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Lhyfe, Deutsche Bahn to use green hydrogen for climate-neutral trains
19 June 2024
Lhyfe has built and will operate a green hydrogen production plant for Deutsche Bahn in Tübingen, where DB Energie is testing new technologies for sustainable rail energy supply, including the 'H2goesRail' project.
Letter on hydrogen: Europe’s green power predicament
4 June 2024
Recent auctions have exposed Europe’s north-south renewables divide, but wind and solar in the Middle East and North Africa will ultimately win out
EU eyes tighter rules in future green auctions
29 May 2024
Larger bond payments and shorter startup windows likely as EU looks to build on success of inaugural European Hydrogen Bank auction
A hydrogen benchmark: developing a price for hydrogen
14 November 2023
Transparent pricing will be key to developing the hydrogen economy
EU electrolyser sector juggles supply and demand
13 July 2023
Expansion of manufacturing capacity seen as undershooting EU 2025 target amid uncertainty over timing of green hydrogen projects
Slow year ahead for hydrogen FIDs?
12 January 2023
Policy support for green hydrogen expected to take time to materialise for European and US projects this year
Outlook 2023: Domestic renewables offer chance for Europe to close supply gap
28 December 2022
Planning for the transition to net zero identified hydrogen as a critical component even before the Ukraine war caused an energy crisis
Mid-decade project pipeline blooms
28 September 2022
Most projects in key markets are targeting startup for 2025, GEI data shows
Only 20pc of hydrogen projects have reached FID
15 September 2022
Analysis of GEI data shows Europe leads the way, but the US and China are set to see rapid growth
No quick path to FID for Europe’s green hydrogen projects
17 June 2022
Multiple proposals but few final investment decisions amid policy uncertainty and other risks, conference speakers say
EU and Japan dominate hydrogen patents
16 May 2022
China is showing increasing interest in the development of electrocatalysts that do not contain precious metals, says a report by Irena and the European Patent Office
Clear regulation vital for hydrogen – Gasunie
10 May 2022
Local, federal and international rules will help industry develop, other panellists at World Hydrogen Summit agreed
Ukraine war to lift green hydrogen demand in Europe – DNV
6 April 2022
New modelling implies acceleration in demand and price reductions as policymakers ramp up support, risk management company says
Low-level blending can kickstart hydrogen economy
23 March 2022
Blending hydrogen into gas grids at 5pc can create initial demand and drive electrolyser sector, Snam CEO Marco Alvera tells conference
Hydrogen Council looks to the future
18 March 2022
Momentum behind hydrogen is ‘quite stunning’, says council executive director Daryl Wilson
More European gas grid firms join hydrogen project
19 January 2022
European Hydrogen Backbone has backing of 29 infrastructure operators across 27 countries
EU lacks hydrogen supply chain
3 December 2021
Supply chain in Europe must be strengthened if sector is to fulfil potential, say panelists
Sharp fall in hydrogen bus costs – FCH JU
5 November 2021
European Commission’s R&D arm will continue to fund projects across hydrogen value chain
Hydrogen demand type will vary by region
22 September 2021
Some areas will require higher standards for carbon intensity and additionality of renewables used to produce green hydrogen, say panellists at Hydrogen Economist briefing
How to make a commercial return from hydrogen and access funding
15 September 2021
Funding and processes are already in place for the green hydrogen economy, meaning the time is right for companies to make the market happen
EU to lead global hydrogen demand
8 September 2021
EU demand will reach 60mn t/yr by 2050, says Aurora Energy Research
Europe leads rapid growth in hydrogen blending – IEA
6 July 2021
Blending hydrogen in gas networks can provide a transitional solution until dedicated hydrogen networks are developed
Electrolyser makers jostle for position in Europe
24 May 2021
Manufacturers target large-scale production as hydrogen industry supply chains emerges
Europe leads way on green hydrogen – report
13 May 2021
The region has the best policy regime for green hydrogen production, which is likely to be key to a decarbonised energy system
European grids double down on hydrogen network plan
14 April 2021
Mass repurposing of natural gas grids could create competitive hydrogen transmission system
Imported green hydrogen ‘will be cheaper than domestic’ by 2030
29 January 2021
Europe’s low-carbon hydrogen demand could be met by both domestic and imported production
Low demand stymies H2 refuelling network rollout
8 January 2021
Despite bullish forecasts for hydrogen truck and bus sales, refuelling infrastructure for heavy vehicles remains little used amid uncertainty over standards
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