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Beyond buzzwords
21 December 2021
Industry pioneer Cognite warns that digitalisation’s track record of over-promising and under-delivering threatens to overshadow its huge potential to transform oil and gas
Data-based decisions require AI at enterprise scale
13 December 2021
Operational data is generated on a vast scale across the value chain every day but has yet to be fully exploited by predictive, analytical digital technologies
Accelerating clean hydrogen
29 November 2021
Digital transformation will enable a greener shade of grey hydrogen from oil and gas facilities
Confronting the AI skills shortage
24 November 2021
The pace of digital adoption is only going to accelerate in the oil and gas sector, but much more needs to be done to entice talent
Pivoting to green through AI adoption
22 November 2021
Greater digital maturity will be an important factor in the race to cut emissions and shift to lower-carbon energy
Scaling your digital twin strategy
26 October 2021
Firms should look to an enterprise-wide use of the technology to reap the operational benefits and support a sustainable future
Tackling emissions with AI
26 October 2021
O&G firms must embrace greater digitisation to mitigate the impact of global warming and meet climate goals
Delivering an effective framework for cybersecurity
26 October 2021
A systematic approach is key to creating a ship security programme and ensuring the crew are involved in its delivery
Industrial AI and our energy future
28 September 2021
The energy industry has lagged in adopting AI, but industrial AI could create value through predictive maintenance and optimisation
Digital twin plans need process focus
27 September 2021
Despite many companies accelerating digitalisation initiatives, outdated procurement processes present obstacles to long-term success and scale-up
Key to navigating the energy transition is in the data
22 June 2021
The pivot to digital will make the energy sector less carbon-intensive and more sustainable
Empower connected working with integrated engineering information
19 May 2021
Data-centric approach can help mitigate project cost overruns by simplifying workflows into single-source environment
Three strategies for executing lean, green capital projects
19 May 2021
Greater digital maturity is needed across the oil and gas sector to ensure efficiency gains meet sustainability imperatives
Welcome to the DarkSide: Avoiding another Colonial Pipeline attack
18 May 2021
The recent US midstream hack showcases the importance of building a robust cybersecurity foundation
Gain granular control with engineering data in the cloud
20 April 2021
Embracing technological agility is crucial for organisations to move at scale, work remotely and make better-informed operational decisions
Data clarity key to successful business strategy
20 April 2021
Digitalisation gives oil and gas operators unmatched access to actionable data insights, eliminating previous operational ‘unknowns’
Situational awareness will define the future of digitalisation
3 December 2020
Gaining a real-time view of physical operational assets is fundamental to driving efficiencies, lowering emissions and cutting costs
The road to data maturity
10 November 2020
Oil and gas companies have made progress towards optimising their data, but many steps can still be taken
Driving offshore longevity
10 November 2020
Savvy producers increasingly recognise the operational benefits of using digital technologies to extend asset life
Transitioning to a data-driven energy market
10 November 2020
Digital technologies can be key enablers to low carbon energy
Data is king, integration is queen
13 October 2020
Harnessing the power of data science and real-time intelligence offers a powerful single view of the market
Building growth strategies on shifting sands
21 May 2019
Supply and demand fundamentals are being disrupted by trade tensions and uncertainties over the energy transition
Disruption shapes oil and gas M&A at a time of oil price volatility
18 December 2018
Technology's growing importance in building resilience to volatility means that digital capabilities will likely be a notable driver of acquisitions in 2019
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