PE Live Webcast: Carbon storage - the North Sea’s new frontier

PE Live Webcast | Carbon storage - the North Sea’s new frontier


The race is on to develop the North Sea’s vast potential as a carbon store as policymakers acknowledge the key role of CCS in achieving net-zero. Multiple projects are underway as oil and gas operators and other developers jostle for position in northern Europe’s emerging carbon management sector. In this webinar, Peregrine Bush, Stuart Penson and Kevin Price explored the key projects in the North Sea and discussed the opportunities and challenges presented by this growing sector.

Meet the speakers:

Peregrine Bush
Senior data director
Global Energy Infrastructure


Peregrine Bush was educated at Oxford Brookes University obtaining a BSc. Degree in Cartography and Geography. After university, he worked on aeronautical charts for British Airways. In November 1997, he joined the PE Media Network as part of the cartography department. Over the past 25 years as senior cartographic editor, Peregrine has been researching, producing and maintaining the companies cartographic output, with over 1 million paper energy maps distributed globally.

Peregrine was part of the digital data team developing and delivering digital output for PE Media Network and Gulf Energy Information. In November 2022, he moved to Senior Director, Data and Technology at Gulf Energy Information leading the team of researchers and analysts continuing to provide downstream and midstream energy data to customers worldwide.


Stuart Penson
Contributing Editor
Carbon Economist


Stuart Penson is Contributing Editor for Hydrogen Economist and Carbon Economist, based in London. A specialist in energy and commodity markets, he currently focuses on investment trends and government policy in the clean hydrogen and renewables sectors. In a 30-year career, Stuart has previously held senior editorial positions at Reuters and most recently at Argus Media, where he led teams analysing electricity, gas and carbon trading markets, and developed price benchmarks for strategic battery materials such as lithium and cobalt used in electric vehicles.


Kevin Price
Deputy Head of Energy+ Group, EMEA
Societe Generale


Kevin has over 35 years of experience in energy and finance. Kevin Started his career in the oil industry as a geologist working for both independents and majors. For the last 25 years he has been a banker specializing in Energy. He joined Societe Generale in 2006, initially heading their upstream oil and gas practice before moving to his current border based role across all energy markets.


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