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Hydrogen key in low-carbon home heating – Cadent
21 July 2021
Hydrogen boilers can easily replace gas boilers, while the UK gas distribution network has already seen necessary upgrades
Equinor and SSE plan major hydrogen storage in east England
16 July 2021
Upgrade of existing natural gas storage would create one of world’s largest hydrogen sites in Humber cluster
UK can deploy 80GW blue hydrogen – HFCA
6 July 2021
Fuel will be an essential part of UK’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, says industry body
UK firms line up nationwide hydrogen refuelling network
6 May 2021
Nationwide roll-out targets deployment of 800 hydrogen refuelling pumps by 2027
UK MPs to evaluate potential of hydrogen
14 April 2021
A working group will report in June on how hydrogen can help decarbonise the economy
European grids double down on hydrogen network plan
14 April 2021
Mass repurposing of natural gas grids could create competitive hydrogen transmission system
ScottishPower to develop green hydrogen plant
12 April 2021
Proposed facility will be sited next to the UK’s largest onshore windfarm
Equinor and SSE to develop world-first hydrogen power station
8 April 2021
Humber development of 100pc hydrogen power plant and CCS-equipped gas-fired power plant would share CO2 storage infrastructure
Cop26—The last chance saloon
6 April 2021
The UN climate change conference in November must establish a central role for hydrogen, for applications from heavy mobility to heating
UK pressed to pivot to green hydrogen
31 March 2021
Policy should focus on securing greatest competitive advantage and establishing climate leadership—rather than finding a use for legacy North Sea assets—thinktank E3G warns
Hydrogen to be key component of UKCS decarbonisation
26 March 2021
State to contribute towards £10bn investment in hydrogen production, reaffirming commitment to sector
Offshore wind could power Scottish green hydrogen revolution
26 March 2021
Floating offshore windfarms could utilise huge untapped resource and make Scotland a major player in the northern European hydrogen economy
UK splits £171mn across nine CCS and hydrogen projects
17 March 2021
UKRI competition is latest stage of mission to create first net-zero industrial cluster by 2040
Siemens UK and Riversimple formalise collaboration
11 February 2021
Welsh hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle company has formed its first corporate strategic relationship ahead of 2023 product launch
First ever H2 investment fund set for launch
5 February 2021
Co-founder of London-based HydrogenOne Capital says firm will in the ‘near term’ provide investors with opportunities in clean hydrogen and storage
ITM Power revenue fall spooks investors
29 January 2021
Electrolyser manufacturer says production suffered due to Covid-19, but the problem is only temporary
ITM Power on track for global scale
15 January 2021
CEO Graham Cooley says scale and costs are now the focus for UK-based ITM Power, following the opening of the world’s biggest electrolyser factory
Haulage bosses cautiously welcome EU H2 plan
13 January 2021
Truckers are receptive to diesel alternatives, but costs and regulatory uncertainty could deter adoption ahead of LNG and CNG vehicles
Low demand stymies H2 refuelling network rollout
8 January 2021
Despite bullish forecasts for hydrogen truck and bus sales, refuelling infrastructure for heavy vehicles remains little used amid uncertainty over standards
Bridging the EV infrastructure gap
1 October 2020
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure