PE Live: Can Shipping Be Decarbonised by 2050?

The International Maritime Organization has set an ambitious target to reduce the CO2 emissions of international shipping by at least 40pc by 2030 and towards 70pc by 2050. But how can the industry be decarbonised at a cost that is not unduly detrimental to global trade?

Momentum to meet this goal is certainly building, but industry players are still searching for workable strategies and business models. Shell, in collaboration with Deloitte and working with many leaders in the industry, has completed a major new piece of research that investigates what needs to be done to unlock the changes necessary for decarbonisation.

This webcast will draw on this research to establish the current state of the industry, the attributes of lower-carbon alternatives and economically viable pathways to a decarbonised future.

An expert panel has been assembled to discuss:

  • Potential CO2 gains from decarbonising shipping
  • Current efforts being made by the industry
  • The role of cross-industry collaboration among regulators, fuel suppliers, shipping firms and others
  • The viability of leading low-carbon contenders such as LNG and ammonia
  • Strategies and business models for companies seeking to contribute to decarbonisation


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