Letter from the US: offshore gets that sinking feeling
6 April 2021
Low-carbon ambitions could jeopardise national energy security if drilling moratorium proves permanent
Letter from the Middle East: UAE unveils Murban benchmark
30 March 2021
Pivot towards Asia paves the way for a new crude futures contract, offering an attractive alternative to long-established grades
Letter from China: Five-Year Plan puts energy over decarbonisation
28 March 2021
China’s reluctance to ease back on fossil fuels highlights the contrasting narratives of energy security and decarbonisation
Letter from Canada: Alberta’s debt quagmire
8 March 2021
The province’s strategy of stimulating economic diversification through oil revenue largesse has largely proved a failure
Letter from the US: Oil and gas sector faces cold hard facts
23 February 2021
Glacial temperatures in southern states showcase lack of provision against extreme weather
Letter from Brussels: Gas infrastructure falls out of favour
4 February 2021
Coal-to-gas switching could be undermined by proposed regulation excluding gas infrastructure from energy priority scheme
Letter from the Middle East: Qatar rapprochement could bring gas benefits
28 January 2021
Greater GCC harmony might offer an opportunity to untangle some of the Middle East’s notoriously illogical gas dynamics, but LNG looks more promising than pipelines
Regulation to play a key role in India’s gas ambitions
15 October 2020
The US experience suggests building pipelines is not enough. An effective regulatory regime is also required