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26 February 2021
What is ExxonMobil doing to prepare for a lower-carbon future while meeting energy needs of a growing population?
1 February 2021
The US major has supported the accord since its adoption in 2015
28 January 2021
Strategic M&A deals are always fraught with risk, and there will be too many oil and gas companies chasing too few transition-focused targets
28 January 2021
Even though the carbon capture sector is only just taking off, those thinking about getting involved need to consider the costs of decommissioning
15 January 2021

This paper provides an evaluation of the latest long-term oil demand forecasts published by major institutions, examines the impact of carbon pricing on future oil demand, and explores the implications of these forecasts for the E&P industry.

31 December 2020

The Northwest onshore area of Peru began its oil development at the end of the 19th century, with the participation of private and national companies until July 1973, when Petróleos del Peru S.A. (PETROPERU S.A.) was created, carrying out the exploration, exploitation, refining, commercialisation and development of the oil and derivatives industry in the country. Until 1993, more than 10,300 wells were drilled over a surface area of 450,103Ha in the Northwest onshore zone, registering an oil production of 25,000bl/d.

As consequence of the privatisation, from 1993 to the present, 2,200 wells were drilled in the Northwest, registering an oil production of 24,805bl/d (lower than 1993) and 5,380 active wells. Block X is located in the Lobitos, Pariñas, El Alto, Los Órganos, and Máncora districts of the Talara province and the Canoas de Punta Sal district of the Contraalmirante Villar province in the Tumbes department.

14 December 2020
Producers sitting on immense silos of underused data can benefit from technological innovations
14 December 2020
A finely tuned consumer data strategy depends on a unified approach
7 December 2020
Alex Volkov, vice president global LNG marketing for ExxonMobil, provides his thoughts about the past year and offers a brighter outlook for the years ahead
3 December 2020
Gaining a real-time view of physical operational assets is fundamental to driving efficiencies, lowering emissions and cutting costs
2 December 2020

In today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) global market, everything is changing — and in production environments, change means increased risk. How can capital-intensive organizations minimize their risk, especially when insurance coverage is less readily available?

Asset performance management technology provides deep insight into risk factors across the enterprise, enabling companies to:

  • Increase the safety and sustainability of their operations by avoiding unsafe conditions
  • Optimize margins by significantly reducing unplanned downtime
  • Lower insurance premiums by improving their risk profile

Download this executive brief to learn how predictive maintenance can deliver the financial advantage you need to thrive — even in the most challenging market conditions.

30 November 2020
Renewables, desalination and hydrogen are all attracting official support and investment
23 November 2020

Adaptability is becoming a prerequisite for the oil and gas industry in these rapidly changing times. Companies need to be able to pivot at ease to new ways of working, and greater adoption of digital technologies can play an invaluable role in this emerging transition.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has showcased the importance of both adaptability and agility. Operators at a higher stage of digital maturity have been better able to endure the economic crisis. Businesses at a lower level of digitalisation have been made aware of the importance of overhauling legacy working practices.

Ambitious decarbonisation pledges have also highlighted the industry shift towards green energy. Digital technologies can help play a crucial bridging role towards this net-zero future, driving operational efficiencies and lowering operational emissions. New technologies will only increase in importance to support this drive towards cleaner energy.

In this report, industry experts examine some of the key themes influencing this adoption of digital technologies. Contributors discussed the changing cyber security landscape, automating refineries, the power of the digital twin, extending offshore asset life, among many other topics.

Sponsor: Various partners

16 November 2020

Small Going Big... and Greener, focuses on the role of LNG as a bunker fuel. With the maritime sector under increasing pressure to address emissions, greener fuels for shipping are critical.

In this paper we look at how going greener with LNG not only addresses the sustainability agenda but also makes economic sense.

Sponsor: Strategy&, part of the PwC network

12 November 2020

The Northwest onshore area of Peru began its oil development at the end of the 19th century, with the participation of private and national companies until July 1973, when Petróleos del Peru S.A. (PETROPERU S.A.) was created, carrying out the exploration, exploitation, refining, commercialization and development of the oil and derivatives industry in the country.

Until 1993, more than 10,300 wells were drilled in a surface area of 450,103 Ha in the Northwest onshore zone, registering an oil production of 25,000 bopd. As consequence of the privatization, from 1993 to the present, 2,200 wells were drilled in the Northwest, registering an oil production of 24,805 bopd (lower than 1993) and 5,380 active wells

Download this whitepaper for more details

10 November 2020
Savvy producers increasingly recognise the operational benefits of using digital technologies to extend asset life
10 November 2020
Digital technologies can be key enablers to low carbon energy
30 October 2020
Opportunities to invest in offshore wind energy developments are being created by government measures from Japan to India
30 October 2020
Federal and provincial government measures have supported the deployment of several world-class projects
27 October 2020
Virtual gas pipelines can help address the rising demand for cleaner energy
12 October 2020
Industrial AI will allow plants to reach their autonomous potential
7 October 2020

When it comes to modernizing Capital Project delivery do you know your options?

Digital Twin technology is at the heart of every modern plant and processing asset. Read our whitepaper to discover how cloud technology is accelerating operators’ and EPCs' digital transformation.

1 October 2020
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure
1 October 2020
Initiatives to create market certainty and fix system constraints are creating an attractive investment environment
25 September 2020
Vanguard award winner Tolu Longe has seen many changes for the better over the past two decades. But there is still more to be done
25 September 2020
Mervin Azeta has been passionate about helping to tackle global energy challenges from a young age
25 September 2020
Jill Evanko has been a tough competitor since her college days. Now she is an award winner
10 September 2020

Change is the new normal for Capital Projects

Capital Projects have earned a notorious reputation for being over budget and overschedule. Far-reaching reforms are underway, however, as Owner-Operators and EPCs turn to a powerful combination of cloud-based technology and new working processes to achieve transformational, data-driven improvements in Capital Project delivery.

2 September 2020

Peru’s offshore provides prominent opportunities for exploration projects thanks to its diverse regional geology.  This geology has different structural and stratigraphic settings, with mature producing basins in the north to less explored basins in the south. Just a fresh and modern look at the available data may reveal great potential.

Download this whitepaper for a comprehensive overview of multi-client agreements in Peru in association with PeruPetro.

20 August 2020

LNG and natural gas are critical parts of an interconnected global energy system. New directions are shaping the industry and there are opportunities for players who can adapt.

International law firm Ashurst surveyed LNG industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to ask how they thought the sector was responding to changing dynamics and what they think the future may hold. This has resulted in a brand new report, available now.

Sponsor: Ashurst

14 August 2020

In support of the July 2020 webcast “Value creation in the new era through robust screening of oil & gas investments”, in association with Petroleum Economist, Steen Meulengracht, CEO PreVisions, has written four articles to dive deeper into the importance of break-even and sensitivity analyses on key external and internal project parameters.

13 August 2020
In pursuit of alternatives to oil and gas production, certain developing countries are turning to the exploration and development of volcanically active hotspots
13 August 2020
Adding battery storage to solar projects alleviates intermittency and curtailment issues but brings contractual and financing issues
13 August 2020
Tidal power facilities offer a clean and renewable energy but have struggled to attract the investment to finance substantial capex. The development of movable structures may mean this will change
13 August 2020
The expanding role of LNG and a new round of gas exploration appear set to alleviate the country’s energy supply problem
4 August 2020
Community voting is now open across the three categories for the awards, which champion inclusion and diversity by celebrating remarkable women and men in the LNG industry
1 July 2020
Energy is essential. Accessible and affordable supplies of energy support the ability to meet the basic requirements of life and fuel society's progress around the world.
22 June 2020

Operator error is common and expensive. Chemical plants lose more than $20 billion annually from human error and insufficient knowledge. Trends in the workforce and the workplace are likely to exacerbate the problem. To overcome this challenge, operating companies need to shift their cultures from a training-centered, box-checking culture to a learning-centered, results-driven culture. The shift will reveal experiential, simulationbased learning as the most effective way to give your workforce the situational awareness needed to make the right choice in every scenario.

Cloud technology makes experiential learning accessible and practical for any organization. As experts in cloudbased operator training simulators (Cloud OTS) for every stage of operations, AVEVA is already helping forward-looking companies change their cultures and redefine training for tomorrow. 

1 June 2020
The firm’s head of LNG remains confident for a growing role for gas in the energy future
28 May 2020
The pandemic and resulting fall in demand for energy is hitting the willingness to fund oil and gas projects more than those involving renewable energy
26 May 2020
The LNG market faces challenges due to excess supply and the impact of Covid-19, but Trinidad’s state gas company has a strategy for the long term.
12 May 2020

This paper examines published estimates of shale oil breakeven prices, contrasts the quoted breakeven price with industry performance over the period and investigates the disconnect between published breakeven prices and actual breakeven prices at the corporate level.

5 May 2020

The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. The oil and gas sector is rapidly improving efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint, but can this be done around the world at reasonable cost? The boom in renewables continues apace, across ever more markets around the world, but requires peak demand support and smart grid management. And green hydrogen potentially offers a carbon-neutral high energy density fuel, but can it be cost competitive at scale? In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.

Sponsors: Norton Rose Fulbright and Schneider Electric

27 April 2020
As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives and the economic landscape changes, we must not lose focus on other important issues within our industry
27 April 2020
Progress continues to be made on driving down costs to help LNG meet the industry’s dual challenge
1 April 2020
LNG is making a contribution to a cleaner energy future. Diverse workforces have their part to play as well.
25 February 2020
Energy use will be increasingly efficient and less carbon intensive than it is today
8 February 2020
The underlying causes of disruptions and disputes could be moderated by improving contracts, audits and controls
31 January 2020
Gas complements the peaks and valleys of power generated by renewables, providing a backbone that enables broader penetration of renewables into the energy mix
15 November 2019
Merging digital technologies with operations excellence is the new lever for performance improvement
7 November 2019
In the New Energy environment, culture may sometimes trump traditional calculations in determining deal success
19 June 2019
ExxonMobil's chief process engineer, Don Victory, speaks on the development of LNG as a transportation fuel
17 June 2019
The Gastalk webinar series provides a monthly expert review of the gas and LNG market
6 June 2019
Shrinking optimism over the longer term
6 June 2019
New policies and regulations are essential to speed up the gas evolution
1 June 2019
The pricing of often decades-long liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts is becoming more unpredictable as a result of oil price swings
21 May 2019
Supply and demand fundamentals are being disrupted by trade tensions and uncertainties over the energy transition
20 February 2019
As the US becomes a key export market for crudes and LNG, the complexity of local logistics is creating new trade opportunities
18 December 2018
Technology's growing importance in building resilience to volatility means that digital capabilities will likely be a notable driver of acquisitions in 2019
21 March 2018
As the oil market regains balance, risk will affect the price. Here's where to watch
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