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Outlook 2024: The IEA 50 years on – Ensuring a secure transition to clean energy
11 January 2024
We have the tools to transition but we must make sure we take advantage of them
Letter from China: Rebounding demand meets economic headwinds
30 January 2023
Opec+ and the IEA have both revised up 2023 forecasts for Chinese oil demand in recent weeks
Africa's upstream to feel transition squeeze
21 June 2022
The continent’s oil production will decline in the 2020s while gas production will increase before starting to slip, according to the IEA
IEA underestimating Russian contractual expiry – Energy Aspects
9 March 2022
Consultancy warns volumes that will go unrenewed this year are greater than Ten Point Plan assumes
IEA coordinates crude stock release
2 March 2022
The intergovernmental body is trying to cool the crude market
IEA calls for Canadian emissions reduction action
28 January 2022
The country’s oil and gas sector is a culprit in disappointing delivery despite good policymaking
Southeast Asia’s pathway unclear
2 November 2021
Rising demand and a legacy of coal-fired developments could hinder the energy transition in the region
IEA and Opec out of step on long-term perspective
1 November 2021
The Paris-based intergovernmental organisation has its eyes firmly on a net-zero future. Opec not so much
IEA cries wolf again
25 March 2021
The agency may be overestimating demand and lowballing Opec supply to foresee a tighter market than will materialise
Cautious optimism for winter gas demand
13 October 2020
Two forecasters predict that requirements for the fuel could be higher going forward, albeit with caveats
IEA’s Birol ‘optimistic’ amid ‘huge challenges’
10 September 2020
Governments need to take a leading role in supporting technological development and tackling the emissions of legacy power and industrial facilities, he says
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