Author: Tom Young
Green Hydrogen “can compete” with blue in EU
9 July 2021
Reduction in installation costs and siting of production in specific regions is key, says analysis by Aurora Energy Research
Abu Dhabi looks to develop green ammonia project
8 July 2021
Project will also feature a storage facility at Khalifa Port with the hope of becoming a trade hub
Range of green hydrogen technologies needed – DNV
7 July 2021
Firm foresees a role for all four main technologies due to range of necessary applications
AEM technology firm gets German state funding
7 July 2021
Technology developer Enapter says it could lower costs of green hydrogen production
Shell and Uniper to collaborate on hydrogen
7 July 2021
Firms will work together to connect sources of supply with areas of demand
Hyzon and Chart sign liquid hydrogen truck deal
6 July 2021
Liquid hydrogen technology gives hydrogen trucks twice the range
UK can deploy 80GW blue hydrogen – HFCA
6 July 2021
Fuel will be an essential part of UK’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, says industry body
Remove CO₂ protection to make green hydrogen competitive – NGO
5 July 2021
Free allocations in the EU ETS means grey hydrogen producers are protected from carbon costs
Hydrogen legislation must not be too prescriptive
2 July 2021
Finding the right balance between regulation and the market will be vital to ensure growth of hydrogen economy
Keep hydrogen legislation pragmatic
2 July 2021
All forms of hydrogen production must be encouraged initially to scale up infrastructure and demand
Svevind targets Kazakh green hydrogen production
30 June 2021
Stated aim of 30GW of electrolysers to produce 3mn t/yr of green hydrogen would make region one of world’s largest producers
EU hydrogen market to ramp up by 2025
28 June 2021
Project announcements and cluster linkages will help an internal market develop
Green hydrogen could already be competitive in some regions – Irena
23 June 2021
Potential levelised cost of green hydrogen could be cheaper than blue based on recent renewables auction prices
Societe Generale identifies hydrogen opportunities
23 June 2021
Hydrogen economy will develop locally, regionally, and then internationally, says global head of advisory and project finance Allan Baker
PE Live: Hydrogen closes gap on diesel parity
15 June 2021
Scaling up production and infrastructure will lead to more competitive hydrogen pricing over next few years
PE Live: Haulage best suited to hydrogen fuel cells
15 June 2021
Heavy-duty road transport is likely to be dominated by hydrogen technologies rather than battery electric vehicles, says panel
Norway outlines hydrogen plans
15 June 2021
Government will seek to establish five hydrogen hubs in coastal regions by 2025
Green hydrogen investment bounces back
9 June 2021
Project announcements ramp-up in 2021 following a lean period during 2020, says Wood Mackenzie
Providence Asset Group eyes Australian hydrogen growth
4 June 2021
Group aims to finance a pipeline of hydrogen technology initiatives and applications across the value chain
Hydrogen valleys see investment rise
3 June 2021
Projects are becoming larger and more complex, with a greater focus on industry rather than mobility
Modular approach “could help” hydrogen market grow
2 June 2021
Connecting modular electrolyser units helps plants scale quickly and deals with the intermittency of renewable generation
Hydrogen sector investments continue – IEA
2 June 2021
A number of early-stage hydrogen technology companies all had successful fundraising rounds in recent months
Natixis looks to hydrogen
27 May 2021
French investment bank has developed a hydrogen strategy based on equity and debt investment opportunities
Green hydrogen imports to compete with EU production
27 May 2021
Costs of transport could be outweighed by very low costs of renewable generation in South America, the Middle East and North Africa
Hydrogen sector to bounce back – BIoomberg
24 May 2021
Bloomberg Intelligence expects investments in the sector to rise dramatically in the next few years
PE Live: EU must prioritise blue and green hydrogen
19 May 2021
Various types of hydrogen production will be needed if an internal market is to be stimulated, says panel
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