30 November 2023
Outlook 2024: Negative energy pricing strategies to capitalise on flexibility assets
Negative pricing has become more frequent in European energy markets, and GB markets are now experiencing a similar increase
29 November 2023
China signals ETS expansion
Preparations underway for inclusion of cement, aluminium and steel producers in world’s largest compliance market by 2030
28 November 2023
EU sets sights on pan-European CCS network
European Commission earmarks cross-border projects for funding and fast-tracks carbon management strategy as pressure grows to kickstart CCS sector
27 November 2023
The need for ambition and more action on the energy transition in tougher times
Progress in decarbonisation but significant challenges lie ahead
27 November 2023
Yara and Northern Lights in major cross-border carbon deal
Shipment of CO₂ from Dutch ammonia plant to Norwegian storage site will require bilateral agreement at government level
21 November 2023
Adnoc and Santos collaborate on Asia-Pacific CCS
Strategic alliance includes potential development of CO₂ shipping and transportation infrastructure network in the region
21 November 2023
Align the VCM with internal carbon pricing
Companies can boost confidence in the voluntary market by using their internal carbon prices as reference points against which to measure the implied climate contribution of their purchased offsets
15 November 2023
US government backs BP’s Whiting storage project
DOE offers $98m to CO₂ storage project centred on oil major’s largest refinery
14 November 2023
Wintershall buys into Poseidon CCS project
German independent expands UK CCS portfolio with purchase of 10% stake in Southern North Sea project from Carbon Catalyst
8 November 2023
BlackRock backs DAC with $550m Stratos deal
World’s largest fund manager forms joint venture with Occidental to drive forward Texas project
3 November 2023
CCUS: From scepticism to solutions
Technology-neutrality, collaboration and lessons from existing projects will help the industry achieve the large-scale growth the world needs
31 October 2023
Letter on carbon: Betting on Berlin
Europe’s CCUS sector needs the German government to deliver on its promise of an ambitious carbon management strategy
27 October 2023
VCMs’ other fragmentation problem
The growing number of individual national carbon exchanges threatens to fragment much needed liquidity
26 October 2023
China set to relaunch voluntary carbon market
Government publishes new methodologies and regulation for offsets programme that was shelved in 2017
25 October 2023
Eni claims CCS regulation breakthrough with UK deal
Head of terms agreement for HyNet North West cluster paves way for world’s first asset-based regulated CCS business
18 October 2023
North Sea Porthos carbon storage project hits FID
Netherlands’ first major storage project sees costs more than double after two-year delay
12 October 2023
EU ETS prices will rise with 90% 2040 GHG target
Incoming EU climate commissioner Wopke Hoekstra has defended the target, which has bullish implications for EU ETS prices
10 October 2023
Corporate heavyweights back Japan’s CCS push
Inpex and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries among participants in seven large-scale projects as government sets ambitious expansion targets
4 October 2023
German researchers ready to scale new DAC system
Successful trials prove reliability of system using waste heat to reduce power consumption, says Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wuerttemberg
4 October 2023
1Pointfive and Adnoc study large-scale DAC
Companies jointly fund preliminary engineering study of first megaton-scale DAC facility outside US
3 October 2023
Letter on carbon: Reality check
The IEA has tempered recent optimism over CCUS with a downbeat assessment of the technology’s role in achieving net zero
27 September 2023
UAE gets behind carbon markets
Investment in African offsets and ambitions to create a trading hub demonstrate Mideast Gulf state’s commitment to growing markets
26 September 2023
Taiwan joins Asian carbon trading push
Newly launched Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange is expected to enable companies to trade in both domestic and international credits
22 September 2023
Letter on carbon: Direct action
A flurry of interest in direct air capture signals a key role for the technology in the push for net zero
21 September 2023
SLB on mission to halve cost of carbon capture
Technology company says its latest technologies can achieve 30–50% cost reductions at the capture stage
20 September 2023
Carbon markets primed for key role in net-zero push
Curbing emissions globally by using international carbon market mechanisms reduces the cost of mitigation, Andrea Bonzanni, international policy director at the IETA, tells Carbon Economist
19 September 2023
UAE energy sector decarbonisation drive intensifies
Mideast Gulf state keen to highlight progress made on expanding carbon sequestration capacity and diversifying e-fuels production ahead of COP28
15 September 2023
EU’s CBAM transition phase will provide valuable insight
Training for regional customs authorities and detailed analysis of reporting accuracy will ensure effectiveness of final scheme
15 September 2023
UK licence awards set stage for CO₂ storage push
Shell, Eni and independent operator Enquest dominate list of new licences as UK ramps up offshore storage push
13 September 2023
Amazon backs Texas DAC project with ten-year offtake
Online retailer prebooks credits to be generated by 1PointFive’s Stratos project in Ector County
6 September 2023
Adnoc takes FID on Habshan CCUS project
Project is one of MENA region’s largest and will triple Emirati firm’s CO₂ storage capacity
4 September 2023
How oil and gas companies can navigate the energy transition
Carbon Economist talks to Quorum’s Alexandra Gajewski about ESG strategies
29 August 2023
US eyes funding to scale up CO₂ transport system
Buildout of infrastructure over next decade needed to keep pace with rapid growth of country’s CCS sector
23 August 2023
Aramco’s Nasser says energy security and sustainability can co-exist
But CEO says prematurely discontinuing investments in fossil fuels threatens serious supply shortfalls and may be counterproductive to energy transition
23 August 2023
Green steel at scale 'decades away' – BHP
High cost of hydrogen and CCS will hamper uptake by the steel sector, Australian mining group says
22 August 2023
Porthos counts costs of construction delays
Netherlands’ flagship CCS project targets 2026 start up after legal challenge derails original construction timetable
16 August 2023
Occidental to buy DAC specialist Carbon Engineering for $1.1b
US oil company agrees to acquire Canadian developer in move to accelerate cost reductions and deployment of direct air capture technology
16 August 2023
Wintershall breaks into UK CCS market
German independent oil and gas firm secures licence to develop storage in Camelot area of North Sea in breakthrough for its growing carbon management business
15 August 2023
Denmark pauses North Sea storage tender
Second-round tender put on hold amid uncertainty over Danish state’s shareholding in future licences
11 August 2023
US selects DAC projects for $1.2b funding
Climeworks and Occidental subsidiary 1PointFive among developers set for talks with US Department of Energy over first tranche of funding for large-scale projects
10 August 2023
UK CCS strategy moves forward
But concerns over storage and the government’s long-term plans still need to be ad-dressed, say industry bodies
9 August 2023
Eni and Stanlow study CO₂ import potential
Open access terminal in northwest England would receive CO₂ shipped in from multiple locations
8 August 2023
Olympus deal is key first for RSG market
Long-term deal signed by Olympus Energy marks breakthrough for emerging market for responsibly sourced gas
3 August 2023
Wood secures new global agreement with Shell
Scotland-based consulting and engineering firm to support oil major’s global energy transition projects under new three-year deal
2 August 2023
California LCFS market braced for stricter targets
Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit prices bottoming out despite continued surge in renewable diesel supply
2 August 2023
ADNOC and Occidental collaborate on CCS and DAC
Strategic agreement includes evaluation of first megaton direct air capture project outside US
26 July 2023
Mubadala Energy steps up CCUS push with Pertamina tie-up
Abu Dhabi-based company drives forward gas decarbonisation strategy with deal to explore CCUS applications in Indonesia
25 July 2023
Cenovus sees major role in reducing emissions
Canadian firm and its oil sands peers are targeting net zero by 2050 and are perfectly positioned to address the challenges of the low-carbon transition, says CEO Jon McKenzie
24 July 2023
Engineering the world’s largest post-combustion CCS plant
As part of the UK’s Humber Zero initiative, CCS plants will be retrofitted to a combined-cycle natural gas power plant adjacent to the Humber oil refinery
21 July 2023
ExxonMobil boosts CCS portfolio with $4.9b Denbury deal
Acquisition of Texas-based independent gives oil major largest US CO₂ pipeline network and ten onshore storage sites
18 July 2023
Shell and ConocoPhillips back hybrid DAC technology
Oil companies invest in Los Angeles-based Avnos to help commercialise novel technology by end of 2025
18 July 2023
Buckeye buys Elysian Carbon Management
Houston-based midstream oil company signals commitment to transition with purchase of CCS developer
13 July 2023
Aramco explores use of modular CCUS
Saudi company signs MOU with Norwegian technology supplier Aker Carbon Capture to assess potential for deployment across range of industries
11 July 2023
Developers eye rapid UK offshore CO₂ storage growth
Companies have near-term ambitions to bring online 37 storage sites by 2035, according to industry survey by Crown Estates
11 July 2023
Denbury set for rapid CCUS expansion
Texas-based firm forms partnerships to develop 300mn t of new CO₂ storage capacity in southeastern Louisiana
4 July 2023
Shell and Man in carbon capture collaboration
Two companies sign MoU to work together on reducing costs and accelerating rollout of projects
4 July 2023
UK backs engineered carbon removal with ETS
Government set to include Dac and Beccs in national emissions trading scheme as part of package of reforms
3 July 2023
VCMI acts to boost trust in offsets
Non-profit group launches rulebook for companies claiming climate progress on the back of purchased offsets
28 June 2023
Washington carbon prices surge above California
Prices in the newest US regional emissions trading scheme spike above more established California market on the back of more ambitious reduction target
27 June 2023
A new attempt at building a carbon futures market
Climate Impact X is the latest operator to try to foster exchange-based trade in voluntary carbon credits
22 June 2023
CCUS outlook: Delivering large-scale carbon abatement for net zero
Scaling CCUS will require collaboration between governments, public and private actors, and communities
21 June 2023
EU nations reach deal on renewables target
Agreement comes after the European Commission allows nuclear power to contribute to-wards target
21 June 2023
Adnoc eyes role as clean tech hub
Recent deals highlight state oil company’s ambitions to be a technology leader in CCS and low-carbon hydrogen
19 June 2023
Certainty key for Canada’s CCS industry
Project developers need clarity on long-term carbon pricing and streamlining of federal and provincial regulation, president and CEO of International CCS Knowledge Centre tells Carbon Economist
19 June 2023
Canadian Prairies’ role in the energy transition
Federal department PrairiesCan speaks to Carbon Economist about the energy sector in the region
19 June 2023
Bennett Jones sees opportunities in Canadian energy transition
Carbon Economist spoke to the law firm about Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape
15 June 2023
ConocoPhillips in transition
Superindie talks to Carbon Economist about the energy landscape
13 June 2023
EU consults on strategy to kickstart CCUS
Storage infrastructure targets and coordinated project funding among proposals as European Commission warns on slow pace of development
9 June 2023
High costs threaten DAC potential – BCG
Paradigm shift by governments and other stakeholders needed to bring down costs and unlock investment in key carbon removal technology, says Boston Consulting Group
6 June 2023
Germany launches carbon CfD scheme
Government expects to budget more than €10bn for subsidy programme in response to US IRA
2 June 2023
ExxonMobil signs CCS deal with steelmaker Nucor
Oil major sees CCS for third parties as a ‘compelling’ business as latest contract takes total portfolio to 5mn t/yr
1 June 2023
Realistic hope should be the legacy of Cop28
The appointment of the UAE’s Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber as Cop president has drawn criticism from some quarters, but progress on the energy transition will require cooperation, not conflict
31 May 2023
World must scale up CCUS for net zero, says IEA’s Budinis
CCUS is one of the key tools for decarbonising the energy system, but governments and industry must act now to accelerate its deployment at scale
30 May 2023
Energy firms face rising offset cost burden – PWC
Spending on voluntary offsets by UK companies could equate to 8.5pc of 2022 gross profits by 2050, consultancy says
30 May 2023
CDR defies cost pressures to win over corporate buyers
Growing list of offtake deals shows large corporations are ready to invest in expensive engineered carbon dioxide removal to support their net-zero goals
24 May 2023
Tackling methane a ‘no-brainer’ for oil and gas industry, says IEA’s McGlade
Cutting emissions of the potent greenhouse gas is beneficial not just for the climate but also for companies’ bottom lines and their social licences to operate
23 May 2023
UK’s Drax pivots Beccs expansion to US
Company plans £4bn investment in new plants in southern US, evaluates nine other sites and opens Houston Beccs headquarters
22 May 2023
IEA’s Birol sees role for oil and gas as part of ‘orderly’ energy transition
Tackling both the energy security crisis and the climate crisis means clean energy push must be secure and affordable
19 May 2023
Harnessing the VCM to retire orphaned oil and gas wells
The American Carbon Registry launches methodology for tradeable offsets generated from plugging abandoned wells in the US
19 May 2023
UK awards 20 offshore CO₂ storage licences
First licence round sees 12 developers secure rights to appraise storage sites with potential to hold 10pc of UK’s annual emissions
16 May 2023
Airbus and Masdar explore DAC for SAF
Joint project aims to develop production of sustainable fuels by combining direct air capture and green hydrogen
16 May 2023
Danish subsidy award unlocks major CCS project
Orsted places €200mn order with Aker Carbon Capture and seals large offtake deal with Microsoft as state aid opens way for CCS at bioenergy plants
10 May 2023
US CCUS sector weighs risks and rewards
Many projects look attractive on paper but come with multiple risks for financiers and developers, say speakers at Washington forum
9 May 2023
Technology the answer for oil sands’ net-zero goals
The six Canadian producers of the Pathways Alliance look to employ technical innovation and energy efficiency to reach scope one and two targets, says group president Kendall Dilling
9 May 2023
Major CDR projects secure offtakers in landmark deal
Corporate buyers including UBS and Swiss Re commit to buy carbon dioxide removals in boost for emerging sector
5 May 2023
US carbon management a $600bn opportunity, says DoE
Industry poised to invest heavily on the back of attractive CCUS economics in gas processing and other sectors, US Department of Energy says in new report
4 May 2023
Avoiding old geopolitical paradigms for new energy challenges
The US needs critical minerals for the energy transition, but its strategy for securing supplies should not mirror its approach to fossil fuels
3 May 2023
Santos ups Bayu-Undan CCS demand forecast
Australian oil and gas producer says MoUs with potential customers imply higher demand for storage at projects in East Timor
2 May 2023
China bides its time on ETS extension
Government may not broaden scope of world’s largest cap-and-trade scheme until 2024 or later
2 May 2023
Should the UK power its CCUS ambitions with EOR?
Enhanced oil recovery could recycle carbon to sustain North Sea oil production while renewables are scaling up
27 April 2023
Wintershall hunts for CO₂ storage in Egypt and Argentina
German oil and gas company actively screening potential offshore sites in both countries
25 April 2023
ABB and Pace join forces to lower CCS costs
Partnership’s offering includes use of digital twin technology to model full chain of a CCS system, the companies tell Carbon Economist
25 April 2023
Carbon Engineering hits its stride
Canadian DAC firm has received backing from the aviation sector and is accelerating deployment of its technology through a partnership with Occidental subsidiary 1PointFive, CEO Daniel Friedmann tells Carbon Economist
21 April 2023
Net zero demands huge carbon-capture investment – IEA
Project pipeline implies only a quarter of capacity needed by 2030, IEA says
20 April 2023
Next oil and gas windfall will come from transition
Ability to attract ESG capital will become key differentiator for energy companies as the transition advances
20 April 2023
Climeworks bids for three US DAC hubs
Swiss company targets proposed hubs in Louisiana, California and Northern Great Plains under DoE funding programme
18 April 2023
Salzgitter secures €1bn in government finance for green steel
The first stage of its Salcos decarbonisation programme is due to start operations by end-2025
18 April 2023
Governments aim to unleash cross-border CO₂ trade
Growth of carbon removal and capture sectors creates need for functioning international market linking emitters and storage providers
14 April 2023
Corporations commit more than $1bn towards carbon removals
JP Morgan, Autodesk, Workday and H&M commit to purchasing combined $100mn of carbon removals via the Frontier initiative by 2030
12 April 2023
Onyx plans 1.2GW blue hydrogen project
Company plans 2028 commissioning for project sited next to its coal power plant in the port of Rotterdam
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