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Industry and transport to form 50pc of EU’s 2030 hydrogen demand
20 May 2022
European Commission modelling shows dramatic increase in sectoral uptake of the fuel under RepowerEU targets
EU ‘must increase’ renewables target to spur hydrogen
17 May 2022
Renewable energy target should be lifted to 45pc by 2030 if Europe wants to become a centre of hydrogen expertise, says Hydrogen Europe
Ukraine invasion puts pressure on gas-to-hydrogen switch – Air Liquide
9 May 2022
Incentives for switching to hydrogen are growing but more policy support is still needed
Shell close to FID on several hydrogen projects
6 May 2022
Electrolyser capacity may well triple or quadruple in next few months as firm looks to invest in hydrogen, CEO says
EU ‘must not dilute’ low-carbon transport proposal
3 May 2022
The European Parliament must not water down Commission proposals on infrastructure for electic vehicle charging and hydrogen refuelling, say industry groups
Hydrogen demand to grow sixfold by 2050 – McKinsey
26 April 2022
Industrial use, road transport and synfuel production after 2035 are responsible for bulk of demand growth
Common infrastructure could double German and Dutch hydrogen demand
5 April 2022
Countries must work together to remove regulatory barriers and grow offshore wind capacity if high-demand scenario is to be realised, report says
H2 Mobility raises €110mn funding
29 March 2022
The investment will be used to upgrade the firm’s existing network and expand it
Australian states invest in hydrogen refuelling network
25 March 2022
Three states working together to develop east coast network for heavy-duty road haulage
ITM forms JV with Vitol
23 March 2022
New firm will own and operate eight hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty transport
Delta and Airbus to evaluate hydrogen aircraft
18 March 2022
Firms will work together to assess technical and infrastructure requirements for hydrogen aircraft
EU ‘must do more’ on hydrogen trucks
15 March 2022
Regulation should set interim goal and be more specific on targets for liquid hydrogen infrastructure, says industry body Acea
Hydrogen use must be targeted – Irena
14 March 2022
Technological readiness of alternative decarbonisation solutions and potential size of local hydrogen demand will decide best use cases, agency says
Chinese regions discuss hydrogen potential
11 March 2022
Lawmakers and political advisers have proposed options for developing China’s hydrogen economy
Airbus to test hydrogen engine on biggest passenger jet
23 February 2022
Modified A380 to start tests flights in around 2025 with liquid hydrogen-fuelled engine mounted on rear fuselage
Hy2gen banks €200mn in sector’s largest private capital fundraise
17 February 2022
Germany-based green hydrogen developer to invest in production of clean fuels for transport sector
Russia accelerates hydrogen strategy
15 February 2022
The government has set a programme for technical development and pilot projects by 2024
Phillips 66 joins Europe hydrogen fuelling station JV
9 February 2022
US refiner and H2 Energy Europe aim to roll out refuelling network across Germany, Austria and Denmark
Air Products and Port of Hamburg in joint hydrogen push
7 February 2022
Project aims to accelerate production, demand and development of supply chain at north German port and across surrounding region
China uses Winter Olympics as springboard for hydrogen
1 February 2022
Games seen as showcase for hydrogen transport ahead of industry roadmap expected from government later this year
Sustainable food producer places $5mn order with Nel
31 January 2022
Electrolyser manufacturer to supply multiple PEM systems to company involved in commercialisation of protein technology
Shell steps into commercial hydrogen production in China
28 January 2022
European energy major starts up 20MW electrolyser in joint venture with local transport company in Hebei province
Trafigura invests in hydrogen
25 January 2022
Firm puts money into technology firms with view to supplying road transport market and using green ammonia as a marine fuel
TotalEnergies joins Masdar-led hydrogen-to-SAF project
19 January 2022
Oil major to bring expertise in SAF production and supply to Masdar City development
Johnson Matthey converts green hydrogen to synthetic hydrocarbons
5 January 2022
Firm believes new hycogen technology will be particularly beneficial for hard-to-decarbonise aviation sector
Ballard spins its wheels
17 December 2021
Share guidance for Ballard Power Systems was downgraded this month following uncertainties surrounding the Chinese fuel cell market
Fourteen firms join Africa Hydrogen Partnership
17 December 2021
New member firms hope to accelerate development of hydrogen economy in Africa
Air Liquide and Iveco study Europe hydrogen truck roll-out
14 December 2021
Companies jointly study potential of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks and refuelling network along European corridors
Chinese firms must integrate mobility supply chain
13 December 2021
Consortiums are needed in order to deploy solutions for government transport contracts
Outlook 2022: Hydrogen set to expand
10 December 2021
Companies are accelerating action across a variety of sectors to use green hydrogen to decarbonise their processes
PE Live: Liquid hydrogen key for transport
7 December 2021
Liquid form of fuel will enable sectors to be linked via infrastructure, say panellists
PE Live: Mobility key in hydrogen economy
7 December 2021
Fuel is starting to be a viable decarbonisation option in transport sectors not previously considered, say panellists
BP announces Teesside green hydrogen project
29 November 2021
Firm hopes to develop the region as the UK’s first major hydrogen transport hub
AFC sells world’s first AEM fuel cell system
24 November 2021
Fuel cells use AEM technology, rather than the traditional alkaline liquid electrolyte technology historically used in alkaline fuel cell systems
Methanol touted as hydrogen enabler
19 November 2021
Methanol-to-hydrogen reforming at point of use could sidestep need to transport and store the gas, conference hears
Hydrogen will reach diesel parity in 2025 – Sinopec
10 November 2021
Fleet operators will have compelling reason to switch to hydrogen trucks as costs continue to fall
TotalEnergies and Daimler to develop hydrogen road infrastructure
10 November 2021
The two companies aim to reduce total cost of ownership of hydrogen truck operations
Alaska Airlines in Zeroavia hydrogen retrofit deal
8 November 2021
Short-haul hydrogen-powered test flights expected in 2023 from Seattle hub with onsite green hydrogen production and refuelling network
Sharp fall in hydrogen bus costs – FCH JU
5 November 2021
European Commission’s R&D arm will continue to fund projects across hydrogen value chain
Hyzon eyes technology progress
25 October 2021
New ways to model fuel cell performance could greatly improve technology, says CTO Shinichi Hirano
Air Liquide intensifies hydrogen focus
22 October 2021
Firm has made investments in industry, air and road transport as it looks to take advantage of national hydrogen strategies
Industry welcomes New South Wales hydrogen strategy
19 October 2021
Aim is to halve cost of green hydrogen production in the region from $A8.6/kg to under $A2.80/kg by 2030
Ineos to invest €2bn in European green hydrogen plants
18 October 2021
Ten-year plan includes 100MW electrolyser at Cologne complex in Germany aimed at green ammonia production
Hyundai Mobis to build two fuel cell plants
11 October 2021
New plants to start mass production in second half of 2023 and expected to produce 100,000 hydrogen fuel cells a year
Cummins looks to hydrogen ICE engines
11 October 2021
Internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen regarded as interim decarbonisation solution
Hyzon Motors rejects short seller report
7 October 2021
Firm strongly rejects report by investment firm Blue Orca that caused its share price to drop sharply
Australia must advance hydrogen strategy – Australian Hydrogen Council
27 September 2021
Industry association’s report outlines need to develop industrial and port facilities, new production processes and new vehicle technologies
Toyota eyes California fuel-cell market
9 September 2021
California is being targeted because of infrastructure and policy support
Ballard and Hexagon Purus to make heavy trucks
2 September 2021
First prototype of the class six and seven hydrogen truck will be delivered in 2022
Hydrogen demand to grow rapidly – DNV
1 September 2021
Paris Agreement targets are not achievable without a large-scale hydrogen economy, survey respondents say
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