TE100: Women of the Energy Transition

There is a substantial gender gap in self-promotion. Women systematically provide less favourable assessments of their own past performance and future potential than equally performing men. Transition Economist occupies a unique position in the global energy industry to provide a platform and a voice to under-represented, under-promoted and under-recognised women. In September 2021, Transition Economist will use its platform to launch the TE100: Women of the Energy Transition.

With the consequences of Covid-19 disproportionately affecting women, we have an opportunity and responsibility to use the growing platform of Transition Economist to provide opportunities to women to promote and support each other as the energy transition gains traction. Help us create the new normal of gender equality.

The categories

The first task is to identify and collate a list of 100 women across 10 individual categories that make up the energy transition:

  • Gas & LNG
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Hydrogen
  • Renewables
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industry Groups (includes associations, government institutions, NGOs)
  • The New Generation
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Services (includes law firms, consultancies, financial services)

These women will be profiled on Transition Economist, and invited to participate in our upcoming content series across editorial, podcasts, webcasts, and events.

Do you know a woman in one – or more – of these categories who deserves recognition? What woman in your network serves as a role model to other people in the industry? Who is committed to the energy transition, as well as to strengthening her role and that of her business as we strive towards ambitious net-zero targets? What woman warrants increased visibility in front of the energy industry’s c-suite and senior stakeholders? What woman’s voice merits a platform in the ongoing energy transition conversations? What woman represents disruption and progress in the energy sector? Who are the female trailblazers who will be leading the future energy landscape?

Nominate now – support your colleagues, peers, and network by working together to raise their profile in front of the global energy community.

There are no strict criteria for inclusion in the TE100. We focus on these women’s potential to drive the energy transition. These are the women of the future.

To discuss how you can contribute to the TE100 programme of content, contact Rachel today: rachel.mcghie@pemedianetwork.com