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Behavioural change key to energy transition—IP Week
24 February 2021
The electrification of the automotive sector shows that consumers can be guided to make transition-aligned choices when viable options are available
Lithium price surge fuels mining innovation
22 February 2021
Demand from electric vehicle manufacturers and potential to provide batteries for renewables-powered grids ensures demand remains high
E3 Metals leads Canadian ‘green’ lithium charge
18 February 2021
Canada’s vast unconventional wastewater brine resource base means it is likely to become a major producer on the global market
Shift to electric vehicles not fully charged
12 February 2021
The build-out of EV chargers in the EU risks diverging from political ambition while trailing an expected vehicle sales boom
South Africa, Burundi can help plug global rare earths shortfall
1 February 2021
China dominates the global market for materials essential for EV batteries, and manufacturers are seeking to diversify their supply chains
Bridging the EV infrastructure gap
1 October 2020
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure