Women in Hydrogen 50

Women in Hydrogen 50 is a list of 50 women nominated by their colleagues and peers across 5 distinct categories in the hydrogen industry. We encourage you to share the nomination form with your networks to encourage everyone to help us to celebrate the women forging the way in the hydrogen sector, in an industry that remains male dominated. We are seeing change across the energy industry, but more work is needed. Women in Hydrogen 50 is an opportunity to celebrate the women you know who deserve to be highlighted for their work whether behind the scenes or front and centre, at all stages of their careers. Women will be selected based on their contributions to the hydrogen economy as well as their support and engagement in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, whether this is a company-led programme or individual outreach.


The categories

    • Projects and Partnerships
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Policy and Regulation
    • Industrial Use and Switching
    • Rising Stars


Hydrogen Economist published the 2024 edition of Women in Hydrogen 50, which profiles 50 influential and boundary-pushing women in this growing sector, on 8 March. There will be a celebratory networking reception in London on 11 June. Learn more.