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EU Council agrees position on energy targets
28 June 2022
Council sets binding EU-level targets of 40pc for renewables’ share of the energy mix and 36pc for energy efficiency
MEPs pass ETS reform
22 June 2022
European Parliament has voted in favour of steeper emissions reductions and inclusion of maritime, road transport and heating in carbon pricing schemes
War adds impetus to Europe’s gas decarbonisation
20 June 2022
Gas businesses have embraced the acceleration of decarbonisation prompted by the Ukraine war but are concerned about the feasibility of new targets—especially for hydrogen
MEPs reach new deal on ETS reform
15 June 2022
Cap reduction stays at diluted level but free allowances phased out by 2032
EU parliament votes down ETS reforms
8 June 2022
Reforms proposed under EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package will go back to committee stage and return to parliament in September
EU firms ready to invest in Chinese transition
7 June 2022
European businesses have the technology to support China’s push for net zero, but policy uncertainty and red tape are hindering investment, says the EU Chamber of Commerce in China
EU pushes for 45pc renewables by 2030
18 May 2022
European Commission seeks faster deployment of renewables as part of new €210bn plan to cut dependence on Russian energy imports
EU climate laws advance
18 May 2022
Rules governing how emissions will be cut in line with Paris Agreement goals have passed a key legislative hurdle
Renewables sector loses confidence in EU support scheme
17 May 2022
Rules governing EU Innovation Fund disadvantage renewables sector and must change, industry groups tell European Commission
EU awards €1.1bn in grants to low-carbon projects
4 April 2022
Hybrit hydrogen-based steel and K6 carbon-neutral cement projects among recipients of EU Innovation Fund’s first large-scale awards
EU complains to WTO over UK’s CfD scheme
30 March 2022
UK will rigorously contest EU’s claim that scheme’s local content criteria are discriminatory
ETS to remain heart of EU climate policy
24 March 2022
Carbon border adjustments could encourage scheme’s influence in other regions, according to panel
EU must drop gas from green taxonomy proposal – MEPs
17 March 2022
European Parliament members say inclusion of gas in green finance taxonomy undermines response to invasion of Ukraine
EU plans to pivot from Russian gas
9 March 2022
Switch to renewables and hydrogen aims to displace demand for Russian gas well before 2030
EU ETS prices fall sharply on Ukraine invasion
8 March 2022
Combination of factors has led to EU allowances losing a third of their value, but bullish factors remain on the horizon
Germany rejects gas timelines in draft EU taxonomy
24 January 2022
Government says proposed timetable for switch to clean fuels in power generation is unrealistic and could hit hydrogen deployment in industry
ECB warns of energy transition inflation risk
11 January 2022
Gas supply imbalances and rising carbon prices could cause persistent pressure on consumer prices, ECB executive board member warns
EU says nuclear and gas are green
4 January 2022
Germany and other member states criticise European Commission proposals to include nuclear in sustainable finance taxonomy
EU warns of energy price impact on transition
21 December 2021
Commission urges against knee-jerk policy reactions as record energy prices make transition more abrupt and difficult
EU carbon prices surge to record levels
8 December 2021
Number of investment funds active in EU ETS market up 50pc in 2021, exchange data shows
Top EU court bans investors from suing member states in arbitration
24 November 2021
Decision limits rights under the Energy Charter Treaty and other investment agreements
Fit for 55: Challenges and opportunities for EU industry
28 September 2021
Stricter rules and higher targets demand a rethink of value chains and business models by energy-intensive companies
Denham aligns with sustainable guidelines
2 August 2021
Sabine Chalopin, Denham Capital’s ESG and Impact Director, talks about the firm’s methodologies for sustainability
Looking for green hydrogen’s easy wins in Europe
28 July 2021
Integration of low-carbon hydrogen into existing value chains will need new regulatory frameworks in all jurisdictions
EU outlines rules to meet new 2030 GHG target
14 July 2021
European Commission outlines a package of measures designed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 55pc below 1990 levels by 2030
Carbon set for sustained price rally in chase for net zero
16 June 2021
Emissions trading reignited as market takes centre stage as carbon abatement driver
EU to provide €17.5bn in transition finance
8 June 2021
Transition funding will be targeted at regions that are still reliant on coal, lignite, peat and oil shale
UK ETS launch reignites debate over emissions market linking
2 June 2021
Opportunity to bring together UK and EU markets, but China’s new scheme lacks compatibility with other systems
EV sales unaffected by pandemic – IEA
29 April 2021
Sales in the sector are growing fast thanks to strong consumer demand and policy support from governments
EU net-zero target will help industry transition
27 April 2021
Clarity on targets and supportive regulations will help set a clear roadmap for industry to decarbonise
German industry criticises gas omission from EU green taxonomy
23 April 2021
Uncertainty over green status of natural gas in the EU could hamper investment
EU looks to strengthen Emissions Trading System
21 April 2021
Scheme will undergo further reforms this summer as part of increased EU ambition to reach net zero by 2050
Europe wind investment surges 70pc
14 April 2021
Calls to ease bottlenecks as capacity growth lags EU climate goals
Concerns grow ahead of UK carbon market launch
6 April 2021
The UK is set to start its equivalent of the EU ETS on 19 May, but it may take some time for market participants to adjust
EU ETS emissions fall 12.6pc in 2020—official data
1 April 2021
Record fall in verified emissions of participating installations was largely in line with expectations
A new approach to coordinating offshore electricity grids
1 April 2021
Sustained increases in UK and EU offshore wind power generation mean that making changes to regulation and infrastructure has become a priority
Speculators discover EU ETS—and like what they see
16 March 2021
Brushing aside debatable ethical considerations, traders have been pushing the world’s largest carbon market to record highs
EU border carbon tariff set for long battle
12 March 2021
Industry is pushing for carbon tax on imports while enjoying free allocations
Carbon price drives European coal-to-gas switch
25 February 2021
The surge in carbon prices in recent months is having disproportionate impact on carbon-intensive coal, prompting operators to switch to gas wherever possible
Ukraine’s EU power plan impeded by subsidy backsliding
19 February 2021
Kiev wants to modernise and decarbonise its power sector—but is scaring investors away by retroactively cutting subsidies for renewables
EU carbon market roiled by intervention rumours
16 February 2021
European Commission has expressed concern about speculators driving up prices in the ETS
UK updates delayed ETS plan, while utilities rely on EU
12 February 2021
UK carbon market delays mean domestic utilities are calling on the EU ETS to fulfil their requirements
Shift to electric vehicles not fully charged
12 February 2021
The build-out of EV chargers in the EU risks diverging from political ambition while trailing an expected vehicle sales boom
‘Protective’ border carbon tariffs gaining currency
11 February 2021
EU edges closer to import duties based on carbon content amid concern about impact on international trade
Headwinds for EU green standards
10 February 2021
Member states are pushing for a rethink of the proposed sustainable reporting criteria, including for coal-to-gas and biofuels
EU carbon price nears €40 as speculators move in
10 February 2021
The surge in trading cannot be explained by fundamental demand from utilities
EU set to extend leadership in green bond market
3 February 2021
Brexit has not helped the bond issuance capital of Europe, but the UK was already behind the curve
Energy transition at forefront of EU diplomacy
27 January 2021
The EU Council intensifies diplomatic efforts on energy pursuant to the EU’s rising global climate ambitions
UK’s emissions market risks falling short
20 January 2021
Standalone system will be just 10pc as large as its EU equivalent, and important details have not been announced
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