Backing Hydrogen

The hydrogen economy is booming across the board and activity is now moving from grand long-term plans to concrete action. What is the most viable route to producing low carbon hydrogen with competitive costs on a relatively short timescale? Large scale production projects, twinned with carbon capture solutions or renewable sources of energy including electrolysis, are planned on both sides of the Atlantic—but the industry remains at a critical stage, with support required by governments and business models yet to be proven. This roundtable, hosted by Hydrogen Economist in association with Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, will bring together stakeholders to discuss short- and medium-term opportunities as the hydrogen economy progresses.

The industry experts will discuss:
1) How to scale up hydrogen production: funding, partnerships, regulatory support
2) Technologies to drive the journey: what is available, in operation and in development?
3) Hydrogen applications supporting the energy transition
4) Government policy, support and regulations

Moderator: Tom Young, Contributing editor, Hydrogen Economist
Panellists: Dominique Rouge, VP Sales & Technology, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction
Armin Schnettler, Executive VP New Energy Business, Siemens Energy
Allard Castelein, President & CEO, Port of Rotterdam
Thorsten Herdan, Director-General, Energy Policy, Heating and Efficiency, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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