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Canada’s export-led hydrogen boom
22 July 2024
Exports have become the driver for a surge of green and blue production projects as the outlook for Canada’s domestic hydrogen demand looks increasingly uncertain
Letter on hydrogen: Reality check
19 July 2024
Deepening policy uncertainty threatens to have a chilling effect on the industry as it heads into the second half of a critical year for its development
Germany’s dash for hydrogen gathers pace
16 July 2024
Federal government and states grant a combined €4.6b to projects across the value chain, despite struggling economy and pressure on public finances
Mexico’s new president backs hydrogen
15 July 2024
The country’s first female leader signals greater support for low-carbon energy, including hydrogen, as part of wider shift in energy policy
Dorset storage project eyes key role in UK hydrogen network
9 July 2024
Salt caverns linked to cluster in southern England could bridge gap between supply and offtake profile
Regulatory and standardisation hurdles for scalability
1 July 2024
Industry experts at Women in Hydrogen 50 panel discussion stress the need for streamlined regulations and clearer guidelines to advance global hydrogen initiatives
Leakage threatens hydrogen’s climate potential
22 May 2024
High probability that energy vector will under-deliver on its promise unless rapid progress is made on monitoring leakage across supply chain, warns Environmental Defense Fund
Letter on hydrogen: Innovation crucial to solving green cost conundrum
3 April 2024
Policymakers must back development of new electrolyser technologies as well as the scale-up of established designs to bring down stubbornly high costs
Outlook 2024: Regulatory convergence of the IRA and international subsidiary models
9 January 2024
The EU and Japan are developing regulations to counterbalance the US’ perceived protectionist strategies
Letter on hydrogen: IRA’s reality check
3 January 2024
Proposed regulation of production tax credits exhibits many of the complexities and tight definitions contained in EU’s green hydrogen framework
Outlook 2024: Crunch time for hydrogen
2 January 2024
The nascent low-carbon hydrogen sector needs 2024 to be a breakthrough year if it is to get within striking distance of the production targets set by policymakers
Outlook 2024: Competing priorities for green industrial policy
14 December 2023
Three overarching policy goals can be seen to achieve decarbonisation
COP28 brings flurry of UAE hydrogen deal-making
12 December 2023
Deals announced by Abu Dhabi clean energy developer Masdar are strongly focused on developing hydrogen supplies to Europe
German hydrogen strategy faces questions
2 August 2023
Issues of supply availability and domestic demand creation raised by an analysts and experts
Permitting bottlenecks hamper hydrogen projects
19 May 2023
Surge of proposals not matched by capital commitments as governments are swamped with planning and permitting applications, according to report from the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey
South Australia to streamline planning process
17 May 2023
New legislation will provide ‘one window to government’ in effort to make approvals simpler for companies
Permitting and regulation still a challenge for EU hydrogen
12 May 2023
Complex regulatory environment slowing development of projects, industry players tell conference
EU hydrogen policy mired in complexity
19 April 2023
The EU’s policy regime is designed to stimulate both the supply of and demand for hydrogen, but may end up discouraging the corporate appetite for the risk needed to get to FID
G7 calls for cooperation on hydrogen standards and certification
18 April 2023
Group agrees to develop a ‘rule-based, transparent global market’, amid IEA report calling for greater harmonisation between certification systems
Canada unveils hydrogen investment tax credit
29 March 2023
Projects seeking full rate must have carbon intensity below 4kg of CO₂/kg of hydrogen produced and meet labour requirements
Certifhy seeks EU approval for certification scheme
24 March 2023
If approved, certificates will be a tool for producers to prove hydrogen and its derivatives were produced in compliance with EU criteria
China mulls hydrogen policy support
15 March 2023
Delegates to the country’s ‘two sessions’ raise potential bottlenecks to large-scale deployment without strengthened policy support
France still needs renewables for green hydrogen rollout – Lhyfe
3 March 2023
Country’s buildout of renewables must continue despite ability to meet EU green criteria through use of nuclear power, French developer argues
EU green hydrogen rules an equivalency headache for exporters
22 February 2023
The bloc’s delegated acts provide more investor certainty for projects within or planning to export to the bloc, but questions remain over how the criteria will be applied across varying energy markets
EU rules still limit green hydrogen growth
15 February 2023
Long-delayed delegated acts have been welcomed by the industry, but strict criteria may require governments to help close price gap
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