Author: Stephanie Baxter
S&P Global Platts launches integrated energy transition platform
22 February 2021
The 100-year-old commodities analytics company is bringing price transparency to the energy markets of the future
Pension providers shorten timescale for decarbonisation
12 February 2021
The UK’s biggest pension schemes are setting sweeping targets for reducing the emissions associated with their investment portfolios
Pressure grows on industry to produce ‘green LNG’
8 February 2021
The industry needs to reduce the emissions associated with natural gas for it to preserve its role in the energy mix and energy transition
EU set to extend leadership in green bond market
3 February 2021
Brexit has not helped the bond issuance capital of Europe, but the UK was already behind the curve
UK needs to be ‘more aspirational’ in transition roadmap
2 February 2021
Rapid delivery at scale of CCUS and hydrogen will depend on government policy, transferrable skills and technology
Oil majors face credit downgrades amid rising investor pressure
27 January 2021
S&P has placed 13 IOCs, including ExxonMobil and Shell, on negative watch, while investment giant BlackRock warns of ‘tectonic shift’
Biden embarks on difficult journey to ‘green’ America—Davos
25 January 2021
The new president’s green agenda will help restore the US as a global force for climate change leadership
Energy efficiency gains trump renewables—Davos
22 January 2021
The importance of energy efficiency is overlooked but is crucial to tackling climate change, according to Luxembourg’s energy minister
Whole economy must decarbonise, not just power—Davos
22 January 2021
The ‘other 75pc’ of the global economy needs to help the world get to net-zero, and the financial sector should help facilitate progress
UK green bond growth set to overcome Brexit chaos
15 January 2021
Green bonds are set for a bumper year throughout Western Europe, and development of a UK market is not expected to be hampered by London losing its passporting rights
HSBC faces shareholder pressure to cut fossil fuel financing
13 January 2021
Investors are turning their attention to the banking sector, which pours billions into hydrocarbons each year despite committing to support net-zero by 2050
US E&P firms lack robust carbon reduction plans
11 January 2021
Dallas Fed finds just one-third of E&P companies in the region plan to cut carbon emissions over the next five years, with oil and gas capex set to rise
Irena: Thermal energy storage to play key role
7 January 2021
Thermal capacity is expected to grow threefold by 2030, helping industrial sectors to increase their use of renewable energy
IOCs rewarding execs for fossil fuel growth, despite net-zero targets
7 January 2021
While many EU energy companies have set ambitious carbon emission targets, their remuneration policies lag far behind
Renewables set to claim record share of energy mix in 2021
5 January 2021
Wind and solar PV power will continue to grow in 2021 after increasing market share last year—but coal may be set for mini-revival
‘Sector coupling’ could help decarbonise at lower cost
5 January 2021
Electrification and sector coupling will be important components of the energy transition, if taxation is adjusted to create a level playing field
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