PE Live: The Debates: Is Bill Gates right on climate change?

The Microsoft billionaire and philanthropist has published a comprehensive roadmap for removing 51bn t/yr of CO2e to achieve net-zero by 2050: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need. He systematically investigates every plausible technology and strategy, employing economic analysis to the affordability of green premiums and plausible pathways for technological development. But is he right?
• Are his assumptions and calculations correct? Has he missed anything? Is he wrong?
• Are there better alternatives to his roadmap?
• What are the trickiest areas? Will populations around the world accept the costs of the transition?
• Can technology be relied upon to the extent Gates believes?
• Can international collaboration be achieved politically?

Panellists: Stan Knez, CTO, Technip Energies; Tom Burke, Chairman, E3G; Allan Baker, Head of Energy, Societe Generale

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