6 May 2021
UK firms line up nationwide hydrogen refuelling network
Nationwide roll-out targets deployment of 800 hydrogen refuelling pumps by 2027
6 May 2021
Bayotech and Carbon Clean to develop modular blue hydrogen
Technology avoids the challenges of hydrogen storage and transport, which is difficult and expensive
6 May 2021
EU must offer more support for green hydrogen – industry
Without necessary measures, technical expertise and manufacturing could be lost to competing regions, firms say
4 May 2021
Rotterdam port looks for hydrogen imports
Port is working with German steel companies Thyssenkrupp Steel and HKM to evaluate opportunities to import the fuel and transport it to Duisburg
5 May 2021
The Japan-South Korea hydrogen sweepstakes
Both energy-poor countries are expected to be importing blue and green hydrogen in volume by 2028-30
30 April 2021
Norway's BKK eyes green hydrogen as new market for its power
Utility makes move after early uptake of hydrogen by industry and maritime transport in Norway
29 April 2021
Hyzon to look at hydrogen vehicle factory in Neom
Hyzon, Modern Group and Neom company will finalise plans over the next 18 months for the facility
29 April 2021
Canada launches first hydrogen hub
Edmonton offers blueprint for future projects as Canada eyes export revenue
29 April 2021
BP, Iberdrola and Enagas eye Spanish green hydrogen project
Project would have a 20MW electrolyser powered by a number of renewable sources including a 40MW solar PV plant
27 April 2021
Hydrogen projects update - edition 3
Nineteen new projects were added to our database in the past two weeks and updates provided for nine existing developments, primarily across blue and green hydrogen.
27 April 2021
Hydrogen second pillar of route to net zero – ETC
Fuel will be key in decarbonising sectors that cannot be reached by electrification, says ETC
26 April 2021
US eyes hydrogen roadmap
Biden administration signals importance of hydrogen, but policy moves yet to emerge
26 April 2021
Australian coal-to-hydrogen pilot targets Japanese market
Plan to ship product with world’s first purpose-built liquefied hydrogen carrier
23 April 2021
Total joins hydrogen vehicle alliance
Hyzon-led group eyes fuel-cell powered fleets in commercial vehicle sector
23 April 2021
Grey hydrogen should act as bridge to blue and green
Fuel can be used to stimulate demand while the costs of blue and green hydrogen are brought down
22 April 2021
US gas pipelines can still be green
Upgrading pipeline network to fix leaks can also lead to ability to carry greener molecules, says report
22 April 2021
Hydrogen export costs could drive users to supply regions
High transportation costs could mean consumer industries sprout around sources of supply
21 April 2021
No quick fix for Germany’s green hydrogen roll-out
Growing pressure to deploy green hydrogen as Germany phases out nuclear and coal
21 April 2021
Abu Dhabi taps Asian ties for hydrogen push
Flurry of agreements lays foundation for expanding historic energy collaboration in the fledgling market
20 April 2021
FiveT bullish on hydrogen fund prospects
The industry-backed hydrogen fund says it ticks all the boxes for clean investment
20 April 2021
US firms claim world first with coal-to-hydrogen power conversion
Technology to repurpose coal-fired plant to run on 100pc blue hydrogen
19 April 2021
Investors eye Thyssenkrupp’s green hydrogen project
German conglomerate also conducts tests to substitute hydrogen for coal at Duisberg steel plant
16 April 2021
Proton’s potential ultra-low cost hydrogen solution
The Canadian firm's process extracts hydrogen from old oil and gas wells
15 April 2021
Uniper unveils plans for major hydrogen hub at Wilhelmshaven
Ammonia import terminal to plug Germany’s looming hydrogen supply gap
14 April 2021
Fortescue bets big on green hydrogen
Iron ore miner eyes massive push into renewables and clean gas production
14 April 2021
UK MPs to evaluate potential of hydrogen
A working group will report in June on how hydrogen can help decarbonise the economy
14 April 2021
European grids double down on hydrogen network plan
Mass repurposing of natural gas grids could create competitive hydrogen transmission system
12 April 2021
Germany’s EWE trials underground hydrogen storage
Pilot project could open the door to large-scale deployment
12 April 2021
Hydrogen projects update
Twenty-two new projects were added to our database in the last two weeks and updates provided for eight existing developments, primarily across blue and green hydrogen.
12 April 2021
ScottishPower to develop green hydrogen plant
Proposed facility will be sited next to the UK’s largest onshore windfarm
9 April 2021
RWE hydrogen head calls for green certification
German utility’s first ever dedicated hydrogen board member sees the fuel as central to the global energy transition
8 April 2021
Equinor and SSE to develop world-first hydrogen power station
Humber development of 100pc hydrogen power plant and CCS-equipped gas-fired power plant would share CO2 storage infrastructure
7 April 2021
Spanish legal framework holding back green hydrogen
Madrid has committed to public investment and updating regulations, but developers are waiting for reforms including guarantee of origin system
6 April 2021
€1bn hydrogen infrastructure investment fund set for launch
Baker Hughes, Plug Power and Chart Industries commit €260mn and will provide expertise, with private investors targeted to make up the remainder
6 April 2021
Cop26—The last chance saloon
The UN climate change conference in November must establish a central role for hydrogen, for applications from heavy mobility to heating
1 April 2021
Decarbonisation will not work without hydrogen – RWE
German utility’s involvement in more than 30 projects places it at the top of the hydrogen leaderboard in Europe
1 April 2021
Sinopec targets hydrogen in decarbonisation drive
Pivot to hydrogen suggests Sinopec will embrace green hydrogen rather than extend brown and grey production
31 March 2021
UK pressed to pivot to green hydrogen
Policy should focus on securing greatest competitive advantage and establishing climate leadership—rather than finding a use for legacy North Sea assets—thinktank E3G warns
31 March 2021
British Airways invests in hydrogen aircraft specialist
Hydrogen-electric aircraft may be a viable zero-emissions solution for short-to-medium range routes
30 March 2021
Everfuel expands green hydrogen network
Danish firm is to meet growing demand for the fuel with fourth refuelling station in Copenhagen
29 March 2021
Saudi Arabia sees Irena’s hydrogen vision
Kingdom has the goal of becoming the global leader in clean hydrogen production and exports
29 March 2021
Oman and India find hydrogen common ground
The sultanate’s pitch to international clean fuel investors has been heard by the energy-thirsty Asian behemoth
26 March 2021
Hydrogen to be key component of UKCS decarbonisation
State to contribute towards £10bn investment in hydrogen production, reaffirming commitment to sector
26 March 2021
Offshore wind could power Scottish green hydrogen revolution
Floating offshore windfarms could utilise huge untapped resource and make Scotland a major player in the northern European hydrogen economy
25 March 2021
Global hydrogen projects update
Hydrogen Economist looks at the new projects added to our database and the progress made on existing developments
24 March 2021
EU injects energy into Rabat’s green hydrogen drive
Morocco’s renewables potential means it stands to gain hugely from soaring European interest in the clean fuel
23 March 2021
Anglo American leads the green hydrogen mining pack
Locally produced green hydrogen could be a cheaper fuel source than diesel at remote mine locations
22 March 2021
Amsterdam latest port to mull green hydrogen imports
The port has partnered with storage company Evos and three hydrogen technology firms to import and potentially re-export green hydrogen
22 March 2021
Pure-play hydrogen stock prices plateau
Valuations shot up last year, but many have since lost momentum. Does the investment outlook match the hype?
19 March 2021
Nel’s alkaline production line set for test run
Norwegian manufacturer’s CEO says it is too early to predict whether alkaline or PEM electrolysers will ultimately prevail
19 March 2021
Cairo sees opportunity in green hydrogen
Burgeoning solar and wind power capacity is fuelling Egyptian ambitions to enter the nascent international market
18 March 2021
Adnoc and Aramco lead Gulf NOCs’ blue hydrogen drive
The Gulf heavyweights are investing heavily in expanding their hydrogen capabilities as they complete the carbon economy circle
17 March 2021
Estonia’s Elcogen to construct solid oxide fuel cell factory
The nascent high-temperature hydrogen fuel cell technology is most likely to gain a foothold in industrial applications
17 March 2021
UK splits £171mn across nine CCS and hydrogen projects
UKRI competition is latest stage of mission to create first net-zero industrial cluster by 2040
16 March 2021
RWE calls for clarity on hydrogen transport
German utility warns state plans to regulate gas and H2 networks separately will hinder integration
15 March 2021
Mining companies eyeing green hydrogen
At remote locations, hydrogen produced using electrolysers could be competitive with transporting in diesel
15 March 2021
Ballard’s future bright despite tough 2020
Fuel cell manufacturer extended losses due to the pandemic but has recently signed a heavy-duty railroad deal
12 March 2021
Fuel cell heavy duty mobility could be cost-competitive in two years—WHS
Hydrogen vehicles and vessels on ‘credible pathway’ to cost crossover point
11 March 2021
Rebranded Channoil Energy enters H2 advisory
Net-Zero-Solution lead Vincent Couffon talks to Hydrogen Economist about opportunities for IOCs in the H2 economy
10 March 2021
Gas infrastructure can help hydrogen scale up—WHS
National gas networks can blend in hydrogen to reduce emissions and help build the hydrogen economy
10 March 2021
Vopak targets leading role in global hydrogen trade
Commodity storage company has up to €350mn available to invest in hydrogen projects this year as it pursues a strategy built on global port presence
10 March 2021
Countries must balance H2 supply and demand—WHS
Encouraging development at both ends of the value chain will ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry, firms say
9 March 2021
EU nations set out diverse H2 strategies—WHS
Ministers from Portugal, Denmark and Poland outline hydrogen strategies based on national energy endowments
8 March 2021
Pilot projects prove H2 role in cement decarbonisation
Hydrogen can take a relatively limited role in cement manufacturing, to decarbonise the heating component of the industry’s huge CO2 emissions
5 March 2021
Green H2 can thrive on level playing field—CeraWeek
Industry leaders are confident that demand in the most advanced countries will boom—so long as governments facilitate fair competition
4 March 2021
Black Horse H2 truck network plan scaled back
Originally slated to involve the four central European Visegrad Group countries, the project is now focused on the Czech Republic and Slovakia where interest is strongest
4 March 2021
Germany breaks ground on world’s largest green H2 storage facility
Hydrogenious is building an 1,800t/yr plant to store green hydrogen using liquid oils and is already eyeing exports to Rotterdam
3 March 2021
Tech pipeline to see green H2 costs tumble—CeraWeek
Electrolyser improvements may soon reduce costs to a level competitive with natural gas-based hydrogen—and high-temperature methods show promise for future
3 March 2021
Prototype plant produces cost-competitive green H2
Heliogen uses concentrated solar power to create green hydrogen at a cost below the industry standard for grey hydrogen
3 March 2021
Hydrogen fuel cells can replace diesel in haulage
Truck fleets are well suited to trials of hydrogen fuel cell technology
2 March 2021
Bill Gates prompts IOCs to produce green H2
Skillsets developed for oil and gas production could be applied to green hydrogen—even if costs may never be low enough for all applications
26 February 2021
Contracts for difference key to hydrogen economy
If financial instruments are not established to support adoption, the hydrogen supply chain will stall
25 February 2021
Airbus bets billions on hydrogen-powered planes
European manufacturer has touted various potential short- and medium-range designs, but the simplest and smallest seem most viable amid technological and demand uncertainty
25 February 2021
Nuclear power too expensive for hydrogen production
Senior UN IPCC figure says reactors are not competitive with other low-carbon forms of power generation so the industry would require substantial subsidies to produce H2 on either side of the Atlantic
24 February 2021
BP CEO: Hydrogen is the most exciting technology—IP Week
Bernard Looney is confident about the role of renewables in the future of BP, but insists oil and gas still play a role in every scenario
23 February 2021
Q13a hydrogen pilot a clear vision of the energy transition—Neptune
Offshore electrolyser will integrate into existing infrastructure with both the upstream windfarm and downstream industrial and domestic customers in sight
23 February 2021
Equinor calls for state support for hydrogen
Norwegian major is pushing ahead with its plans for hydrogen production but acknowledges that government backing is needed at this stage of market development
22 February 2021
Hydrogen advances mean green steel on the horizon
Steelmakers have been successfully operating hydrogen-based pilot projects in the hard-to-abate sector and expect decarbonised steel to be on the market by mid-decade
22 February 2021
China prepares multi-pronged hydrogen strategy
The 14th Five-Year Plan is expected to set targets for advancing technology and production volumes, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and costs
19 February 2021
Aker launches green H2 platform investment
Aker Clean Hydrogen is working on nine projects including one in Chile with Mainstream Renewable Power
19 February 2021
Engie and Equinor partner on blue H2
European energy companies to explore supply chains
18 February 2021
Nuclear should be ‘at the heart’ of hydrogen production
New reactor technology could provide one-third of zero-carbon hydrogen by 2050
17 February 2021
Renewable hydrogen could achieve cost-parity by 2028
Hydrogen Council cautions that this would be possible only if capital were found to bridge large funding gap
17 February 2021
Vopak picks hydrogen over oil for growth strategy
Dutch commodity storage company expects hydrogen to become a globally traded commodity and wants to use its presence in global trading hubs to tap the growing market
16 February 2021
Sinopec aims for Chinese hydrogen leadership
Beijing-based company is seeking to collaborate in developing a green hydrogen supply chain
15 February 2021
Axpo to build green hydrogen business
Swiss utility is creating new departments for hydrogen and batteries to complement its solar and wind activity
15 February 2021
Hydrogen ‘too early’ for mainstream investment
Investors are embracing low-carbon energy, but is it too soon for them to invest in the hydrogen economy?
15 February 2021
Ballard Power is shifting gears
Fuel-cell company has made several recent agreements and is on the lookout for acquisitions and joint ventures
12 February 2021
Plumbing the hydrogen economy
Baker Hughes has made a strategic investment in manufacturing products that facilitate the transport of hydrogen and other energy transition-related gases
12 February 2021
LGIM launches world’s first hydrogen ETF
New index-tracking fund provides investors with exposure to the entire clean hydrogen value chain
11 February 2021
Siemens UK and Riversimple formalise collaboration
Welsh hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle company has formed its first corporate strategic relationship ahead of 2023 product launch
11 February 2021
Australia bolsters green hydrogen push
Green hydrogen has received a surge of support from government and industry, and is set to benefit from the country’s renewables boom
10 February 2021
Hyzon Motors set to merge, ahead of listing
New York fuel cell vehicle company has secured finance for ambitious expansion programme
8 February 2021
5 February 2021
First ever H2 investment fund set for launch
Co-founder of London-based HydrogenOne Capital says firm will in the ‘near term’ provide investors with opportunities in clean hydrogen and storage
5 February 2021
Suez to build France’s first waste-powered H2 plant
The green hydrogen production plant will initially serve public transport and utility vehicles, while commercial customers will be able to purchase supplies in a later phase when capacity rises to 1t/d
5 February 2021
Cummins makes headway in hydrogen
Heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer is making inroads into electrolyser and fuel-cell markets
4 February 2021
Mass market for H2 could arrive within ten years—Baker Hughes AM 2021
Energy technology company says it is essential to prepare now for expected boom
4 February 2021
Turbomachinery technology advances to boost H2 – Baker Hughes AM 2021
The next generation of hydrogen compressors will be lower-cost and more efficient, and will require less maintenance
3 February 2021
Air Liquide completes world’s largest electrolyser
The French firm made a strategic shift to low-carbon hydrogen and is engaged in several large-scale projects around the world
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