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China’s NOCs plan renewed African growth
12 July 2024
The current wave of investment comes after Africa’s importance as an energy supplier to China has declined in recent years
Brazil awaits contentious Equatorial Margin call
1 July 2024
Political rancour is rising as politicians appeal for environmental licence to explore the mouth of the Amazon
Letter from London: OPEC+ well set for Sisyphean task
8 June 2024
The impressive agreement struck between OPEC and its allies highlights the powers and limits of the group
Low prices spur rising Chinese gas demand
7 June 2024
Q2 demand growth is looking robust after a strong Q1
Angola project thwarts upstream decline
29 May 2024
Kaminho deepwater FID raises hopes of reigniting much-needed further investment in ailing sector
Gazprom: from boom to bust
28 May 2024
Lacking either the ability to generate cash for the Kremlin or serve as its geopolitical tool, Gazprom has lost its purpose
Letter from Paris: Do not underestimate ‘Afripec’
23 May 2024
Make no mistake, Africa has a crucial and increasingly important role within OPEC, even given its relatively small production volumes and the departure of Angola
Equinor streamlines its offshore strategy
3 April 2024
Exploration is providing mixed fortunes for IOCs amid higher costs, prompting firms to look towards M&A and safer plays
NOCs must straddle two worlds
27 March 2024
Oil producers have to untangle the increasingly complicated relationship with their natural resources
US sanctions target Myanmar’s NOC
13 December 2023
But the measures also further complicate gas-dependent Thailand’s supply outlook
Kinshasa pins hopes on eastern oil export route
8 June 2023
Regional mega-project could help overcome infrastructure barrier to Congo development, but hurdles remain
Letter from Iran: Tehran's dreams and Moscow's deceptions
7 June 2023
Russia is making a show of support for Iran as the two nations strengthen their ties, but the promised investment may never materialise
Asia’s NOCs chart paths to decarbonisation
5 June 2023
But none of the companies are poised to abandon oil and gas anytime soon
Adnoc focuses on gas for expansion drive
15 May 2023
The Emirati giant is keen to reinforce its status as a net gas exporter while remaining cost-conscious even as it splashes its oil windfall
Letter from Caracas: Venezuela and Russia’s fragile oil ties at risk
6 April 2023
Moscow’s influence over Caracas uncertain amid upcoming elections and a shift in approach from Washington
BP and Adnoc bid a further twist in Leviathan tale
31 March 2023
Could the NOC/major play for Newmed stake precipitate further changes to the Israeli field’s expansion roadmap?
Letter from London: Aramco shows the West how to have it both ways
17 March 2023
Saudi NOC has a clear strategy on energy security and the transition, providing a lesson to the often confused West
Pemex to struggle with ambitious targets
12 January 2023
The latest five-year plan compounds pressure on the already financially handicapped NOC
Outlook 2022: NOCs face difficult transition
4 November 2021
State-sponsored oil companies will either sink or swim as the energy transition gathers pace
NOCs find allure in LNG trading
18 September 2020
Traditionally conservative players are embracing more flexible approaches
Gulf NOCs bank on chemical cure
21 July 2020
The current oil market slump validates the increasing focus of the Gulf’s main upstream producers on petrochemicals
National priorities shape NOC strategies
7 May 2020
The state of countries’ finances—together with their exposure to market volatility and the pandemic—is determining funding possibilities for state oil companies
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