25 February 2021
Airbus bets billions on hydrogen-powered planes
European manufacturer has touted various potential short- and medium-range designs, but the simplest and smallest seem most viable amid technological and demand uncertainty
25 February 2021
Nuclear power too expensive for hydrogen production
Senior UN IPCC figure says reactors are not competitive with other low-carbon forms of power generation so the industry would require substantial subsidies to produce H2 on either side of the Atlantic
24 February 2021
BP CEO: Hydrogen is the most exciting technology—IP Week
Bernard Looney is confident about the role of renewables in the future of BP, but insists oil and gas still play a role in every scenario
23 February 2021
Q13a hydrogen pilot a clear vision of the energy transition—Neptune
Offshore electrolyser will integrate into existing infrastructure with both the upstream windfarm and downstream industrial and domestic customers in sight
23 February 2021
Equinor calls for state support for hydrogen
Norwegian major is pushing ahead with its plans for hydrogen production but acknowledges that government backing is needed at this stage of market development
22 February 2021
Hydrogen advances mean green steel on the horizon
Steelmakers have been successfully operating hydrogen-based pilot projects in the hard-to-abate sector and expect decarbonised steel to be on the market by mid-decade
22 February 2021
China prepares multi-pronged hydrogen strategy
The 14th Five-Year Plan is expected to set targets for advancing technology and production volumes, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and costs
19 February 2021
Aker launches green H2 platform investment
Aker Clean Hydrogen is working on nine projects including one in Chile with Mainstream Renewable Power
19 February 2021
Engie and Equinor partner on blue H2
European energy companies to explore supply chains
18 February 2021
Nuclear should be ‘at the heart’ of hydrogen production
New reactor technology could provide one-third of zero-carbon hydrogen by 2050
17 February 2021
Renewable hydrogen could achieve cost-parity by 2028
Hydrogen Council cautions that this would be possible only if capital were found to bridge large funding gap
17 February 2021
Vopak picks hydrogen over oil for growth strategy
Dutch commodity storage company expects hydrogen to become a globally traded commodity and wants to use its presence in global trading hubs to tap the growing market
16 February 2021
Sinopec aims for Chinese hydrogen leadership
Beijing-based company is seeking to collaborate in developing a green hydrogen supply chain
15 February 2021
Axpo to build green hydrogen business
Swiss utility is creating new departments for hydrogen and batteries to complement its solar and wind activity
15 February 2021
Hydrogen ‘too early’ for mainstream investment
Investors are embracing low-carbon energy, but is it too soon for them to invest in the hydrogen economy?
15 February 2021
Ballard Power is shifting gears
Fuel-cell company has made several recent agreements and is on the lookout for acquisitions and joint ventures
12 February 2021
Plumbing the hydrogen economy
Baker Hughes has made a strategic investment in manufacturing products that facilitate the transport of hydrogen and other energy transition-related gases
12 February 2021
LGIM launches world’s first hydrogen ETF
New index-tracking fund provides investors with exposure to the entire clean hydrogen value chain
11 February 2021
Siemens UK and Riversimple formalise collaboration
Welsh hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle company has formed its first corporate strategic relationship ahead of 2023 product launch
11 February 2021
Australia bolsters green hydrogen push
Green hydrogen has received a surge of support from government and industry, and is set to benefit from the country’s renewables boom
10 February 2021
Hyzon Motors set to merge, ahead of listing
New York fuel cell vehicle company has secured finance for ambitious expansion programme
8 February 2021
5 February 2021
First ever H2 investment fund set for launch
Co-founder of London-based HydrogenOne Capital says firm will in the ‘near term’ provide investors with opportunities in clean hydrogen and storage
5 February 2021
Suez to build France’s first waste-powered H2 plant
The green hydrogen production plant will initially serve public transport and utility vehicles, while commercial customers will be able to purchase supplies in a later phase when capacity rises to 1t/d
5 February 2021
Cummins makes headway in hydrogen
Heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer is making inroads into electrolyser and fuel-cell markets
4 February 2021
Mass market for H2 could arrive within ten years—Baker Hughes AM 2021
Energy technology company says it is essential to prepare now for expected boom
4 February 2021
Turbomachinery technology advances to boost H2 – Baker Hughes AM 2021
The next generation of hydrogen compressors will be lower-cost and more efficient, and will require less maintenance
3 February 2021
Air Liquide completes world’s largest electrolyser
The French firm made a strategic shift to low-carbon hydrogen and is engaged in several large-scale projects around the world
2 February 2021
ExxonMobil launches Low Carbon Solutions business
Major aims to commercialise emission-reduction technology, with an initial focus on extending its involvement in CCS
2 February 2021
CCS could be ‘trillion-dollar industry’ – Baker Hughes AM 2021
Developing carbon capture and storage will be essential to the oil and gas industry remaining relevant
2 February 2021
The ‘time is now’ for hydrogen – Baker Hughes AM 2021
A clean-molecule solution is needed for hard-to-abate sectors and cost-competitiveness is within sight
1 February 2021
Uniper and Novatek agree long-term H2 collaboration
MoU prepares the ground for hydrogen supply and technology projects
1 February 2021
Baker Hughes and Novatek to develop H2 blend LNG trains
Baker Hughes will retrofit LNG facilities, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions
29 January 2021
ITM Power revenue fall spooks investors
Electrolyser manufacturer says production suffered due to Covid-19, but the problem is only temporary
29 January 2021
Imported green hydrogen ‘will be cheaper than domestic’ by 2030
Europe’s low-carbon hydrogen demand could be met by both domestic and imported production
29 January 2021
Oman plays decarbonisation catch-up
The sultanate is in the early days of a belated push into hydrogen
27 January 2021
Shell, Vattenfall plan green H2 project at former German coal plant site
Energy companies team up to bring an electrolyser to Hamburg site to help meet Germany’s ambitious target of 5GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030
26 January 2021
Arriva Netherlands orders ten hydrogen-fuelled buses
The Netherlands is expanding its growing fleet of H2 buses with a €6.4mn order for ten vehicles serving the eastern province of Gelderland
26 January 2021
California’s H2 vehicle market swayed by countervailing forces
New state funding should help fuel-cell vehicles reduce the huge sales gap with battery electric equivalents—if national tax credits are reinstated
26 January 2021
ABN Amro: Green H2 could compete with gas by 2030
Producing hydrogen using electrolysis is expensive, but the Dutch bank sees green hydrogen becoming cost-competitive with natural gas by the end of the decade
25 January 2021
Ballard: Fresh capital is critical for green H2
Ballard Power Systems is looking to ramp up investments in key product areas, while acknowledging that cost reduction is going to be crucial to getting investors onboard for future development
22 January 2021
Defiant Nikola vows to bounce back
The founding CEO quit the hydrogen fuel cell truck maker amid claims of fraud, but development work continues and it claims its first vehicles will roll off the production line in Q4
22 January 2021
Proton Motor seeks growth through joint ventures
German manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell sets its sights even higher after a strong year of building partnerships with companies such as Shell
21 January 2021
Sasol stakes its survival on coal replacement and green H2
The South African company—which makes synthetic fuels from coal—is struggling to survive in a low-carbon world
21 January 2021
Abu Dhabi catches the hydrogen bug
The oil-rich emirate has been slow to join the hydrogen economy—but a tie-up between the government’s corporate mainstays augurs a dramatic change of heart
20 January 2021
Netherlands to widen state support options for hydrogen
In its quest to become a hub for northwest European hydrogen, the Netherlands is assessing new ways to give the nascent industry a boost
20 January 2021
Dutch to test green H2-fuelled inland shipping
Using hydrogen as a marine fuel could make a substantial difference in lowering the emissions of the sizeable inland shipping sector
18 January 2021
Synthetic jet fuel race set for take-off
Repsol and others see synthetic fuel as the most viable long-term alternative to kerosene, but state support is vital
18 January 2021
Covid-19 fiscal crunch could slow growth of green H2
Important parts of the renewable hydrogen economy will not reach competitive scale if governments pull back from providing promised support
15 January 2021
ITM Power on track for global scale
CEO Graham Cooley says scale and costs are now the focus for UK-based ITM Power, following the opening of the world’s biggest electrolyser factory
15 January 2021
Siemens Energy, Gamesa join forces for offshore H2
Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy are working together on offshore wind-powered green hydrogen projects
14 January 2021
Alberta and Quebec to battle for hydrogen supremacy
The relative contributions of blue and green hydrogen will determine how the sector develops over the next decade
13 January 2021
Total, Engie to build France’s first green hydrogen plant at a refinery
The two French energy companies make a joint investment to grow France’s hydrogen production
13 January 2021
Haulage bosses cautiously welcome EU H2 plan
Truckers are receptive to diesel alternatives, but costs and regulatory uncertainty could deter adoption ahead of LNG and CNG vehicles
13 January 2021
Hydrogen pathways depend on local circumstances
Hydrogen is viewed as a contributor to decarbonisation in an increasing number of countries around the world. But national strategies to build out the sector vary considerably
12 January 2021
Plug Power poised for international expansion
Andy Marsh, CEO of the US fuel cell producer, wants to continue expansion through more partnerships and acquisitions during 2021
12 January 2021
Netherlands assesses hydrogen-wind joint tenders
Dutch investigate whether joint tenders would help balance grid, boost green hydrogen production and aid their ambition to be northwest Europe’s hydrogen hub
11 January 2021
Accelerating the hydrogen timeline
Ambitions for hydrogen are high and further elevated by every net-zero announcement. But policies and partnerships will be needed to significantly speed up development
8 January 2021
Low demand stymies H2 refuelling network rollout
Despite bullish forecasts for hydrogen truck and bus sales, refuelling infrastructure for heavy vehicles remains little used amid uncertainty over standards
8 January 2021
Swiss utility Romande Energie eyes green hydrogen
Vaud-based company believes hydrogen can ease renewable electricity intermittency and offer cheaper alternative to trucking firms
8 January 2021
Hydrogen kaleidoscope comes into focus
Each of the ‘colours’ of hydrogen production will come under intense scrutiny in 2021
7 January 2021
Canada’s very blue hydrogen roadmap
The strategy has attracted support from Alberta, but only anger from environmental groups
7 January 2021
Hydrogen will be the new normal
Converting gas infrastructure to utilise low-carbon hydrogen will be essential to meet net-zero targets
6 January 2021
Hydrogen investment case solidifies
During 2020 hydrogen projects have moved from the fringes of the energy transition discussion to a mainstream target for both companies and investors
5 January 2021
Denver startup aims to begin hydrogen mining in 2021
Natural Hydrogen Energy CEO believes extracting hydrogen from the earth’s crust could become the cheapest, least energy-intensive commercial source of hydrogen
5 January 2021
Green hydrogen on the horizon
The most efficient way to produce green hydrogen may be to integrate electrolysers and wind turbines at offshore locations
4 January 2021
Europe eyes North African H2 imports
Germany is at the forefront of EU plans to strengthens ties with solar-abundant Morocco
4 January 2021
Could hydrogen become a viable marine fuel?
The prospect of zero-carbon hydrogen-powered vessels is highly attractive, if cost and infrastructure concerns can be overcome
14 December 2020
Tapping into the data revolution
Producers sitting on immense silos of underused data can benefit from technological innovations
14 December 2020
Mena’s customer data dilemma
A finely tuned consumer data strategy depends on a unified approach
8 December 2020
Northern Netherlands sets hydrogen ‘blueprint’ for EU
More than 50 hydrogen projects are in development and—with state help—the regional group wants to show the rest of Europe how to develop a hydrogen hub
8 December 2020
Petronas sets net-zero carbon ‘aspiration’
Malaysian NOC is the first major Asian hydrocarbons producer to establish a goal but details remain scanty
8 December 2020
LNG to fuel shipping, perhaps to a hydrogen future
Small-scale LNG appears set to take a leading role in the decarbonisation of shipping. But to achieve the IMO’s 2050 target, the industry may well need to turn to hydrogen
7 December 2020
The outlook for LNG in 2021 and beyond
Alex Volkov, vice president global LNG marketing for ExxonMobil, provides his thoughts about the past year and offers a brighter outlook for the years ahead
4 December 2020
Hydrogen stock boom limits M&A activity
Eye-watering valuations mean making acquisitions or even taking stakes in hydrogen-focused companies are challenging
4 December 2020
The revolution will not be capitalised
The UK’s laudable aim of becoming a world leader in ten climate-related areas looks set to be undermined by the shaky state of its post-Covid and post-Brexit national finances
2 December 2020
PE Live: Government support essential to Asia-Pacific hydrogen
Australian and Singaporean national strategies look set to reward countries with leading roles in the sector and help establish a regional market
1 December 2020
Scaling up hydrogen—why patience is a virtue
Hydrogen is positioned as a core pillar of the global energy transition. How it is scaled up will play a crucial role in creating a sustainable roadmap for the hydrogen economy
24 November 2020
The great gas investment divide
Gas’ part in the transition to a climate-neutral energy system is more controversial than for any other major source of primary energy
20 November 2020
Morocco aims for global green hydrogen role
With vast solar and wind capacity, Morocco is preparing to create green ammonia for fertiliser as an early step to building a ‘power-to-X’ industry
10 November 2020
Driving offshore longevity
Savvy producers increasingly recognise the operational benefits of using digital technologies to extend asset life
30 October 2020
Industry seeks to replicate Taiwan wind success throughout Asia
Opportunities to invest in offshore wind energy developments are being created by government measures from Japan to India
30 October 2020
Putting the ‘how to’ into H2
The World Energy Council is bringing stakeholders together to come up with innovative new ways of building up demand for hydrogen
30 October 2020
Canadian government leads the way on CCUS
Federal and provincial government measures have supported the deployment of several world-class projects
26 October 2020
Netherlands mulls launch of world’s first hydrogen bourse
Chasing its ambition to become northwest Europe’s hydrogen hub, the Netherlands wants to create a trading platform for the fuel
21 October 2020
H2 shipping approaches viability in ‘niche’ circumstances
Short-haul, scheduled shipping routes will likely be first to switch to hydrogen-powered vessels
20 October 2020
Export routes key for Mid-East hydrogen
Gulf countries are making bold strides into the hydrogen sector but appear likely to target exports over domestic markets
20 October 2020
Export routes key for Mid-East hydrogen
Gulf countries are making bold strides into the hydrogen sector but appear likely to target exports over domestic markets
16 October 2020
Regulatory harmony key to EU’s maritime H2 ambitions
Ad hoc national regulations threaten to stymie bloc’s hopes of weaning shipping industry off fossil fuels
15 October 2020
Saudi-Japan hydrogen cargo may herald major trade route
Saudi Arabia has big plans for hydrogen, and its recent shipment of blue ammonia to Japan looks like a sign of things to come
15 October 2020
Saudi-Japan hydrogen cargo may herald major trade route
Saudi Arabia has big plans for hydrogen, and its recent shipment of blue ammonia to Japan looks like a sign of things to come
15 October 2020
Dutch firm to launch hydrogen-powered barge
By swapping diesel for hydrogen power, Future Proof Shipping hopes its pilot scheme will show such retrofits are technically and financially viable
7 October 2020
Hydrogen use proliferation could cut climate benefits
Government support should be targeted at the hydrogen use cases that have the greatest emissions reduction potential
7 October 2020
Hydrogen use proliferation could cut climate benefits
Government support should be targeted at the hydrogen use cases that have the greatest emissions reduction potential
6 October 2020
Turbines of tomorrow
The successful test of a hybrid turbine, with hydrogen blended into natural gas, is a significant milestone on the journey to decarbonised gas grids
1 October 2020
Bridging the EV infrastructure gap
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure
1 October 2020
Australia battles to become renewables superpower
Initiatives to create market certainty and fix system constraints are creating an attractive investment environment
30 September 2020
Levelised costs will settle the blue-green debate
Blue hydrogen will be required to support decarbonisation while green hydrogen matures and its costs decrease
25 September 2020
LNG has come far but still has far to go
Vanguard award winner Tolu Longe has seen many changes for the better over the past two decades. But there is still more to be done
25 September 2020
Rising Star fulfilling her childhood ambition
Mervin Azeta has been passionate about helping to tackle global energy challenges from a young age
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