17 February 2021

The year 2020 came with significant industry challenges. However, despite – and maybe because of – this, sustainability has accelerated as a key initiative within Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals. With multiple impacts, from shareholder relations to profitability through efficiency, to social license to operate or access to capital or talents, climate change, and its reference metric (CO2e), have been the center of the attention for both customers and investors.

Join us to learn how to build the right strategy with a supporting methodology to measure CO2 savings and enable operators to be transparent as well as to provide investors with a future proof business model.

15 January 2021

The last 12 months have been difficult even by the turbulent historical standards of the oil industry. As we move into 2021, we are pleased to present this webcast in association with OilX, winners of the Petroleum Economist Energy Advisory of the Year in the PE Awards 2020.

The webcast is moderated by Peter Ramsay, editor-in-chief, PE Media Network and will feature OilX experts Florian Thaler, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Arguelles and Anish Kapadia. The panel will:

  • Outline the current global oil balance
  • Break down its key supply and demand components
  • Analyse what that means for stocks and the trajectory of stocks
  • Focus on specific market hotspots, including Saldanha Bay storage, West African crude trading and China
20 August 2020

Digital Twin is no longer a buzzword in the industrial world, but something every modern player is implementing to modernize both their capital project and operational asset strategies. But what the industry hasn’t aligned on is this: What is a true digital twin, and how can it be utilized to extract value across the asset lifecycle?
Steve Parvin, Information Management Segment Lead at AVEVA, walks through the day in the life of different workers. 

The webcast was recorded on Wednesday 23 September 2020

25 June 2020

In today's environment where expending precious capital on the right assets and identifying the assets in a portfolio that are key and which are non-core is more valuable than ever, Petroleum Economist and Previsions are delighted to bring you a webcast focused on value creation through robust screening of investment opportunities.

The webcast will showcase Previsions’ economics screening tool for evaluation of the investment case for global oil and gas opportunities based on country-specific fiscal and terms and project parameters.

Real-world examples will be used to demonstrate the economic screening analysis potential of the tool. Please join us to learn more about which projects and jurisdictions will emerge as winners, and how Previsions can help your business to answer those questions and more.

This webcast took place on Thursday 2 July 2020.  

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