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China studies hydrogen blending in gas network
28 February 2022
Use of existing infrastructure could open the way for hydrogen in the city gas market and enable imports via LNG terminals, according to speakers at a Shanghai event
Socalgas plans major green hydrogen network in LA
18 February 2022
North America’s largest gas distributor to build new pipeline network to pump green hydrogen across Los Angeles industrial basin
Blue hydrogen can qualify as clean fuel – DNV
19 November 2021
Minimising natural gas supply chain emissions critical to role as a sustainable energy carrier, risk management firm says
No role for blue hydrogen in carbon-free future – US academics
12 August 2021
Fugitive methane emissions and failure to capture all carbon emissions undermine case for blue hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel option
Hydrogen economy faces technical hurdles
11 May 2021
Getting details right will be crucial to the widespread deployment of hydrogen infrastructure
The Japan-South Korea hydrogen sweepstakes
5 May 2021
Both energy-poor countries are expected to be importing blue and green hydrogen in volume by 2028-30
Canada launches first hydrogen hub
29 April 2021
Edmonton offers blueprint for future projects as Canada eyes export revenue
US firms claim world first with coal-to-hydrogen power conversion
20 April 2021
Technology to repurpose coal-fired plant to run on 100pc blue hydrogen
Proton’s potential ultra-low cost hydrogen solution
16 April 2021
The Canadian firm's process extracts hydrogen from old oil and gas wells
European grids double down on hydrogen network plan
14 April 2021
Mass repurposing of natural gas grids could create competitive hydrogen transmission system
UK pressed to pivot to green hydrogen
31 March 2021
Policy should focus on securing greatest competitive advantage and establishing climate leadership—rather than finding a use for legacy North Sea assets—thinktank E3G warns
Energy demand: Three drivers
25 February 2020
Energy use will be increasingly efficient and less carbon intensive than it is today
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