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Parliamentary elections could hinder EU climate ambition
14 June 2024
Centrist bloc remains in power, but the EPP and EU Council have signalled a move away from climate issues
Canada’s CCS potential hinges on policy choices
11 June 2024
Potential for CCS to cut emissions may have been overstated, despite country’s huge geological storage resource
Australian CCS stagnates amid political hesitation
4 June 2024
Government’s latest budget suggests it remains on the fence about the role of CCS in the energy transition
German cabinet backs CCS strategy
4 June 2024
Germany moves a step closer to large-scale deployment with federal cabinet’s adoption of carbon management strategy and draft law changes
Letter on carbon: Weathering the CO₂ storm
7 May 2024
Policymakers should consider backing enhanced weathering as a CDR technique with benefits to the agricultural sector
EU carbon taxes driving away investment – INEOS CEO
20 February 2024
Carbon costs imposed by EU on chemicals sector are unsustainable, INEOS CEO and founder Jim Ratcliffe warns commission president
Outlook 2024: Quality concerns and geopolitics to dominate carbon markets
15 December 2023
Carbon pricing is inevitable, but the mechanism is still to be determined
Outlook 2024: The need for ambition and more action on the energy transition in tougher times
27 November 2023
Progress in decarbonisation but significant challenges lie ahead
UK eyes Cbam as net-zero push accelerates
30 March 2023
Government consults on measures to tackle carbon leakage as it ramps up domestic decarbonisation efforts
Traders expect more carbon border taxes
27 March 2023
EU’s Cbam model likely to be replicated as national emission reduction schemes move at different speeds, global trading companies say
Australia debates use of offsets
3 March 2023
Reform of scheme to cut industry emissions will see new rules on the use of both domestic and international offsets
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