Driving decarbonization through innovation and powerful partnerships

More than 130 countries have set or are developing net-zero targets but making these transitions is an immense task and everyone needs to pitch in: business, politics, and society. It starts with being transparent about climate contributions, which creates accountability and helps us make informed decisions.

The path to net zero will involve higher prices and society will have to face new paradigms with more conscious consumption. We may not be able to solve climate change as individuals, but the choices we make do matter. Carbon pricing, for example, would offer companies an incentive to incorporate climate risks into the cost of doing business. And reforming fossil fuel subsidies would allow clean energy to compete on a level playing field.

It is within this mindset that Siemens Energy announced last year that it is advancing its collaboration with B.Grimm to modernize 10 of their cogeneration plants by applying digitalization solutions for operation and maintenance, to reduce fuel consumption and production costs, and to enhance their availability and efficiency. Continuous advancement of innovative technologies is the key to accelerate energy transition and transformation.

Some of the questions we tackled in this webinar are: 

  • How can existing technologies improve the efficiency of existing assets to reduce emissions?
  • How can we work with partner organisations to enact projects that leverage these technologies?
  • How can we move together with our partners towards new technologies such as hydrogen to enable a transformational shift? For example in steel production
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