as financial conditions rally and midstream expansion looms
11 March 2021
Neptune targets four projects under Norway’s enhanced tax regime
The London-headquartered producer hopes to fast-track FIDs to hit the 2022 deadline for relief
11 March 2021
Troubled Tullow mulls Kenya options
The future of the Anglo-Irish independent’s Kenyan assets hangs in the balance as it puts its money on Ghana
11 March 2021
Pemex treading a tightrope
Mexican producer must weigh ambitious upstream strategy with rapidly rising debt
10 March 2021
Ghana prepares for LNG imports
Robert Besseling, CEO of specialist intelligence company Pangea-Risk, explains why Ghana is about to start importing LNG despite having oil and gas reserves of its own
9 March 2021
Dated Brent goes Cif —ten key questions
Petroleum Economist asks Adi Imsirovic, former head of crude trading at Gazprom Marketing & Trading, about the major issues thrown up by Platts’ proposed change
9 March 2021
US shale presses the reset button
Upstream producers stress permanent financial change even as those with the greatest acreage and deepest pockets begin to stir
9 March 2021
UK North Sea consolidation gathers pace
Two more deals see focused new entrants gain size as sellers exit
9 March 2021
Colombia kickstarts bidding round
Latin American producer expands acreage offer nationwide to capitalise on its upstream potential before time runs out
8 March 2021
IEA calls on Japan to clarify gas goals
Gas companies need greater certainty about the fuel’s long-term outlook
8 March 2021
Letter from Canada: Alberta’s debt quagmire
The province’s strategy of stimulating economic diversification through oil revenue largesse has largely proved a failure
5 March 2021
More Chinese firms enter global LNG market
Niche buyers in China are starting to make waves in the global LNG market, spurred by reforms that have opened up the country’s vast pipeline network
5 March 2021
Gulf of Guinea piracy worsens
Maritime regulators and the shipping industry issue warnings over escalating frequency, severity and range of pirate attacks
4 March 2021
Latin America plays catch-up
The pandemic wreaked havoc on NOC balance sheets in 2020, but the region still has some competitive advantages
4 March 2021
Neptune sees Dutch North Sea potential
The province may be mature, but still has elements to attract investment and shake off PR problems
4 March 2021
Policy measures key to US net-zero goal
The new administration has set lofty low-carbon ambitions but must take radical action to overhaul the nation’s energy mix
3 March 2021
Petrobras bucks the trend
The company’s pre-salt portfolio helped offset last year’s economic crisis, but investors will still be nervous about potential downstream interference
2 March 2021
Oil set for sweet-sour rebalancing
The unusual premiums sour grades have enjoyed over sweet may be coming to an end
2 March 2021
Increased efficiency keeps Wintershall Dea in the black
The German producer is focused on high-graded production, including from its Dutch assets
2 March 2021
Australia's LNG projects regain momentum
The country’s liquefaction sector is trying to rebound from a challenging 12 months where billions of dollars’ worth of feedstock projects went on the back burner
2 March 2021
Book Review: Interviews add depth to commodity trading history
Protagonists in a world almost routinely described as ‘murky’ have proven remarkably open to shedding light on the industry’s less illuminated corners
1 March 2021
Australia’s gas-led recovery dream faces supply wake-up
Canberra’s flagship post-Covid energy policy faces headwinds from a looming supply shortfall
26 February 2021
European refiner hopes for a driving season
Varo sees the potential for a desire to holiday but a reluctance to fly recreating the US phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic
26 February 2021
LNG central to Asian net-zero emissions strategies—Shell
Major consuming countries’ net-zero emissions targets will drive rather than hinder growth, with trade set to double by 2040
26 February 2021
Asian LNG demand poised to climb further
The LNG sector remains very bullish about the prospects for Asian demand in the 2020s
25 February 2021
Biden shines spotlight on climate
International collaboration will be crucial to achieving the Democrat government’s bold climate agenda
24 February 2021
Dated Brent—all change but business as usual
The sheer scale of financial infrastructure around the crude market’s most important global benchmark means the wider trading market will largely shrug off any physical implications from a Fob-to-Cif switch
23 February 2021
Letter from the US: Oil and gas sector faces cold hard facts
Glacial temperatures in southern states showcase lack of provision against extreme weather
23 February 2021
Crunch time for Mozambique’s LNG projects
This year will be critical to whether Mozambique can achieve its ambition of becoming a major LNG exporter by the middle of this decade
22 February 2021
Australia struggles to stop downstream exodus
Australia’s energy security takes another hit with ExxonMobil opting to shutter its Victoria refinery
22 February 2021
Mexican LNG offers sea change
Shortening shipping times could deliver substantial gains to exporters, but they would still need to navigate the country’s complex regulation process
22 February 2021
Access to capital key to Panoro growth
The producer’s CEO tells Petroleum Economist about its recent acquisitions and the prospects for maturing oil and gas assets in Africa
18 February 2021
Total's strategy diverges from peers
Much of what the three European majors plan to do is remarkably similar. But Total’s dialogue is subtly different
18 February 2021
Opportunity knocks for Canadian consolidation
Recent M&A deals and recovering oil prices showcase the potential for further activity in 2021
18 February 2021
US refining put on ice
Blizzards in Texas have dramatically halted downstream activities, leaving opportunities for facilities still running
16 February 2021
PTTEP’s appetite for growth undimmed
Even the turbulence of 2020 has failed to cool the enthusiasm of Thailand’s NOC for further expansion
16 February 2021
Shell sees common trends in its transition scenarios
Certain themes dominate across the range of the major’s view of potential futures
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