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US gasoline demand unthreatened by driver assistance
20 April 2021
New technologies that provide assistance for drivers have proved slow to penetrate the US market
US emissions falls are part of wider trend
19 April 2021
Emissions may not bounce back to levels seen before the Covid-19 pandemic
US wind PPA prices under pressure
16 April 2021
Prices fall in the wake of a tax credit extension but are still up more than 10pc year on year
Lithium miners explore all options as battery demand pulls away
14 April 2021
Recycling may offer a third way as global lithium industry struggles to ramp up supply to feed growth of electric vehicles
US energy storage could get tax credits
13 April 2021
Industry hopes Biden administration will put in place a standalone tax credit for grid storage
Hope for negotiated US infrastructure deal
13 April 2021
Ruling by parliamentarian means Biden plan could be passed by a reconciliation bill if needed
US gears up for ‘big transmission’
9 April 2021
Good technology and better policies are set to bring clean power from America’s remote regions to city centres
US carbon price still some way off
7 April 2021
Political reality means moves towards establishing a carbon price or a cap-and-trade system will at least have to wait until after mid-term elections
US embarks on a new kind of industrial policy
6 April 2021
Washington reinvents strategy with focus on microchip production and charging stations, rather than traditional ‘roads and bridges’
Biden seeks to address weak infrastructure track record
29 March 2021
US faces deep investment hole built over decades, and a lack of skill to address it
Canada’s massive hydro potential to remain elusive
25 March 2021
Despite its southern neighbour seeking new sources of low-carbon power, further expansion of Canadian hydropower is unlikely to be competitive
Future looks bright for US solar
17 March 2021
Solar PV again made the greatest contribution to new capacity last year, and the probable extension of policy incentives will help the sector thrive
US offshore wind reaps tech boost after delay
15 March 2021
‘Designing with uncertainty’ concept has worked out to the advantage of east coast projects
US and Canada plot road to carbon border adjustments
12 March 2021
The imposition of carbon tariffs is legitimate for tackling environmental concerns but risks initiating a slippery slope towards global trade protectionism, experts warn
The great run of US natural gas faces storage challenge
8 March 2021
Further growth in the consumption of natural gas will need to overcome the trend for renewables paired with power grid storage
Acore: World is moving to the ‘serious stage’ of fighting emissions
4 March 2021
CEO Gregory Wetstone talks to Transition Economist
US wind and solar return to rapid growth
3 March 2021
After a period of relative stagnation, wind and solar generation are set to continue their recent renaissance
Pressure mounts on US and China to present climate plans
3 March 2021
NGOs and business groups unite on need for action from the world’s two biggest economies ahead of Cop26 in Glasgow
Green light for road pricing could put brakes on US fuel demand
2 March 2021
Washington may finally tip petrol demand into decline if it starts to back state-led policies
The Texas power disaster and the end of energy ideology
23 February 2021
The Lone Star State will need to think hard about whether it wants to maintain an independent electricity grid following the devastating failure last week
US fuel economy standards set for major shift
11 February 2021
President Biden is very likely to at least partially reinstate Obama-era Cafe standards while California is on the verge of regaining the ability to set its own standards
Energy-based geopolitics could spur new cold war – Baker Hughes AM 2021
1 February 2021
US and China appear to be on a collision course, as the global economic power balance shifts
Biden’s climate stance spurs business interest in CO2 pricing
29 January 2021
A growing number of companies and business associations have expressed support
Biden moves fast on climate plan
28 January 2021
The president has signed a series of executive orders to advance his climate policies, but Senate Republicans remain an obstacle
Biden embarks on difficult journey to ‘green’ America—Davos
25 January 2021
The new president’s green agenda will help restore the US as a global force for climate change leadership
Equinor’s NY deal ‘quantum leap forward’ for US wind
18 January 2021
Equinor’s latest offshore wind power deal with New York state has been described as a momentous development for renewable energy production in the US
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