Increasing production and improving the energy efficiency of LNG operations with AI

Global LNG demand is expected to reach 700 million tonnes by 2040, according to forecasts, as demand for natural gas increases and gains further traction in powering hard-to-electrify sectors. LNG operators are tasked with maximizing production from installed capacity while improving efficiency and reducing emissions, but face limitations with traditional optimization techniques that analyze a limited set of process variables and use lengthy procedures that do not produce timely recommendations.

Join Baker Hughes and C3 AI as well as a guest speaker from Shell to learn about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in optimizing processes for improved production and energy efficiency in LNG operations. The webinar will feature industry and data science experts discussing the role of enterprise AI, the challenges with physics-only simulation technologies, and examples of AI-based optimization in LNG operations today. The session will also include a technical overview of BHC3 Process Optimization for LNG, an AI-based solution that helps increase production and reduce energy use in LNG processes.

During this livestream event, speakers discussed:

  • The limits to traditional approaches to LNG production optimization
  • The role that AI-based process optimization can play in creating a rich analytical framework for producing timely setpoint recommendations that increase LNG production
  • The details of the BHC3 Process Optimization for LNG solution, its features and benefits, and how it leverages the proven capabilities and domain expertise of Baker Hughes.
  • How one LNG operator deployed BHC3 Process Optimization for a 1% improvement in production per train per year.
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