PE Live: The role of natural gas in the energy transition

​​​​​Natural gas will play a substantial role in global power generation over the next ten years, according to any plausible transition scenario. Replacing the remaining contribution of coal in the US and Europe will provide easy wins for decarbonisation over the period, and for far longer in Asia. And, as renewables increase in the energy mix, it is also set to play a central role in managing demand. But it also faces challenges from rapidly changing patterns of global demand and the politicisation of its decarbonisation credentials.

The panel will discuss:

  • Probable scenarios for gas demand in each region and the role of surplus US output
  • The relationship between gas and intermittent renewables
  • Gas and the path to net-zero:
    • decarbonization efforts and the role of monitoring, reporting and verification of emission reductions
    • the promise of industrial scale CCS at affordable cost & the impact of carbon pricing
  • The market for Responsibly Sourced Gas: the role of market signals and regulation
  • The impact of ESG investors and the role of private equity
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