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Norway's BKK eyes green hydrogen as new market for its power
30 April 2021
Utility makes move after early uptake of hydrogen by industry and maritime transport in Norway
Pure-play hydrogen stock prices plateau
22 March 2021
Valuations shot up last year, but many have since lost momentum. Does the investment outlook match the hype?
Nel’s alkaline production line set for test run
19 March 2021
Norwegian manufacturer’s CEO says it is too early to predict whether alkaline or PEM electrolysers will ultimately prevail
Tech pipeline to see green H2 costs tumble—CeraWeek
3 March 2021
Electrolyser improvements may soon reduce costs to a level competitive with natural gas-based hydrogen—and high-temperature methods show promise for future
Cummins makes headway in hydrogen
5 February 2021
Heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer is making inroads into electrolyser and fuel-cell markets
The ‘time is now’ for hydrogen – Baker Hughes AM 2021
2 February 2021
A clean-molecule solution is needed for hard-to-abate sectors and cost-competitiveness is within sight
ITM Power revenue fall spooks investors
29 January 2021
Electrolyser manufacturer says production suffered due to Covid-19, but the problem is only temporary