PE Live Webcast: Preparing for winter: what will Asia's LNG supply-demand balance look like in Q4 and Q1?

PE Live Webcast | Preparing for winter: what will Asia's LNG supply-demand balance look like in Q4 and Q1?


A new dynamic has arisen in the global LNG market since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, pitting Asia's large-scale consumers against a newly gas-hungry Europe in competition for seaborne supply. Last winter was seen as crunch time, but the global market narrowly avoided gas shortages and renewed LNG price spikes thanks to the combination of a mild winter in the northern hemisphere, demand reduction measures, ample inventories and short-term ramp-ups in production. Since the winter, LNG prices have continued to moderate, which could give the impression that the time of crisis has passed. But significant risks still persist. 

China, Japan and South Korea are the three top LNG importers in the world, so how are these LNG market giants preparing for next winter? Will the price-responsive, swing consumers of South Asia be squeezed out once more by the global competition for gas? Last year's volatility disrupted the LNG-to-power ambitions of emerging southeast Asian markets, particularly Vietnam, but what are the region's demand prospects now? And looking further ahead, how is Asian import capacity set to grow over the remainder of this decade?

On the supply side, how much net capacity growth has taken place and how much of that additional volume is likely to make its way to Asia? And out to 2030, how much production capacity is on pace to join the global market?

Meet the speakers:

Simon Ferrie
Petroleum Economist


Simon is a London-based journalist and covers the Asia-Pacific and sub-Saharan African markets for Petroleum Economist. He has 13 years of experience reporting on a range of energy and commodity sectors, including heading up freight coverage at Argus Media.

Seth Haskell
Research Analyst
Global Energy Infrastructure

Seth Haskell is a research analyst at Global Energy Infrastructure, focusing on LNG and pipeline infrastructure. He is a graduate of the University of Leeds in England and a native of the Washington DC area.


Min Na
Head of Asia LNG
Energy Aspects

Na, Min is the Head of Asia LNG at Energy Aspects. Her work at Energy Aspects centres on leading the fundamental analysis of Asian natural gas markets and global LNG markets. Min has been analysing energy and economics for more than 10 years. She also serves as an expert adviser at the Global Gas Centre. Prior to joining Energy Aspects, Min worked as a chief analyst for Sinolink Securities focusing on fundamental analysis of energy and natural resource industries and equity analysis on listed energy companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Previously, she held analytical roles at Bloomberg and Wood Mackenzie. Min holds a MS degree in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a MA and BA in Regional Economics from Peking University.


Laura Page
Principal LNG Analyst

Laura joined Kpler's research team in July 2021 and is responsible for writing regular forward looking reports on the LNG market, with a particular focus on price action and supply and demand fundamentals. She has eight years of experience working in the LNG industry and previously had roles as an LNG analyst at Refinitiv and as a journalist and editor at Argus Media.


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