Decarbonising the US O&G sector: a feasible challenge thanks to waste heat recovery

Nowadays the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors is a key topic in the agendas of Governments, financial institutions as well as large cooperations. As in other energy-intensive industries, the oil & gas sector (O&G) is looking at solutions aimed to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining competitiveness. The conversion of waste heat into useful power represents a viable and profitable energy efficiency improvement to hit these targets. In this framework, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology represents a feasible option to exploit waste heat and boost the overall efficiency of the O&G sector with minimum impact on the existing facilities.  

This webinar brings to light the latest developments of the ORC-based heat recovery solutions for the oil & gas industry, with focus on the US northeast natural gas transportation system; specifically, this webinar analyses the waste heat exploitation within Gas Compressor Stations (GCS). 

In order to have a more practical view of the waste heat recovery potential in GCS, the webinar will present a specific project case underlining the results achieved with a particular focus on the green energy produced per year and the related CO2 savings.  

In addition, this webinar will take a closer look at the US incentives dedicated to these decarbonisation technologies; specifically the REC (Renewable Energy Credits) and the ITC (Investment Tax Credit). 

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