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Virgin Atlantic signs up for Scottish DAC offsets
19 August 2021
Airline first in its sector to back Europe’s only large-scale direct-air-capture project
UK takes aim at fossil fuel transport
14 July 2021
The country is launching a series of initiatives aimed at codifying and accelerating its move to net-zero mobility
Biomass supply limited in net-zero world – ETC
6 July 2021
Strict sustainability criteria will mean less supply than other scenarios foresee, thinktank says
Aviation decarbonisation set for takeoff
2 July 2021
Energy efficiency improvements and use of sustainable aviation fuel seen as key to cutting emissions by 2050
US must clarify renewable transport fuel support
21 April 2021
Policy mechanisms at federal level must catch up with those at state level to be effective, says industry
Aviation calls for synthetic blending quotas, tax incentives
20 January 2021
Synthetic kerosene prices will fall as production capacity increases and renewable electricity costs decline—but low-margins mean the aviation industry requires help to go green