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Oil demand may not peak until 2040s – Vitol
5 October 2021
Near-term demand expected to reach pre-pandemic levels by summer 2022 as air travel rebounds
Oil set to miss out on supercycle bounty
19 August 2021
Consultancies warn that a sluggish demand outlook will largely prevent crude from joining in any sustained post-Covid price spikes
Murban’s long journey only beginning
6 May 2021
There will be no immediate promotion into the super league of global crude benchmarks for the Middle East’s latest challenger
IEA cries wolf again
25 March 2021
The agency may be overestimating demand and lowballing Opec supply to foresee a tighter market than will materialise
Dated Brent goes Cif —ten key questions
9 March 2021
Petroleum Economist asks Adi Imsirovic, former head of crude trading at Gazprom Marketing & Trading, about the major issues thrown up by Platts’ proposed change
Oil set for sweet-sour rebalancing
2 March 2021
The unusual premiums sour grades have enjoyed over sweet may be coming to an end
Book Review: Interviews add depth to commodity trading history
2 March 2021
Protagonists in a world almost routinely described as ‘murky’ have proven remarkably open to shedding light on the industry’s less illuminated corners
Dated Brent—all change but business as usual
24 February 2021
The sheer scale of financial infrastructure around the crude market’s most important global benchmark means the wider trading market will largely shrug off any physical implications from a Fob-to-Cif switch
Opec should bear in mind its history
14 January 2021
The past offers painful warnings against the temptations that 2021 may bring
The costs of competition in China’s oil market
11 January 2021
The business models of refining incumbents face disruption from integrated new entrants
In hope of greater market certainty
18 December 2020
The key questions for 2021’s oil markets remain tough to answer. But milestones on the road will make the picture clearer
S&P Global-IHS Markit deal may put oil price benchmarks in play
4 December 2020
The Opis oil and products PRA may be a divestment requirement
The IMO 2020 story so far
25 August 2020
The new rules on sulphur content of shipping fuels came into force this year. This article revisits 2018 predictions to see what turned out as expected and what surprised
London crude trading’s ‘Good Old Days’: Dawn of a new century
3 August 2020
Colin Bryce continues his oil markets story, taking in the last 20 years up to the present day
London crude trading’s ‘Good Old Days’: The scandals
29 July 2020
Colin Bryce continues his oil markets story, as professionalism grows but deal-making also shows a less salubrious side
London crude trading’s ‘Good Old Days’: The movers and shakers
27 July 2020
Colin Bryce continues his oil markets story, as the cast of actors grows
London crude trading’s ‘Good Old Days’: The rise of London
24 July 2020
Colin Bryce continues his oil markets story, looking at the characters that shaped the UK capital’s prominent role
Adnoc toasts its resilience
22 June 2020
Reforms in response to the last industry downturn have equipped Abu Dhabi’s oil heavyweight to cope with the current crisis
Crude edges higher on Opec+ compliance promises
19 June 2020
Traders see the positives as producers commit to even greater respect for quotas
Oil investors look for one last super-cycle
3 June 2020
As the pandemic starts to ease, fund managers focused on the oil and gas sector predict a price recovery but still value the protection of strong balance sheets
Chinese energy demand makes tentative recovery
29 May 2020
A rebound in oil demand and gas consumption remaining largely unscathed are encouraging signs, but a global economic slump and trade tensions could undermine further progress
Tough times ahead for US refiners
20 May 2020
Slumping global oil consumption, tightening margins and throttled-back throughput pile on the pressure
Like a bat out of hell part two: The outlook for oil
14 May 2020
The second in a five-part series from the BRG energy and climate practice looks at the impact of Covid-19 on the global oil market and the trajectory of its recovery.
Saudi Arabia braces for impact
13 May 2020
The kingdom may have to pay a steep price for its efforts to reassert leadership in oil politics
Demand doubts dampen investor sentiment
11 May 2020
Concerns over the long-term future of oil exercise US investors’ thinking
Canadian oil industry in dire straits
7 May 2020
Production across the country is in freefall, prompting oil-rich province Alberta to plead for financial support