PE Live: The Debates: Is haulage a good use case for scarce hydrogen

Road haulage is among the most realistic medium-term use cases for hydrogen consumption in a hard-to-abate sector. While personal vehicles are suitable for electrification (and fuel cells) the weight and size of batteries for haulage means battery-electric will perhaps never be economically viable. On the other hand, haulage would have to compete for a scarce resource with other use cases that may have superior decarbonisation benefits and/or cost advantages.

The roundtable will discuss:
- The case for hydrogen in haulage—costs, decarbonisation benefits and infrastructure requirements.
- How does it compare to other use cases—should it be prioritised?
- Over what timescale could hydrogen reach cost-parity with diesel? What innovations are needed?
- Should governments support this activity?


Moderator: Tom Young, Contributing editor, Hydrogen Economist

Craig Knight, CEO, Hyzon Motors
Jon Wood, VP - New Power Engineering, Cummins
Buta Atwal, CEO, Ryse Hydrogen

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