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Power crisis an opportunity for South African renewables
19 August 2022
Accelerating and liberalising solar and wind power procurement is central to the government’s latest pledge to tackle crippling electricity shortages
Transition aid to developing countries must accelerate
4 April 2022
Financial pledges need to be substantially larger to have an impact, Indian policy expert says
South Africa’s cities seize renewables initiative
10 March 2022
Municipalities are resorting to direct procurement as the government fails to narrow the generation gap
South Africa’s energy sector and the just transition
27 October 2021
Continuous engagement by stakeholders crucial in ensuring energy sector is sustainable while also managing social impacts of shift
South Africa set to abandon new coal as banks withdraw
5 February 2021
Environmental activism has proved key in derailing state plans to develop more coal-fired power stations
South Africa, Burundi can help plug global rare earths shortfall
1 February 2021
China dominates the global market for materials essential for EV batteries, and manufacturers are seeking to diversify their supply chains
Hitting the gas in South Africa
13 August 2020
The expanding role of LNG and a new round of gas exploration appear set to alleviate the country’s energy supply problem
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