Every moment of every day, society depends on the energy industry - from lighting and heating our homes, enabling transport and travel, to powering industrial growth. Balancing the trilemma of security of supply, affordability and environment is becoming ever more complex, alongside the need to re-imagine use of the world’s resources and reinvent our energy system.

At Deloitte, we convene industry’s most indispensable minds to shine a light on new ways to build, power, and protect Earth’s resources in route to a sustainable future—all while providing the world with what it needs today and in the future. By helping to amplify ideas and innovation to ignite creative solutions, we illuminate the possibilities today so that humanity can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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17 April 2023
Progress in the CCUS sector is finally underway thanks to policy support, but moving at the required pace will require more government action and industry partnerships
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