PE Live: Hydrogen Developments to 2030

The global hydrogen market is forecast to more than double by the end of the decade. This webcast, in association with professional services firm Deloitte, explored how supply and demand could develop in tandem over this period. While the first wave of production projects will largely focus on blue hydrogen, they should set the stage for green hydrogen to play an important part in the energy system from 2030. Meanwhile, demand for the various types of hydrogen will depend on a range of factors, including government support. The webcast covered market dynamics, infrastructure requirements and potential government frameworks.

The expert panel discussed:

  • How the hydrogen market could develop to 2030 and beyond
  • Drivers of demand, including consumer preferences and emissions trading systems
  • The role of government in developing the hydrogen economy
  • Centralised and distributed hydrogen production models
  • Requirements for green hydrogen to play an important role
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