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Kinshasa pins hopes on eastern oil export route
8 June 2023
Regional mega-project could help overcome infrastructure barrier to Congo development, but hurdles remain
Exploration basins of the future
2 June 2023
Exploration has rebounded since the pandemic while also becoming more focused. Petroleum Economist looks at the basins likely to see the most upstream activity over the coming years and at developers’ investment criteria
Transatlantic gasoline trade remains muted
26 May 2023
Demand, production growth and price outlooks will be limited as market continues to adjust following years of disruption
Global gas outlook ‘improved’, but risks persist
25 May 2023
The IEA warns against complacency, as the weather and Russian pipeline flows remain major uncertainties
New president, old problems for Nigeria
15 May 2023
Abuja is still waiting for the Dangote refinery to solve the country’s expensive fuel subsidy problem
Africa must end foreign dependence, says Appo
12 May 2023
Regional energy body pushes for new strategies to develop the continent’s resources
South Korea doubles down on Saudi crude
11 May 2023
Seoul dabbles with Russian and US crude but Middle East remains primary source
Beacon Energy reveals German upstream plans
5 May 2023
The independent sees a long-term future for German oil production, despite the country’s influential green lobby
Central Africa’s upstream attracts IOCs
4 May 2023
Recent announcements demonstrate sustained interest in the mature region, especially among independents
LNG crucial for South Korea despite nuclear focus
3 May 2023
Liquefied gas may lose market share to nuclear in South Korea, but demand could still be robust
Australia’s domestic gas issues threaten exports
27 April 2023
And a lack of fresh developments means supply is set to tighten
Niger to start crude exports by end-2023
18 April 2023
The country is on track to more than quintuple its oil production and enter the global export market later this year
Papua LNG set for startup by 2028
13 April 2023
But the additional capacity may face heightened competition for market share later this decade
Chad nationalises ExxonMobil’s former assets
30 March 2023
Savannah Energy claims the assets and will contest the decision at the ICC
Russia finds the ships to access new product markets
24 March 2023
Refining runs and questions over blending—not vessel availability—are likely to determine Russian product export volumes
Crude tanker market outlook remains strong
20 March 2023
Ukraine fallout continues to elevate tanker demand while restricting vessel availability
Dangote mystery cannot be solved soon enough for Nigeria
16 March 2023
The refinery project is well-advanced but is unlikely to be online in time to help alleviate a forecast gasoline supply squeeze this summer
Eco Atlantic sees promise on the frontiers
13 March 2023
The independent tells Petroleum Economist it sees further opportunities in Guyana, South Africa and Namibia
Fresh oil find stokes Namibian interest
13 March 2023
The southern African nation continues to deliver exploration success
African LNG growth could come too late to cash in
8 March 2023
Can new capacity come online soon enough to capitalise on elevated prices?
LNG market stress to persist for years
2 March 2023
But a supply glut could be coming later this decade
Russian sanctions not watertight
21 February 2023
Moscow will likely still be able to find buyers and ships for its exports of crude and products despite the measures
African gas flaring offers opportunities and challenges
20 February 2023
Sub-Saharan Africa is chronically starved of energy, and yet the region flares disproportionate volumes of gas every year
Tanzanian upstream merger nears
17 February 2023
Maurel & Prom is building support for its acquisition of Wentworth, but at least some shareholders are opposed
Sunrise project sees light on horizon
15 February 2023
Progress is being made on the Timorese LNG development, but is unlikely to reach production any time soon
Rising costs threaten Mozambique LNG
10 February 2023
As security improves, TotalEnergies has other concerns
Gabon’s production set for further expansion
8 February 2023
But significant discoveries are likely needed to prevent output from sliding again later this decade
Energean maps out East Med plans
6 February 2023
The independent is developing fields off the coasts of Israel and Egypt
US approves Trinidad-Venezuela Dragon talks
31 January 2023
The gas field could help Trinidad and Tobago sustain its LNG industry
Ice to launch London-based TTF market
30 January 2023
The move will allow participants to hedge without being affected by the EU’s incoming market cap rules
EU bodies issue gas price cap warnings
27 January 2023
Two preliminary reports echo industry criticisms, although lower prices have reduced the likelihood of the mechanism being triggered
Capricorn resignations a blow to Newmed merger plans
26 January 2023
The disputed deal is playing out in public, as Capricorn’s board and activist shareholder Palliser both issue statements and rebuttals
Greater Tortue Ahmeyim FPSO sets sail
25 January 2023
The LNG project’s vessel is due to arrive in the second quarter
Aussie gas industry calls for intervention clarity
24 January 2023
New guidelines fail to quell industry criticism, while the prevalence of long-term contracts and Australia’s geography limit the efficacy of the reforms
Cnooc to start drilling in Uganda
20 January 2023
Kampala is bullish about the country’s upstream future
Europe prepares for Russian product import ban
19 January 2023
The European products market is the latest battlefield in the conflict between Moscow and the West
Venus appraisal set for first-quarter start
19 January 2023
The Orange basin’s promising upstream looks likely to gather momentum in 2023, once again led by the flagship Venus and Graff discoveries
More to come in Thailand for Valeura
18 January 2023
The Canadian indie is already undergoing rapid growth and is looking for further opportunities in the Southeast Asian country
Indonesia greenlights more projects
16 January 2023
Jakarta is seeking to accelerate upstream developments and encourage more foreign investment
Sierra Leone hopes to kickstart upstream
12 January 2023
One of West Africa’s last frontiers aims to join the ranks of regional hydrocarbons producers
Petronas presses ahead with Sabah LNG
11 January 2023
The project is another sign of the industry’s growing adoption of floating liquefaction technology
Arrow flies against Colombian headwinds
9 January 2023
The company does not seem concerned about the effect on its growth plans of the new government’s proposed oil sector reforms, and is even looking at potential acquisitions
Capricorn prepares for February showdown
6 January 2023
The firm’s board continues to push back against opposition among some shareholders to plans for a merger with Israeli independent New Med
Eni greenlights second Congolese LNG project
5 January 2023
Rapid-deployment floating developments are a burgeoning part of the sector
International firms compete for Uruguayan blocks
4 January 2023
The country’s frontier upstream continues to attract interest
US oil output to set new record
22 December 2022
Partisan political rhetoric has not prevented production growth
Chevron gets back to work in Venezuela
22 December 2022
But Washington’s apparent detente with Caracas is unlikely to bolster global crude supplies significantly any time soon
Challenger banks on Uruguayan frontier
22 December 2022
The independent is poised to benefit from the new wave of interest in Uruguayan acreage
EU agrees gas price cap mechanism
20 December 2022
The bloc is moving ahead with revised plans to intervene in the market
Savannah faces setback in Chad, progress in South Sudan
16 December 2022
The independent has run into difficulties over its expansion in Chad even as it launches its largest acquisition to date in South Sudan
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