27 January 2023
Abu Dhabi steps on the emissions-reduction accelerator
State-owned energy companies are intensifying efforts to decarbonise the emirate’s crude oil production and carve out a leading role in the nascent global hydrogen trade
26 January 2023
Japanese heavyweights get behind CCS
Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi among a slew of major Japanese companies launching CCS initiatives as government sets out long-term roadmap
25 January 2023
Shell delivers first cargo under Giignl green LNG rules
Cargo shipped from Gorgon project to Taiwan is first to verify GHG-neutral status using guidelines set by International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers
24 January 2023
Norway claims first smelter CCS pilot
Technology supplied by Aker Carbon Capture connected to ferroalloys production plant operated by Elkem in Rana, Norway
24 January 2023
Paris goals demand rapid CDR scale-up
Deployment of new carbon dioxide removal technologies such as Beccs and Daccs must accelerate over the next decade, says University of Oxford report
20 January 2023
Voluntary market set to embrace removals
Carbon-removal technologies to gain market share as companies fret over quality of credits generated by avoidance projects, according to Shell and BCG
20 January 2023
UK must provide more clarity on CCUS
Potential projects need more precise information on timing and finance if they are to progress, say MPs and industry experts
19 January 2023
Germany’s change of heart on CCS
Technology shunned by country’s politicians for more than a decade looks set for a key role in government’s new decarbonisation strategy
18 January 2023
Equinor backs Beccs in joint Nordic initiative
Norwegian energy firm launches Njord Carbon project to scale up carbon-removal technology together with Sodra and Verdane
18 January 2023
China’s emissions trading scheme lacks bite
Overly generous allowance allocations and low prices blunt impact of world’s largest cap-and-trade scheme in its first 18 months
17 January 2023
Europe urged to fight US for low-carbon investment
Continent should match US policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act to attract capital for net-zero push, says former vice-president Al Gore
17 January 2023
Alaska looks to tap carbon markets
US state’s governor proposes legislation to support expansion of CCS and generation of tradeable offsets
16 January 2023
Trafigura backs DACS with credit purchase pledge
Commodities trader signs up to carbon removal commitment set by First Movers Coalition
13 January 2023
EU approves €1.1bn Danish CCS support scheme
State government offers 20-year CfD to support deployment of carbon capture as key decarbonisation tool
13 January 2023
Australia softens stance on international offsets
Government to consult on potential law change allowing big emitters to use offsets generated abroad to meet domestic limits
12 January 2023
Brazil’s carbon markets to grow under Lula
Incoming president faces a series of decisions on legacy legislation that could provide impetus for domestic ETS and offset markets
10 January 2023
Carbon at the centre of the energy transition
Our newly rebranded service responds to feedback from customers on what they care about most
9 January 2023
CCUS sector set for flurry of M&A
More deals expected this year as developers seek capital and large firms look to build up portfolios, says Wood Mackenzie
6 January 2023
Errai CCS hits milestone
Developers of Norway’s first commercial carbon capture and storage project secure site for intermediate terminal in one of country’s largest industrial zones
6 January 2023
Adnoc earmarks $15bn for decarbonisation
Abu Dhabi’s state oil company to develop array of projects including CCS, carbon removal and electrification in major investment programme to 2030
5 January 2023
Canadian oilsands producers advance CCS plans
Deal with Alberta government allows companies to ramp up testing at proposed site of large-scale geological storage hub
4 January 2023
Baker Hughes to supply compressors to Kasawari CCS
Equipment will enable transportation and reinjection of CO₂ at world’s largest offshore carbon capture and storage project in Malaysia
3 January 2023
Aker lines up order for modular CCS system
Norwegian company signs letter of intent with European customer to supply standardised technology
3 January 2023
CCS to gain momentum in 2023 – ING
US takes lead in emerging sector as enhanced policy support drives growth
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: War in Ukraine is also an energy war
Europe’s enforced pivot away from Russian gas has implications for the entire global energy system
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Thermal energy storage’s role in Europe’s energy crisis
Ending dependence on gas and electrifying processes with efficient thermal energy storage is the only cost-effective solution for industry to decarbonise
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Meeting the silicon solar challenge
Perovskites and microgrooves could help tackle solar PV manufacturing problems
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Growing focus on a fair and inclusive energy transition
Integrating the principles of a just transition will increasingly be at the core of energy transition strategies
27 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Unlocking a planet-positive transition for the chemicals industry
Getting to net-zero emissions will require combined efforts on both the demand and supply side
26 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Making net-zero aviation possible
Sustainable fuels will be a key solution to reaching a 1.5°C aligned path for aviation
22 December 2022
8 Rivers charts low-carbon path
Firm sees DAC as an increasingly important technology in the transition
20 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Playing catch up: How Cop27 politics are trailing economic realities
The talks saw energy transition and development pathways being hotly debated, but these changes are already underway
19 December 2022
EU reaches agreement on ETS revision
New scheme for transport and buildings paired with tighter cap in existing system
16 December 2022
Coal use increases, but investment lags
High levels of demand are not translating into greenfield investments due to climate policies
15 December 2022
US backs DAC with $3.5bn hub fund
Department of Energy launches programme to support development of four regional demonstration hubs for direct air capture at commercial scale
14 December 2022
RepowerEU financing agreed
Innovation Fund will supply €12bn, with €8bn coming from early auctions of ETS allowances
13 December 2022
EU agrees carbon border tariffs
Carbon border adjustment mechanism will begin test period in 2023 and phase in slowly over course of the decade
9 December 2022
OGCI members cut emissions
Big oil and gas firms are making progress on carbon intensity and methane emissions
30 November 2022
EU reaches deal to include shipping in ETS
Provisional agreement is still subject to an overall deal on the ETS revision in late December.
29 November 2022
Strong support for CCUS in hydrocarbon processing sector – survey
Carbon capture, utilisation and storage set to be mainstay of industry, according to majority of respondents to survey conducted by Gulf Energy Information
29 November 2022
EU must clarify CO₂ removal rules
Carbon removals proposal must prioritise emissions cuts and differentiate between short-term and long-term storage, according to NGOs
29 November 2022
Direct air capture must cut costs to succeed
Project developers believe dramatic reductions are possible, but only with global policy support
29 November 2022
Norway and Switzerland cooperate on CCS
Two governments in bilateral talks on potential cross-border projects on carbon capture and storage and CO₂ removal
28 November 2022
Countries must stop coal approvals to reach net zero – IEA
Transition is complicated in countries with high coal dependency because of remaining lifetimes of plants and expense of gas
24 November 2022
UK urged to deliver on CCS infrastructure
The government must make good on plans to support CO₂ pipeline transport and offshore geological storage infrastructure development for its track-one CCS clusters, thinktank says
24 November 2022
Eni wins support for second UK CCS project
Gas distributor Cadent and energy firm SSE Thermal among backers of project to store CO₂ in depleted North Sea gas field off eastern England
24 November 2022
SAF ‘most viable solution’ for aviation in short term – Shell
The oil major aims to scale up SAF production to help the aviation industry decarbonise
24 November 2022
Outlook 2023: The geothermal prize in tackling the energy trilemma
Geothermal has seen limited development to date. But technological improvements and the prospect of critical mineral recovery could tip the balance of project costs
22 November 2022
Petronas and Vopak cooperate on CCS
Malaysian oil and gas company and Dutch storage firm to focus on potential projects in Singapore
21 November 2022
Cop27 yields new deal on loss and damage
Progress made on loss and damage and on carbon markets, but not on emissions reductions
18 November 2022
EU agrees to loss-and-damage fund
The bloc makes negotiating concession as it looks to tie loss-and-damage fund to mitigation
16 November 2022
Renewables sectors form alliance to drive deployment
Associations representing sectors including green hydrogen, wind and geothermal launch unprecedented joint initiative at Cop27 in Egypt
15 November 2022
Lithium shortage to slow Europe's battery growth
Volatile power prices have boosted revenues, but new entrants faced with higher capex thanks to spiking lithium prices
14 November 2022
China ETS requires power market reform
Policymakers’ ongoing preference for regulated power tariffs over market-based pricing is one of key problems China needs to address
10 November 2022
Indonesia to develop 1bn t Sumatra CCS facility
Conversion of depleted Arun gas field could be first commercial CCS project in Asia to offer open-access storage
10 November 2022
EU CBAM will have ‘coercive effect’
Scheme will punish other trading blocs that do not have a carbon price of a similar level, industry seminar hears
10 November 2022
8 Rivers and JX Nippon to work on CCS technology
Firms intend to develop a gas calibration programme, aiming to burn previously unusable natural gas
7 November 2022
Cepsa to offset Spanish winter heating oil use
Spanish oil and gas company says reforestation and preservation offsets will be certified by external company
7 November 2022
Data software can help evaluate emissions
Rockwell Automation offers a predictive emissions monitoring service that can help give firms a real-time overview of their emissions
4 November 2022
EU doubles Innovation Fund to €3bn
Special focus on expanding renewables to make the bloc ‘immune to Russian energy blackmail’
4 November 2022
EU energy sector CO₂ emissions start to fall
Decline follows more than 12 months of rising year-on-year figures due to low nuclear output and increasing demand
3 November 2022
Riyadh hedges bets on decarbonisation
The Kingdom is investing in projects to lower the lifecycle emissions of its oil and gas and become a major force in green hydrogen production
2 November 2022
Global headwinds for Cop27 climate talks
High inflation and interest rates will hamper project development, but progress is still being made in key areas, says Energy Transitions Commission
1 November 2022
EU to launch €3bn CCS funding round
Money will come from the Innovation Fund, which has already provided €1.5bn in support to 11 carbon-capture projects
1 November 2022
CCUS must grow 120-fold by 2050 to meet net zero
Current rate of deployment too slow to meet even 2°C warming target, consultancy McKinsey says
31 October 2022
Linde and SLB partner on CCUS
The firms plan to focus on CCUS for natural gas processing, as well as hydrogen and ammonia production
28 October 2022
CO₂ pipelines face US woes
Developers are struggling with public perception and local engagement
28 October 2022
Blackstone digs deeper on transition
Private equity division Blackstone Energy Partners is looking to finance critical energy infrastructure assets
27 October 2022
Energy sector carbon emissions to peak in 2025 – IEA
New policies in the EU, the US and China will cause emissions to peak this decade, the first time this has been forecast in an IEA Steps scenario
26 October 2022
Global GHG cuts still well short of 2°C goal – UNFCCC
Synthesis reports shows that, even after the latest round of NDC updates, signatories to the Paris Agreement are not cutting emissions fast enough
25 October 2022
Industry frets over EU power revenue caps
Patchwork approach could damage wholesale markets and discourage investment in renewables, industry groups say
24 October 2022
No new oil and gas to meet 1.5°C
Report from IISD says new hydrocarbon investments are not compatible with 1.5°C carbon budgets
19 October 2022
Germany stands firm on nuclear phase-out
Government plans to end nuclear generation in near term despite move to keep plants operational through this winter in response to energy crisis
18 October 2022
BP announces $4.1bn Archaea acquisition
The oil major aims to expand its presence in the US biogas industry
17 October 2022
Global CCS project pipeline grows 44pc in a year
Thirty projects are in operation, but deployment needs to accelerate sharply to meet Paris Agreement goals, thinktank says
14 October 2022
CF targets blue ammonia market after signing CCS deal
US fertiliser firm aims to be first high-volume supplier of blue ammonia as it secures major CCS deal with ExxonMobil and Enlink
11 October 2022
Australian states leading swift power transition
Laws at state level are enabling transition, but recent federal climate change legislation encourages direction of travel
10 October 2022
International aviation agrees net-zero goal
Sector now covered by long-term target for first time, but criticism remains over how it is to be achieved
7 October 2022
Low-carbon spending ratio must quadruple – BNEF
Expenditure must increase dramatically in comparison with cash going to fossil fuels if nations are to meet goals of the Paris Agreement
3 October 2022
Chevron looks to reduce CCS costs
The US oil major is investing in capture-technology startups and testing in San Joaquin Valley
30 September 2022
North Sea CCS trials to start after cross-border deal
Chemicals company Ineos to ship CO₂ from Belgium to Danish storage site in first North Sea trials after governments give green light
26 September 2022
CCUS gains traction in China after slow start
Country’s largest energy and industrial companies take the lead in early development ahead of wider deployment of technology
26 September 2022
CCS poised for rapid growth in US
Inflation Reduction Act and other government initiatives seen as catalysts for carbon-capture expansion across multiple industrial sectors, according to speakers at Transition Economist roundtable
22 September 2022
Qatar works with GE to cut energy sector emissions
State-owned QatarEnergy and technology company GE to develop roadmap for deployment of CCS, hydrogen and ammonia to cut scope one emissions
20 September 2022
Fortescue to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2030
Resources firm will spend $6.2bn on developing technologies to help eliminate the use of coal, diesel and natural gas from its supply chain by 2030
16 September 2022
Chemicals sector faces transition dilemma
Transitioning to low-carbon is complicated but represents huge opportunities for the sector, says new report
9 September 2022
Shell and Mitsui partner on Asian CCS
The firms will explore technical and commercial feasibility of CCS projects in Asia-Pacific, as well as options for shipping CO₂
2 September 2022
Nuclear SMRs could decarbonise Canada’s oil sands sector
But cost and commercialisation timeframes may prove a barrier to adoption
30 August 2022
EU aims to reform electricity markets
European Commission is working on both an emergency intervention and long-term structural reform following high electricity prices
30 August 2022
Equinor and Wintershall launch major CCS project
Open access pipeline will link north German CO₂ collection hub with offshore storage sites on Norwegian continental shelf
24 August 2022
EU ETS prices rise on high coal burn, low auctions
Prices in the EU’s emissions trading scheme hit an all-time high last week after an August rally on reduced volumes and an increase in coal burn
17 August 2022
Independent producers’ scope three dilemma
Is it enough for pureplay upstream firms to concentrate solely on emissions within their control?
16 August 2022
CCUS use must grow vastly to reach net zero
Analysis of scenarios by Transition Economist shows that even recent positive developments are not consistent with required deployment pathways
10 August 2022
World faces setbacks on energy challenges
Slower-than-expected progress on nuclear power means the world must look elsewhere for decarbonisation options
3 August 2022
Shell in talks with Lufthansa over SAF deal
Seven-year agreement with German airline would be Shell’s biggest such contract to date
25 July 2022
Iberdrola secures €550mn EIB green loan
Funds will support 1.8GW expansion of onshore wind and solar capacity in Spain
21 July 2022
Sizewell C passes planning milestone
EDF expects to take FID on the nuclear project next year
15 July 2022
Efficiency and SAF key to cutting aviation emissions
Rate of efficiency improvements must be doubled while SAF production must grow fivefold under a net-zero scenario
13 July 2022
Huge ramp-up in CCUS capacity needed – ETC
Scale-up needed from 37mn t/yr of capture currently to at least 7gt CO₂/yr by 2050, says Energy Transitions Commission
11 July 2022
Repsol boosts investment in transition technology
Spanish energy company unveils two investment funds aimed at accelerating development and application of new technologies
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