PE Live Webcast: LNG to Power MENA: Gas' role in a renewable future

Ahead of the in person LNG to Power Forum EMEAPetroleum Economist is pleased to bring you an exclusive webcast exploring the role of gas-to-power and LNG-to-power in the Mena region.

The energy transition and the push for net zero promise to change the energy markets as we know them. However, gas will still have an absolutely vital role for the foreseeable future, since gas-fired power plants remain the least carbon-intensive way to balance out the intermittency of renewables generation and ensure stable electricity supply. But that future usage still poses problems for gas producers and users, who must find ways to adapt to unpredictable and rapidly-fluctuating demand. Ahead of COP 27, the "LNG to Power MENA: Gas' role in a renewable future" webcast will examine the growing interaction between the gas and renewable sectors, and the steps gas market participants can take to prepare for a future as a marginal – rather than baseload – energy source.

Panellists will discuss:

  • When will global gas (and by extension LNG) demand peak? Any regional outliers/variations expected?
  • And what will the subsequent decline in gas demand look like?
  • Will long-term or spot LNG supply contracts best suit the needs of gas suppliers and buyers amid intermittent demand?
  • How can gas producers cut their costs and generators increase efficiencies at their power plants?
  • Do the panellists see a cut-off date for new LNG developments? And if they do, would that be due to popular opposition, declining demand or both?
  • Will technology (particularly carbon capture) extend the lifespan of LNG projects? Or will technology (better batteries, hydrogen and so on) actually shorten the operational lifespan of LNG schemes?
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