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Paris goals demand rapid CDR scale-up
24 January 2023
Deployment of new carbon dioxide removal technologies such as Beccs and Daccs must accelerate over the next decade, says University of Oxford report
Global GHG cuts still well short of 2°C goal – UNFCCC
26 October 2022
Synthesis reports shows that, even after the latest round of NDC updates, signatories to the Paris Agreement are not cutting emissions fast enough
Governments not collaborating enough on transition – IEA
20 September 2022
Coordinated action urgently needed on deployment of clean technologies to avoid decades-long delay in reaching net zero, agency warns
Climate pledges ‘could limit’ warming to 2°C
14 April 2022
Previous research had suggested that pledges have only a 50pc chance of achieving 2°C target
Global temperature rise will reach 1.5°C in next 20 years – IPCC
9 August 2021
Report calls for quick action by policymakers to stabilise temperature rises later in the century
Mission net zero – part two: economics
26 July 2021
Soaring government debt relative to GDP in wake of Covid-19 leaves economists divided over best approach to funding the transition
PE Live: Glasgow climate talks must solve article six issues
23 July 2021
A number of hurdles remain, including additionality and flexibility of emissions reductions
PE Live: Paris climate contributions are standardising
23 July 2021
Second round of NDCs sees greater similarity in formats, with many adopting net-zero targets
Energy transition spending must increase – IEA
20 July 2021
Shortfalls in funding are particularly pronounced in emerging economies, where capital markets can be hard to access
IEA lays out pathway for net-zero emissions by 2050
18 May 2021
Report lays out 400 milestones that must be reached across a variety of sectors
Global carbon markets look for boost from Cop26 talks
12 May 2021
Markets are taking hold anyway but more work is needed to refine rules
Biden summit triggers bolder climate pledges
5 May 2021
Progress on limiting temperature rises to no more than 1.5°C to become clearer by year-end
Turner sets roadmap for decarbonisation
28 April 2021
Former chair of UK Climate Change Committee lays out recommendations for reaching net zero
Biden’s net-zero power play
26 April 2021
US sets out bold new emissions commitments ahead of Cop26
Cop26 head calls for ‘immediate action’ on international collaboration
31 March 2021
Alok Sharma says not enough is being done and world is on track to 3°C ‘apocalyptic future’
Irena’s pathway to Paris a Herculean task
18 March 2021
Renewables agency has produced preliminary figures for the scale of investment required to hit 1.5°C Paris target
Pressure mounts on US and China to present climate plans
3 March 2021
NGOs and business groups unite on need for action from the world’s two biggest economies ahead of Cop26 in Glasgow
UN carbon market stuck in legal limbo
1 March 2021
Following the postponement of Cop26, offset developers and investors must wait many months for uncertainty to be resolved
Voluntary carbon market faces credibility challenge
2 February 2021
To reach maturity critics need to be convinced that decarbonisation is meaningful and permanent
Biden moves fast on climate plan
28 January 2021
The president has signed a series of executive orders to advance his climate policies, but Senate Republicans remain an obstacle
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