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UK urged to focus green hydrogen output on aviation
28 July 2023
Thinktank says the energy source should be used as SAF by 2030, arguing the sector will be hard to decarbonise without such an approach
EU electrolyser sector juggles supply and demand
13 July 2023
Expansion of manufacturing capacity seen as undershooting EU 2025 target amid uncertainty over timing of green hydrogen projects
Clarification needed for US green hydrogen investment wave
21 April 2023
The Treasury is mulling requirements for additionality, temporal matching and deliverability
France still needs renewables for green hydrogen rollout – Lhyfe
3 March 2023
Country’s buildout of renewables must continue despite ability to meet EU green criteria through use of nuclear power, French developer argues
Hydrogen key to long-duration storage – Entsoe
7 February 2023
European power grid operators are exploring hydrogen as a potential route for seasonal energy storage
European industry upbeat on Inflation Reduction Act
31 January 2023
Companies on the continent have taken a leading position along the value chain for potential US projects, while the EU readies a ramp-up in policy support
US needs regulatory certainty for hydrogen pipelines
25 January 2023
Current system ‘the single biggest impediment’ to developing hydrogen connections, industry insiders say
Timing a challenge for hydrogen storage
15 December 2022
High targets for imports of the fuel will make storage critical for guaranteeing security of supply
Europe’s ammonia import plans need FIDs fast
1 December 2022
Quicker action will be required for the EU to hit its ambitious import targets
Aviation could be major source of demand
14 November 2022
EU targets on SAF will require significant volumes of hydrogen
Future LNG overcapacity to boost hydrogen imports
31 October 2022
Regasification terminals can be repurposed to receive ammonia and synthetic methane
Australian states leading swift power transition
11 October 2022
Laws at state level are enabling transition, but recent federal climate change legislation encourages direction of travel
Planning issues hinder Chile’s hydrogen sector
29 September 2022
Decisive action needed to accelerate projects in time to meet emerging export demand, industry and trade bodies say
Norway slow to embrace hydrogen export potential
20 September 2022
The country's carbon storage potential makes it a good candidate for blue hydrogen exports
India targets demand-side to meet hydrogen goals
25 August 2022
Incoming policy support for green hydrogen could encourage demand and, in turn, capacity deployment
Australia eyes rapid hydrogen growth
15 August 2022
Projects are increasing in size, but scale-up of capacity will require policy support and billions of dollars in investment
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