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Testing times for Ecuador’s new president
22 November 2023
Security concerns and environmental opposition to oil and gas drilling pile pressure on new leader’s truncated first term
Uncertainty weighs on the Andean energy sector
26 July 2023
Collapsing governments and crackdown on public dissent showcase growing instability
Letter from South America: The rise and fall of Ecuador’s oil industry
4 July 2023
Uncertain whether political change would change Opec member’s energy fortunes
Frontera aims to rebuild production
24 March 2022
The Colombia-focused operator forecasts a partial rebound in production this year and is hopeful about exploration offshore Guyana
Letter from South America: Outlier Ecuador offers alternative path
1 March 2022
The country has been working to attract renewed upstream foreign investment since quitting Opec
Ecuador to resume crude exports
6 January 2022
Flows through two major pipelines are set to restart after suspension towards the end of last year
Ecuador’s oil sector buoyed by new president
15 April 2021
Former businessman has ambitious plans for domestic crude production but faces significant financial, political and ESG constraints
Ecuador reverses fuel subsidy decision
15 October 2019
Government backtracks after seizure of key oil fields and infrastructure decimate production
Ecuador: In a hurry to mend the past
15 October 2018
After a decade marred by corruption and legal disputes, Ecuador’s reformist government wants a more investment-friendly exploration regime
Ecuador: Holding steady on Opec cuts
15 May 2018
No plans for an uptick in investment and production in the immediate future
Gulf members try to shore up Opec's credibility
26 July 2017
But a pathway out of the cuts is still not clear
Ecuador muddling on
26 July 2017
The South American producer needs an overhaul to spur new oil growth. Its new president isn't likely to deliver
Can Opec get its mojo back in St Petersburg?
19 July 2017
Ecuador is doing what other members wish to—ditching a supply deal that has become more painful than gainful. Saudi Arabia needs to revive momentum
China's oil loans run into trouble
5 April 2017
China extended much credit to secure oil supplies. Now it needs borrowers to start repaying
South America's desperados
13 February 2017
Latin America's two Opec members needed the deal to cut and Venezuela will probably shed even more output than it agreed
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