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Carbon shipping vital for EU CCS value chain
26 June 2024
Maritime technology will help industry scale and enable the development of CCS projects in Southern Europe
Parliamentary elections could hinder EU climate ambition
14 June 2024
Centrist bloc remains in power, but the EPP and EU Council have signalled a move away from climate issues
EU ETS prices fall sharply
4 March 2024
Allowance prices in EU’s emissions cap-and-trade scheme drop by a third as lower power prices hit demand
EU agrees on new carbon removals laws
26 February 2024
Operators will be liable for leaks back into the atmosphere under rules designed to give clarity to industry
COP28 brings progress on Article 6
6 December 2023
Talks focus on two key provisions to Paris Agreement rules allowing international trade in emission reductions
EU ETS prices will rise with 90% 2040 GHG target
12 October 2023
Incoming EU climate commissioner Wopke Hoekstra has defended the target, which has bullish implications for EU ETS prices
EU’s CBAM transition phase will provide valuable insight
15 September 2023
Training for regional customs authorities and detailed analysis of reporting accuracy will ensure effectiveness of final scheme
UK CCS strategy moves forward
10 August 2023
But concerns over storage and the government’s long-term plans still need to be ad-dressed, say industry bodies
Cenovus sees major role in reducing emissions
25 July 2023
Canadian firm and its oil sands peers are targeting net zero by 2050 and are perfectly positioned to address the challenges of the low-carbon transition, says CEO Jon McKenzie
Canadian Prairies’ role in the energy transition
19 June 2023
Federal department PrairiesCan speaks to Carbon Economist about the energy sector in the region
Bennett Jones sees opportunities in Canadian energy transition
19 June 2023
Carbon Economist spoke to the law firm about Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape
Bennett Jones sees opportunities in Canadian energy transition
19 June 2023
Petroleum Economist spoke to the law firm about Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape
ConocoPhillips in transition
15 June 2023
Superindie talks to Carbon Economist about the energy landscape
Technology the answer for oil sands’ net-zero goals
9 May 2023
The six Canadian producers of the Pathways Alliance look to employ technical innovation and energy efficiency to reach scope one and two targets, says group president Kendall Dilling
Chevron expands Bayou Bend CCS project
9 March 2023
Project on US Gulf Coast will be expanded to have storage capacity for 1bn t CO₂ as part of firm’s wider CCS ambitions
Australia debates use of offsets
3 March 2023
Reform of scheme to cut industry emissions will see new rules on the use of both domestic and international offsets
EU ETS reaches record highs
28 February 2023
Utility hedging and a tighter supply-demand balance are boosting prices, but falls still expected later in year
Solvent research to improve CCS methods
16 February 2023
Research into technologies to prevent degradation of solvents will help de-risk carbon capture
EU ETS revisions close to becoming law
10 February 2023
Final shape of the law endorsed by European Parliament with only EU Council endorsement remaining
Offsets standards body refutes media’s Redd+ claims
1 February 2023
Studies underpinning recent reports are flawed, according to technical review published by Verra
CCUS expansion gaining momentum – IDTechex
30 January 2023
Capacity will reach 1.8gt/yr of CO₂ by 2043, according to modelling by research agency
UK must provide more clarity on CCUS
20 January 2023
Potential projects need more precise information on timing and finance if they are to progress, say MPs and industry experts
Brazil’s carbon markets to grow under Lula
12 January 2023
Incoming president faces a series of decisions on legacy legislation that could provide impetus for domestic ETS and offset markets
Gorgon injected a third of carbon dioxide last year
23 December 2022
Chevron-operated project injected just 1.65mn t of the 5mn t it produced
8 Rivers charts low-carbon path
22 December 2022
Firm sees DAC as an increasingly important technology in the transition
RWE to work with Viking CCS network
21 December 2022
Development partnership will see two firms work together to capture CO₂ from two CCGTs in the Humber region
Eni and Snam to develop Ravenna CCS project
20 December 2022
First phase involves capture of carbon dioxide emitted from Eni's natural gas treatment plant in Casalborsetti
EU reaches agreement on ETS revision
19 December 2022
New scheme for transport and buildings paired with tighter cap in existing system
Coal use increases, but investment lags
16 December 2022
High levels of demand are not translating into greenfield investments due to climate policies
Shell to test new CCS technology
15 December 2022
Tests will be carried on industrial flue-gas sources from Equinor’s refinery at Mongstad
RepowerEU financing agreed
14 December 2022
Innovation Fund will supply €12bn, with €8bn coming from early auctions of ETS allowances
EU agrees carbon border tariffs
13 December 2022
Carbon border adjustment mechanism will begin test period in 2023 and phase in slowly over course of the decade
OGCI members cut emissions
9 December 2022
Big oil and gas firms are making progress on carbon intensity and methane emissions
Woodside to work with Baker Hughes on low-carbon solutions
9 December 2022
Firms will collaborate on hydrogen, CCS and offshore technology projects across various regions
OECD nations lead on CCUS regulation
7 December 2022
Storage site inspections and measurement, monitoring and verification are vital for oversight of sector, says IEA
India needs CCS ramp-up to reach net zero
6 December 2022
Thinktank Niti Aayog says nation needs to capture and store 750mn t/yr of CO₂ to hit 2070 target
Rio Tinto to offset over 5pc of 2030 emissions goal
2 December 2022
The mining company will develop 1mn t of in-house emissions offsets through projects on its existing land
EU reaches deal to include shipping in ETS
30 November 2022
Provisional agreement is still subject to an overall deal on the ETS revision in late December.
Essar Oil to build CCS at Stanlow
30 November 2022
Carbon dioxide will be permanently sequestered into depleted gas fields under the sea in Liverpool Bay as part of the Hynet cluster
EU must clarify CO₂ removal rules
29 November 2022
Carbon removals proposal must prioritise emissions cuts and differentiate between short-term and long-term storage, according to NGOs
Countries must stop coal approvals to reach net zero – IEA
28 November 2022
Transition is complicated in countries with high coal dependency because of remaining lifetimes of plants and expense of gas
UK urged to deliver on CCS infrastructure
24 November 2022
The government must make good on plans to support CO₂ pipeline transport and offshore geological storage infrastructure development for its track-one CCS clusters, thinktank says
Cop27 yields new deal on loss and damage
21 November 2022
Progress made on loss and damage and on carbon markets, but not on emissions reductions
EU agrees to loss-and-damage fund
18 November 2022
The bloc makes negotiating concession as it looks to tie loss-and-damage fund to mitigation
US to issue further methane regulation
11 November 2022
EPA says new rules will reduce an estimated 36mn t of methane emissions between 2023-35
8 Rivers and JX Nippon to work on CCS technology
10 November 2022
Firms intend to develop a gas calibration programme, aiming to burn previously unusable natural gas
Data software can help evaluate emissions
7 November 2022
Rockwell Automation offers a predictive emissions monitoring service that can help give firms a real-time overview of their emissions
EU energy sector CO₂ emissions start to fall
4 November 2022
Decline follows more than 12 months of rising year-on-year figures due to low nuclear output and increasing demand
Global headwinds for Cop27 climate talks
2 November 2022
High inflation and interest rates will hamper project development, but progress is still being made in key areas, says Energy Transitions Commission
EU to launch €3bn CCS funding round
1 November 2022
Money will come from the Innovation Fund, which has already provided €1.5bn in support to 11 carbon-capture projects
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