15 October 2021
ITM Power to raise finance for expansion
Firm looks to raise a total of £250mn to build two further factories to meet demand
14 October 2021
Octopus and RES to invest £3bn in UK green hydrogen
Partnership is evaluating several sites for construction of green hydrogen production and is in discussion with offtakers
14 October 2021
Carbon price would make hydrogen viable – Wood Mackenzie
Accelerating development of low-carbon hydrogen before 2030 would require carbon prices above $60/t
13 October 2021
Orkney offshore wind could produce green hydrogen
Consortium evaluating project to produce green hydrogen on the Scottish island of Flotta for export, gas injection and use as marine bunker fuel
13 October 2021
Macron says France can be green hydrogen leader by 2030
President also targets promotion of small nuclear reactors and 35pc cut in industry’s emissions as part of €30bn roadmap
13 October 2021
Germany looks offshore for wind-to-hydrogen future
Government launches tender to explore potential of pairing offshore wind with electrolysis in country’s northern exclusive economic zone
12 October 2021
London blue hydrogen project advances with CCS plan
Agreements with Acorn CCS and Peterhead Port pave way for shipment of CO₂ to North Sea storage sites off Scotland
12 October 2021
Iridium alternative could cut PEM electrolyser costs
Newhydrogen releases research showing it has successfully replaced iridium in trials with a cheaper and more durable alternative
12 October 2021
Gulf hydrogen ambitions edge closer to reality
Hydrogen projects worth more than $40bn announced in Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE over past 18 months as governments eye first-mover advantage
12 October 2021
Snam offers support to hydrogen technology startups
HyAccelerator scheme to help develop technologies across entire hydrogen value chain, from transportation to storage and end-uses
11 October 2021
Hyundai Mobis to build two fuel cell plants
New plants to start mass production in second half of 2023 and expected to produce 100,000 hydrogen fuel cells a year
11 October 2021
Cummins looks to hydrogen ICE engines
Internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen regarded as interim decarbonisation solution
8 October 2021
Hydrogen Economist 2022 Media Guide
Hydrogen Economist's latest media guide is now available for download
8 October 2021
US government funds Arizona nuclear hydrogen project
Demonstration project at America’s biggest nuclear plant includes storage of hydrogen for use in power generation, chemicals and fuels
7 October 2021
South Africa to accelerate hydrogen economy – Ramaphosa
Plan is to develop special economic zone at Boegoebaai to export green hydrogen, with Sasol as anchor investor
7 October 2021
Sunfire pushes ahead with alkaline electrolysis division
Firm will continue to manufacture solid oxide electrolysers but aims to meet growing demand with more established technology
7 October 2021
Hyzon Motors rejects short seller report
Firm strongly rejects report by investment firm Blue Orca that caused its share price to drop sharply
7 October 2021
Clean hydrogen fund Hy24 close to first investment
Accelerating clean hydrogen sector offers opportunities across entire value chain for €1.5bn fund, managers say
6 October 2021
Octopus, Innova and Novus to produce green hydrogen in UK
Electrolysers of 2-20MW in scale will be connected to 4GW of solar around the UK
5 October 2021
Repsol produces hydrogen from biomethane
Firm has replaced natural gas in its industrial processes with biomethane obtained from municipal solid waste
4 October 2021
Green hydrogen’s desalination challenge
Most green hydrogen capacity planned to 2040 is in potentially water-stressed regions, adding to project costs but not necessarily slowing deployment, says Rystad Energy
4 October 2021
Governments must act now on hydrogen – IEA
Gap remains between current funding commitments and what is needed to achieve 2050 net-zero emissions goals
1 October 2021
Hydrogen investors demand security of offtake deals
Long-term contracts will be needed to mitigate risk as investors assess bankability of multiple clean hydrogen production projects
1 October 2021
Ardian and FiveT launch €1.5bn hydrogen infrastructure fund
Fund has already raised €800m from anchor investors including Air Liquide and TotalEnergies
1 October 2021
Utah power plant on track to burn hydrogen
IPP Renewed power plant aims to burn 30pc green hydrogen from 2025 and 100pc by 2045
30 September 2021
Ceres Power looks to grow electrolyser division
Firm will invest £100mn in developing electrolysis technology over the next few years, starting with pilot projects
29 September 2021
Hydrogen to enable faster CO₂ reductions in China – IEA
Total hydrogen demand increases to 31mn t/yr by 2030 and 90mn t/yr by 2060 under latest scenario
29 September 2021
Auto sector’s green steel ambitions hinge on location
First delivery to Volvo highlights industry’s appetite for green steel—but the rise of electric vehicles is likely to impact overall demand
29 September 2021
Three innovations key to unlock green hydrogen – TotalEnergies
Electrolyser efficiency, solar-to-hydrogen and wind turbine integration are vital technologies to bring down costs of green hydrogen, oil major says
29 September 2021
Chariot eyes 10GW green hydrogen project in Mauritania
The Africa-focused energy company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mauritanian government to conduct a feasibility study for its Nour project
28 September 2021
Green hydrogen to reach $2-3/kg in Latin America and Africa - DNV
Hydrogen will meet 5pc of demand for energy carriers in 2050, DNV forecasts
27 September 2021
Australia must advance hydrogen strategy – Australian Hydrogen Council
Industry association’s report outlines need to develop industrial and port facilities, new production processes and new vehicle technologies
24 September 2021
EU launches hydrogen ‘compact’
Partnership between countries, NGOs and businesses aims to accelerate deployment of green hydrogen
24 September 2021
Blue hydrogen must pave way for green
Report from US-based Rhodium Group says green hydrogen will be hard to scale quickly, meaning other forms of the fuel will be necessary
24 September 2021
TSOs see hydrogen corridor across Europe
Four gas networks operators aim to connect hydrogen demand areas in Germany with hydrogen production facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
23 September 2021
Oil majors see 2030 tipping point for clean hydrogen
Governments support initial expansion before new phase of competition kicks in, executives tell industry event
23 September 2021
Ineos plans blue hydrogen plant at Grangemouth
Firm commits £500mn to plans for a 150,000t/yr plant to decarbonise its refinery and petrochemical operations
22 September 2021
Japan invests in global hydrogen projects
Japanese banks and businesses are investing in hydrogen production and supply chain projects overseas as the country seeks to build a ‘hydrogen society’
22 September 2021
Hydrogen demand type will vary by region
Some areas will require higher standards for carbon intensity and additionality of renewables used to produce green hydrogen, say panellists at Hydrogen Economist briefing
22 September 2021
US clean hydrogen cost targets very challenging – UK academic
Scaling up production and deployment of next-generation technologies key to driving down costs, conference speakers say
21 September 2021
Siemens Energy sees $1.5/kg green hydrogen by 2025
Cost of green hydrogen will fall, but it will still struggle to compete against grey hydrogen without incentives, report says
21 September 2021
Uniper and Orsted cooperate on offshore wind-to-hydrogen projects
Initial focus on Wilhelmshaven green hydrogen hub on north German coast
21 September 2021
Low-carbon hydrogen standards will help emissions debate
Recent debate over environmental credibility of blue hydrogen could be solved by clear and enforceable standards, says panel at Hydrogen Economist briefing
20 September 2021
Nuclear industry eyes key role in hydrogen transition
Sector can produce large amounts of low-carbon hydrogen from electricity or high heat, says lobby group
20 September 2021
UAE targets $1.3/kg blue hydrogen
Country should target green and blue hydrogen production as it looks to develop market, says Qamar Energy report
17 September 2021
BP, Masdar and Adnoc sign blue hydrogen deal
Firms will work together to develop 1GW H2Teesside project and 1GW facility in Abu Dhabi
17 September 2021
Hydrogen on track for rail freight in North America
Pilot projects are replacing diesel-electric locomotives with hydrogen-electric systems
16 September 2021
Six firms to study Australian green hydrogen project
Japanese and Australian companies look at project to produce renewable hydrogen from 1GW electrolyser by 2026
16 September 2021
More support needed for UK fuel cell industry – HFCA
Without intervention the UK is set to be overtaken by countries with more global ambition, says trade association
15 September 2021
UN body calls for national hydrogen plans
Enabling a hydrogen economy is one of three key areas that countries must look at in NDCs to Paris Agreement
15 September 2021
Nuclear needed for Canada’s hydrogen goals – NII
Renewables alone will struggle to meet demand set by Canadian hydrogen strategy, says research institute
15 September 2021
Chevron to scale up hydrogen production
Firm will increase low carbon hydrogen production and help establish supply and distribution network in western US as part of emissions reduction strategy
14 September 2021
Jera invests in hydrogen shipping technology
Firm takes €15mn stake in Germany’s Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies as it looks to build hydrogen supply chain
14 September 2021
ITM sees growing order book
New factory will meet rising demand for electrolyser capacity
14 September 2021
Blue hydrogen emissions claims under spotlight
Assumptions of academic paper highlighting the emissions of blue hydrogen deemed inaccurate by critics
13 September 2021
Chile green hydrogen tender draws ten projects
Bidders table projects averaging 20MW for commissioning by end-2025
10 September 2021
Four steps to hydrogen economy – Engie
Green hydrogen can close gap in cost-competitiveness with grey by 2030 if steps are followed, says Engie executive
9 September 2021
Hyzon eyes China truck market
Initial order of 100 vehicles from Hongyun will be delivered before the end of 2021, with 400 to follow next year
9 September 2021
Steel sector moves early on hydrogen
Hydrogen strategy options for steelmakers include placing upstream iron production close to cheap renewables
9 September 2021
Toyota eyes California fuel-cell market
California is being targeted because of infrastructure and policy support
8 September 2021
EU to lead global hydrogen demand
EU demand will reach 60mn t/yr by 2050, says Aurora Energy Research
8 September 2021
Nel targets $1.5/kg green hydrogen
Falling technology costs and cheaper renewable power could bring green hydrogen close to fossil parity, says CEO
8 September 2021
Hydrogen trade faces certification challenge
Standard definition for green hydrogen crucial to support trading and investment, panellists say
7 September 2021
Economics of blue hydrogen strong in near-term
Panellists agree it will take time and incentives to reduce cost of green hydrogen to a level where it is competitive with the blue variety
7 September 2021
Norwegian green hydrogen project moves forward
Gen2 Energy development will look to start producing and shipping green hydrogen from 2024
6 September 2021
Siemens and Toray link up on PEM electrolysers
Japanese government backs project to deploy Toray hydrocarbon electrolyte membranes in Japan
6 September 2021
Hycap hydrogen investment fund launches
Fund is backed by investment firm Vedra Partners and Wrightbus chairman Jo Bamford
6 September 2021
Egypt turns to green desalination
Cairo hopes renewables-based water purification could both narrow the domestic deficit and enable it to realise its green hydrogen ambitions
3 September 2021
Hydrogen fuels steel and glass production
Recent industrial projects demonstrate hydrogen’s feasibility as a fuel and chemical reactant, although commercial scale-up is still distant
3 September 2021
Offshore wind can unlock US green hydrogen potential – BNOW
Gulf of Mexico and California seen as potential hotspots for projects coupling the two technologies
2 September 2021
German hydrogen cluster receives funding
Cluster will have a particular focus on hydrogen transport technologies
2 September 2021
Ballard and Hexagon Purus to make heavy trucks
First prototype of the class six and seven hydrogen truck will be delivered in 2022
2 September 2021
Novatek to work with Japan on hydrogen
The Russian gas player has signed a deal with Tokyo on distribution and production of the fuel
1 September 2021
UK utility to inject hydrogen into gas network
Wales & West Utilities to use bioSNG with 1pc hydrogen from October
1 September 2021
Hydrogen demand to grow rapidly – DNV
Paris Agreement targets are not achievable without a large-scale hydrogen economy, survey respondents say
31 August 2021
Hyzon keeps on trucking
Firm is investing in production and fuelling hubs to overcome infrastructure barriers in Europe and the US
27 August 2021
Japan to blend hydrogen in gas power plant
The first-of-its-kind test project will co-fire gas and hydrogen from later this year
26 August 2021
Eneos and Origin Energy to study hydrogen supply chain
Japanese oil and gas firm continues to pursue partnerships with Australian players to develop a supply chain between the two countries
26 August 2021
Green hydrogen could undercut blue by 2030 – ICF
Use of cheap electricity from curtailed renewables could greatly reduce costs
25 August 2021
UK hydrogen group joins supply chain taskforce
The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association will look at how energy companies can adapt to aid the transition
25 August 2021
Chile advances latest hydrogen export project
Grid-connected facility will export green hydrogen to third parties
25 August 2021
Spanish firms develop electrolysis-free green hydrogen technology
Repsol and Enagas expect direct solar technology to be competitive by 2030
24 August 2021
SMR nuclear could compete with green hydrogen – Wood Mackenzie
Small modular reactors could help meet climate targets by producing low-carbon hydrogen, consultancy says
23 August 2021
Nikola streamlines strategy to compete
Hydrogen truck manufacturer refocuses on core business areas
20 August 2021
Nel set to ramp up electrolyser production
New automated production will enable Nel to supply larger projects as demand for bigger electrolysers grows
18 August 2021
Alberta takes early lead in blue hydrogen
Natural gas resources and geology hand Canadian province advantages over other regions, minister tells Hydrogen Economist
17 August 2021
Infrastructure bill lays ground for US hydrogen strategy
Legislation calls for creation of hydrogen economy built around four regional hubs, but its progress through Congress is uncertain
17 August 2021
UK unveils strategy to kickstart hydrogen economy
Government pledges direct funding and incentives as it targets key role for hydrogen in UK’s net-zero strategy
17 August 2021
Hydrogen power could secure peak supply in UK – Aurora
Hydrogen cheapest option at low load factors, though buying offsets might be even better value, analysis shows
16 August 2021
St1 and Horisont plan Norwegian green ammonia project
Companies agree to study viability of plant in northern Norway using offshore wind to power electrolysis
13 August 2021
Enterprize studies Brazil offshore wind-to-hydrogen projects
Coupling offshore wind with electrolysis can position Rio Grande do Norte as South American green hydrogen hub, says developer
12 August 2021
No role for blue hydrogen in carbon-free future – US academics
Fugitive methane emissions and failure to capture all carbon emissions undermine case for blue hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel option
12 August 2021
Everfuel starts installing Europe’s biggest electrolyser
Facility expected online in mid-2022 with green hydrogen production and storage capacity adjacent to Fredericia refinery
11 August 2021
Mitsui and Origin study ammonia supply into Japan
Japanese shipping giant and Australian energy firm aim to establish export supply chain by year-end
11 August 2021
BP talks up Australia’s green hydrogen potential
Feasibility study supports BP plans for pilot and commercial-scale production in plants in Western Australia
10 August 2021
Fertiglobe sells second blue ammonia cargo to Japan
Shipment to Japanese refiner Idemitsu fetches attractive premium to grey ammonia
10 August 2021
China plans massive clean hydrogen deployment – BNEF
Rapid growth in electrolyser market as Chinese companies race to show compliance with government’s carbon-neutrality target
10 August 2021
Russia sets sights on European and Asian hydrogen markets
Cabinet adopts strategy to develop hydrogen exports to mitigate risk of declining oil and gas markets
10 August 2021
The future of e-fuels – part two: Aviation
Liquid fuel in the form of low carbon sustainable aviation fuels likely to be needed for longer-haul routes as hydrogen aircraft will be limited to short-haul over 2035-2050
10 August 2021
Aramco eyes big share of global blue hydrogen market
CEO points to competitive advantages of low-cost gas reserves and access to aquifers for CCS
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