PE Roundtable: Can AI unlock the future of energy efficiency?

Improving operational efficiencies across the entire value chain is crucial to meeting sustainability goals, maximising resource potential and staying industry competitive. And while deploying new technologies is a vital part of the process, the latest suite of AI solutions offers operators something profoundly different.

Companies that deploy AI are best placed to build agile, predictive and importantly more efficient operations from previously siloed data. From advancements in reservoir engineering in the upstream, to improved maintenance checks in the midstream and unpicking legacy working practices in the downstream, AI solutions help companies finetune their operations and the technology is fast becoming a cornerstone of digital transformation.

The roundtable will discuss these themes: examining the current state of AI maturity in the oil and gas sector, the industry’s cultural barriers to wider AI adoption and the scale of talent needed to meet the growing demand. Companies are also facing increased ESG scrutiny and sustainability will be central to future investment. We will examine how operators can deploy AI to both decarbonise portfolios and better enhance operational efficiencies.

Join AJ Abdallat, co-founder and CEO, Beyond Limits and a panel of industry leaders for this exclusive roundtable.

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